Nail Diary #302

October 13, 2014

Hi all!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  I cannot believe how fast time we flies, here we are 19 more days until Halloween.  My next manicure was a labor or of love.  It took forever and once I was finished I did not love the results.  In fact I wasn’t going to even share them on here, but my motto is to share the fails and fabs.  This spooky nail design was inspired by a fellow IG polish extraordinare @mymaynails 

This manicure was done doing DIY polish decals.  I have done this technique a few times now, but mostly just swirling the colors together.  This time I will actually attempt to make a ghost image.


I know I made a ton that day.  I was experimenting with colors and trying to get my ghosts just right.


Look at that swirl, ahhhhhmazing


The colors I ended up using for my ghosts and marble are Julep Melissa and Nina Ultra Pro Black.  I seriously love this color combo.  Melissa is a super sheer pearl white, but mixed with the black it is a show stopper.  All you see is the teal in Melissa, wow!  

First I started with a black base color on all my nails.  The layout I did was: on my pinky and thumbs I placed my marble decals and on my ring and middle fingers I used my ghost decals.  On my index finger I used a decal where I mixed the black with Color Club Snowflakes.  I had to do a nail using those two colors because it was such neat combo.  Once the decals were placed and clean up complete I added a matte top coat to up the spook factor.

So some of the reasons I did not love the results.  First off my nail beds are small and my ghosts might have been just a bit too big.  Something I did not noticed until right as I was placing them.  Second the black to clean up around the cuticles was a nightmare.  You will see it looks a bit messy in the pics, and that was after working on them for a long time.

But what I do love about this manicure… the color combos!!  For some reason I think of glam ectoplasm LOL!!

I think I just need to practice making more ghosts and smaller and be more patient while cleaning up.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Ghosts; DIY nail decals; Julep Melissa with black Ghosts; DIY nail decals; Julep Melissa with black

Nail Diary #292

September 2, 2014

Oh wow it feels like Monday.  I did have a great long weekend.  My weekend consisted of clothes shopping, a wedding, four wheeling and picking up our new baby bunny named Coconut.

First I must tell you about my nails.  I did these on Saturday to match my top that I was wearing to my husband’s co-workers wedding.  I even added some hearts and a love stamp especially for the occasion; no one noticed but I did and that is what makes me happy, lol.

On my thumb and pinky fingers I did matte black.  I used Nina Ultra pro polish called Black Vinyl , this did dry semi matte but I added a matte top coat for extra protection.  On my index and middle fingers I used Zoya Petra,  this purple -grey creme polish matched my tank top perfectly.  Over those two nails I used my Konad black stamping polish to add some LOVE letters and uber cute hearts, I used images from my Pueen Encore plate SE02A.  Once that dried I put a matte top coat over the Petra nails as well.  On my ring finger I added some bling to match the bling along the top edge of my tank top.  I used my Zoya MAGICAL Pixie Dust Cosmo for some fantastic in your face bling, love it!!  If you love glitter and don’t mind a textured nail Cosmo is a must have polish for your collection.

Over all I was really happy with my end result.  My nails matched my outfit, my favorite part was the bling.  The lights were low in the venue which made all my bling twinkle, ahhhhh.

Zoya Petra; Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Cosmo; Nina Ultra Black VinylIMG_7489Zoya Petra; Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Cosmo; Nina Ultra Black Vinyl

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PS here is a picture of our new baby bunny… you may have already seen her picture on my instagram 🙂

Her name is Coconut and she is a four month old lionhead lop bunny.  She is fluffy, super sweet and we love her already ❤

Meet Coconut

Meet Coconut

Nail Diary #284

July 14th, 2014

Hey guys.  I have to quick type this up so we can have a fun family bike ride.  It is just gorgeous here in Iowa today.  I even have the air off and windows open.  Yay for non humid fresh air, sometimes it is just the little things 🙂

I can’t wait, I have some fun nails to share with you guys.

