Nail Diary #85

Sunday July 29 2012 (slash Monday, lol)
I tried a new polish last night, but I couldn’t blog it because I needed the sun to photograph this beauty. It’s a Claire’s starstruck polish called cosmic. My first time trying this brand. This polish is gorg in the sunlight. It’s a metallic like purple with shimmers of blue and magenta micro glitters. I must say this polish needs extra care during application. It could get really globby if not applied quickly, on the bright side it dried really fast.
This is a fun summer color…I think it would be really fun on the toes at the pool. ☀💅
This is it in the sun today:


This is it in natural light last night:



Ps tonight is my first night of this crazy 60 day fitness program called insanity
It looks very intimidating so I hope I survive the first week and still have time to paint n blog about my nails. Wish me luck!!🍀🍀💪💪

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Nail Diary #84

Thursday July 26, 2012
This weekend me and my girlfriends are getting together to celebrate a few birthdays, fun…someone had the crazy idea of us all wearing neon-totally 80s. I do ❤ a good neon polish.
I picked this polish up a few weeks ago at Walgreens when they had the buy 2 get 1 free sale.
It’s Sally Hansen Pretty in Hot Pink, a almost neon polish.
This polish was a PAIN…it totally reminded me of pepto. The color and the consistency. Before I was done I had to add Orly nail lacquer thinner. This polish got so globby…yeah that is a technical term, lol. First I did a base coat of white polish then I had to do 2 coats of the hot pink.

I almost took it off…before I added my seche vite clear coat I hated it!! But SV to the rescue it evened out the polish and added a gorg shine. So this mani might make it to 80s night after all.
Do you have this one…was your experience similar or did I get a dud??
You all a super weekend!!

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Nail Diary #83

Monday July 23, 2012
Hey all. Sigh…’s Monday.
I have a feeling it’s going to be a long week.
So on the way home after this long day I made a beeline for Sallys to use my 15 percent off coupon before the end of the month. They had a sale buy 2 Orly polishes get a free Orly nail treatment. So I bought Preamp and Fowl play and got nail rescue for free!! Whooo hoo I love free stuff!
Tonight I decided to try Preamp. A pretty pink with an electric shimmer. I love love love this color!!
Do you have this color in your collection??
Maybe tomorrow I will stamp it ?? See how the day goes 🙂

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Ps check out my kids play sunflowers. I grew these from seed on my deck… Although they are abt toast in this heat. I ❤ sunflowers!!


Nail Diary #82

Wednesday July 18, 2012
Missed try it Tuesday again, sigh. So I am trying it tonight 🙂
Picked this one up at Sally’s awhile back. I mainly bought it bc I loved the blue.
I have been hesitant to try it because it is a magnetic nail color…by Finger Paints
Called Electro-Midnight
First off I was not thrilled with China Glaze magnetics way back when they first came out…mainly bc I kept touching my nail with the magnet. It was so frustrating!! Then the polish was drying before I could get it to move. I did not have the most important tip when working with magnetic polish, while using the magnet the polish has to be wet. You can use a clear coat to achieve the movement…this makes it a lot easier for me. I also love that the magnet is part of the bottle on the finger paints. This time I only touched one nail. I did 2 coats of color, then clear coated and put magnet to each nail…

So happy with this mani right now… It reminds me of ocean waves in the dark. I wish I was on the beach instead of stuck in Iowa with hundred degree temps during a drought 🙂



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Nail Diary #81

Sunday July 15, 2012
So tonight I decided to try my new julep polishes. BTW I love these bottles, I would almost just get them to display…I know I have polish addiction issues, lol.
I got these with my IT girl July Julep box.
This was my first IT girl box…well after my intro box.
I love love teal and glitter so I was super happy with the color of this months polishes.
This will be my first time using this polish as well.
Started with my Julep Daphne. Ohhhh ahhhhh love this color. I had to do 3 coats and I was shocked how much polish it used… At this rate I will empty the bottle real fast.
Then I used my Essie matte about you to be dramatic….ohhhhh I love matte nails. And this color matte is gorg.
To add a little something something I used Julep Mila on just the tips. This is a micro multi glitter. Love it!!!

Does u get Julep monthly?? I am not sure how many bottles I will actually get bc they’re so small for the price. I will decide based on wear :). But I must say getting polish in the mail is super fun and they have the cutest packaging!!


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Here is how much actually I used…

Nail Diary #80

Thursday July 12, 2012
Whewwwww what a long week!! I miss vacation days!!
So tonight’s mani looked so much better in my head, lol! Don’t you hate when that happens.
Started with a nude color nail… Used China Glaze heaven. Love this one!!
Then I wanted to use one of my new Fergie nail colors on just 3/4 of the nail….
Made by Wet n Wild glamorous is a clear jelly with big round and micro gold glitters. Not so easy to apply. I had to glob it on….yeah glob is a technical term, lol jk!!
I had higher hopes for glamorous.
I dunno what do you think, do you like this look?!?!
I really wanted to have glitzy nails this weekend…but is it too much?? I think it will grow on me :).
I am excited to see it sparkle in the sun tomorrow.


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