Nail Diary #305

October 26, 2014

Hello my pretties!!

Happy Sunday!!  Man o man this weekend went by quickly.  I have a blogger confession, I am behind on sharing my Halloween nails.  I don’t have a great excuse; mostly I have been busy watching horror movies.  So tonight I have a double feature to show you.

Crack and glitter

Crack and glitter

This is a super simple 3:2 halloween look that I did early last week.

Colors used Sinful Colors grey My Turn with Black Magic grey and orange glitter over top.  On my other three nails I used Sally Hansen Scaredy matte black with Julep Sabrina orange crack over the top.


My second feature has some stamping involved.  Did these later last week.

Ghosts and webs oh my

Ghosts and webs oh my

Colors used on all fingers China Glaze Cast a Spell a dark green/black with gold shimmer finish. Love this color.

Stamped index with web from BM-013 using Konad white.  Stamped middle fingers with Mr ghost from BM-223 using that same white.  On my thumb and pinky I cracked them out with China Glaze crack Tarnished Gold.  If you can’t tell I love the cracked vibe for Halloween manis.  Over my crack I added some China Glaze glitter Boo-gie Down.  Boo-gie Down was also used on my middle finger minus the crack.  I love this skittle mani.


Five more days until Halloween!!  I think I will do candy corn nails next!!

Have a great night.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Nail Diary #238

Tuesday January 21, 2014
Hey polish lovers.
Did you guys get in on the the Zoya color your life promo? Basically Zoya gave away three bottles of nail polish and you just had to pay for shipping.
What a deal!! Zoya polishes are 9-10 dollars a bottle so to me this was a great deal. Plus to sweeten the deal they threw in spend $25 and then get free shipping, shut the front door. Because I am the kind of girl that loves a deal I’d rather spend the $25 to get free shipping. I mean who wants to pay shipping?? I know I know I technically spent more money because shipping on the three free bottles was only $12 but hey I got six bottles of awesome Zoya polish for mere twenty seven dollars. Whoooo hoooo!!!
Zoya is a new favorite brand for me. I got a few bottles for Christmas and have been in lust ever since!!
So tonight I am going to show you Zoya Normani. Normani is from the Naturel Collection that just came out recently. It is a cream nude purple/mauve. I love this polish all on its own, I actually wore it all by its self for a WHOLE day. It only needed two coats for total coverage. The hue looked great against my pale dry white Iowa skin.
Because I can’t help myself tonight I had to play with some stamping and finishes over Normani.
On my pinky and thumbs I added some China Glaze crackle. I know right, crackle that is SO last year. But I had the urge to put metallic pink with Normani. Haute Metal was the perfect shade and it allowed some of Normani to peek out.
On my other three nails I used Julep Maria to stamp on some lacey pink metallic roses. Bundle Monster image plate H16. Again I love this pink metallic with this Zoya base, the pink really pops!!

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Nail Diary #202

Wednesday August 28, 2013
Hey all! Happy Hump Day!! Hope your work week is going by quickly for ya.
I have some reptile nails to show you tonight.
It took three different polish colors and a stamping plate to create tonight’s look.
Started with SquareHue Ocean Drive a lovely light aqua blue cream base. I just love this Hue, it is from the SoBe collection. I decided to do some crack over Ocean Drive using China Glaze Tarnished Gold. I know the crackle phase has long since died but this was a perfect finish for a base for my stamping. It created a perfect and easy two tone effect under my design.
For my stamp design I was feeling a bit adventurous so I picked an animal print. Pueen10 was my plate of choice. There were a couple animal print designs on this particular plate but I choose the reptile skin; the far left image. To stamp I used a Sinful Colors dark teal called Opening Night. What a rocking shade of teal and it stamped liked a dream. I am quite pleased with my results, yay for a good stamping experience.
So what do you think are my nails too wild?!?!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Nail Diary #110

Saturday October 27, 2012
More Halloween nails… The only reason I am not taking this off is bc they are ugly. Reminds me of ugly zombie nails.
Got this Julep glow in the dark polish on sale the other week, yeah I know I am a sucker for a sale. It was buy one get one free. I choose the black crack for my 2nd bottle. Got them just in time for Halloween.
They are Julep’s GITD Sofia and black crack Ursula .
Sofia has some green glitter in the mix. It’s not very pretty but it glows all though not that well or for very long.
Only a couple more days left til Halloween, I intend to do at least one more Halloween mani.

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Nail Diary #107

Tuesday October 16, 2012
Surprise Surprise another Halloween mani.
It’s also try it Tuesday. Trying out a Julep polish I got in my last maven IT girl box. It was an add on, an orange crackle.
I call this Haunting Sabrina!
The black is China Glaze Haunting. A black polish with a silver metallic shimmer. The Julep polish is called Sabrina.
I am not a huge crackle fan but Julep may have turned me to the dark side. This crackle went on easy and cracked up nice.
All in all I am pleased….now I can’t wait to try the other crackle I got in my Julep Maven box, Glenda.
What do u think have I cracked up for liking crackle?!?!?

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Nail Diary #104

Friday October 5, 2012
TGiF!! Finally!
These are my bloody nails… Looks like I ripped someone’s heart out!!
Have I mentioned I love October…Halloween??
Started with Orly Decades of Dysfunction. Did 2 coats of this…very neutral for the base.
Then I did half the nail using Orly Grave Mistake… A fresh blood red!!
On the tips I did Sinful Colors Rich in Heart. This color looks like dried blood, ewww. Once those dried I applied my Finger Paints cracked polish Red crackle. Applied this to 3/4 of the nail. This gives the look of dried blood…
Results are bloody…very gross. Perfect for an October mani!!

BtW quick fact I pass out at the sight of blood, so this a perfect for me. Totally grossing me out, isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Ewwwww!!!

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.