First I started with a white base.  To save time yesterday I used my Revlon top speed white Spirit.  Once Spirit dried I got out my good o’ triangle makeup sponge to help me achieve a gradient look using white polish with neon tips.  The white I used on my sponge is Orly Dayglow.  Dayglow is a white creme polish with a hint of a blue shimmer finish.  It was a perfect polish for the sponge, as the formula is a bit thick.  My neon ‘in yo face’ pink is Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink.  Nina is not a typical brand I buy but Sally’s had this particular brand of neons on sale on Friday, so I just had to grab a few.  I mean one can never have too much neon polish, right?!?!

Once my gradient dried I knew I just had to add a stamp.  Even Mr Amie agreed it needed a stamp.  He helped me pick out Pueen buffet plate 51.  I am so addicted to these Pueen buffet plates, you can use them over and over and get a slightly different look each time.  Please make more Pueen 🙂  So using my Konad black polish I stamped on some semi lotus flower looking designs.  I couldn’t be happier with the finish result.  Just perfect for a mid summer mani.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51

Nail Diary #241

February 3, 2014
In honor of groundhog day I have some flakey nails to show you.
Ho hum yea snow flakes. They are coming so why not embrace the snow and put some flakes on my nails.

To create this look I used eight different polishes and four different stamping plates.
Various flakes from Bundle Monster plates:

Base Colors:
Pinky: China Glaze There’s Snow One Like You
Ring Finger: Square Hue West End dark blue
Middle Finger: Square Hue Midnight Flurries med blue holo polish
Index Finger: Finger Paints Sparkle in the Sky a dark blue texture glitter
Thumb: China Glaze sky blue texture Of course!
Used some of the above polishes to stamp on the random flakes and also Nina Ultra Pro french white and Square Hue Times Square a silver holo.
I topped them all but my pinky with my NEW Wet n Wild matte top coat. I am loving this new matte top coat. Not just because it is matte, but it also only cost me 99 cents!!

I think my favorite flakey nail is my pinky!! I was pleasantly surprised how well the stamps look over the white snow texture.
Almost makes me want to love snow again.

So thank you groundhog Phil six more weeks of winter ahead, ugh!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Nail Diary #112

Sunday November 4, 2012
Hello wow this weekend went quick!!
I am just now finally getting a chance to blog my “Madonna mani” that i did on Friday night. I could not do it yesterday bc I left town early to head up to St Paul MN for the Madonna concert.
I specifically did my nails to match the top I was going to wear to the show.
Used China Glaze exotic encounters. I love the shade of teal, it really is divine on its own. But you know me I had to glam em up. Used a Nina Ultra Pro polish called Holographic topcoat. Well that’s a creative name…anyway it’s a gold glitter holo topcoat…really pretty. Was pretty disappointed that Iowa/MN did not have any sun this weekend to see the full effect of the holo. Maybe tomorrow I will get lucky and see the sun.
These nails matched my top perfect. And can I just say MDNA is amazing, her show was terrific worth every cent and the four hour drive to get to the venue. I can only hope I look and move as good as her when I am her age.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.





Nail Diary #102

Thursday September 27, 2012
Heylo!! tGiAf, super excited for the upcoming weekend.
I used my nails as a canvas to show my excitement.
They are super sparkly and all glammed up.
Started with my Wet n Wild Fergie polish Going platinum . I don’t know what I was expecting but this polish blew me out of the water. It’s a silver polish with gold micro specs. Oooo ahhhhhh is all I can say, ❤ing it. My only complaint- the brush is super wide I have a small nail bed so painting my nails was a little challenging. But so worth the challenge.
To GLAM these babies up EVeN more I added a black tip with my Sinful Colors Black on Black. Once that dried I added more glitter over the black tip, I would say I covered about half the nail with Nina Ultra Pro Silver Slipper a silver glitter. Once that dried I used my Finger Paints black stripper on the very tip Ch-Art-Coal Black. Can’t wait to see this mani in the sun tomorrow!!
Have you tried Fergie polish…I have three bottles and love them all, just wish I would have picked up a few more from the collection.
Have a fab Friday and a great weekend.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.



Ps check out Syd giving Jasmine some kitty hugs…❤awe❤