Nail Diary #342

May 26, 2015

Hello fellow nail polish lovers.  After a long holiday weekend it feels just like Monday, sigh.  So why not have a rainbow of glitter polish on my tips to cheer me up.  This skittle manicure was created with my coveted Zoya Pixie Dust polishes.  I have heard that these beauties are all being discontinued so hurry out to and buy some for yourself before they are gone for good( no they don’t pay me to say that 😉 ).

Side note in case you are wondering being the true nail polish addict I am claim to be I bought every pixie dust color and a backup bottle of my favorites, IKR that is just nuts.  Well they say the first step in addiction is admitting you have a problem.  Pixie dust polish is just so amazing, this is how I justify it in my head.  It looks beautiful without a top coat and with a topcoat it shines like stars, plus it wears like a dream.  Yep I just pretty much love PD, even the magical ones 🙂

My hand rainbow was created with (pictured with no top coat):

Thumb is my red: Chyna

Index finger is my orange: Dhara

Middle finger is my yellowSolange

Index finger is my blue: (I know sadly I had to skip green) Liberty p.s. my all time favorite blue glitter, EVER

Pinky finger is my purpleCarter

What do you think?  Now where is that darn pot of gold 🙂

Have a great week.

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Zoya Pixie Dist Rainbow mani

Zoya Pixie Dist Rainbow mani

Nail Diary #288

August 11, 2014

Oh hello Monday, you came back so soon.  I have a happy flowery skittle mani to share with you today.  But first, I have a confession.  Took my daughter school shopping Friday but we just had to stop at two Sally Beauty Supply stores to check out their half off red tag sale.  I got 13 new hues.  Mostly China Glaze; 11 out of the 13 were half off red tag, so under $2.00 a bottle.  How could I pass up that deal??  A lot of these are from the China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection, so dreamy!!


So the colors used for my flowery skittle creation are mostly from that last Sally haul:

Pepto Pink is Feel the Breeze

Peachy Orange is If in doubt, Surf it out

Lemon yellow is Sun upon my Skin

Pistachio green is Be more Pacific

Tiffany blue is one I already had in my collection For Audrey

Once I got each color on my digits like skittles (I did three coats of each color) and they were completely dry I added some fun bundle monster stamping images with my Konad black stamping polish.

The bundle monster plates I used are as follows:

The two daisy like flowers on thumb,middle and ring finger are from BM-016

Hibiscus type flower on my pinky is from BM-225

Butterflies on index finger are from BM-205

I think these turned out pretty darn cute.  I did add a matte top coat over my stamping.  I thought it made the colors pop more.

I just love how the pastel colors are semi neon.

I am pretty happy with my recent binge polish buy you just gotta love that kind of a deal 🙂

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2014 China Glaze Off Shore Collection; Bundle Monster China Glaze

2014 China Glaze Off Shore Collection; Bundle Monster

Just for fun “Mani Cave” pictures

Hey polish lovers.
Today while I was hibernating at home watching Real Housewives in my mani cave mindlessly playing candy crush the sun came out, oh the glorious sun!!! It inspired me to take some pics of my cave in other words “my happy place”.
I thought hmmm why not share the pictures with you guys?!? Just a glimpse into my work space. I mean only people who read and or follow nail blogs would really get my “mani cave” or possibly understand my obsession with nail polish.
Maybe you will appreciate the fact that I have the little bottles of fun displayed like art on my walls; truthfully having them displayed out in the open really leads to manicure inspirations.

So grab a coffee or a cocktail and sit back and enjoy some photos of my “happy place”, the place where the manis are created.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.











Random post, polish binge

Hi all
Had a lil polish binge yesterday.
Was a long rough week n I needed a lil retail therapy, hehe.
Started off at target …got 3 there:
2 Sally Xtreme wear —
Sun kissed….a pretty orange cream
Blue me away!…. a pretty blue cream
And a sinful colors Timbleberry…. A pretty pinky coral color.
Then the family and i went out to eat, had a few margaritas and then I just had to go to Sally’s BS (it was in the same strip mall).
Noticed the China Glaze 2 for 10 deal and had to take advantage.
I had been wanting Frostbite for some time so I got that and Make some noise which almost could be a dupe for timbleberry….look at pic n tell me if u agree.
I must have really have been feeling that pinky coral color yesterday since I bought it twice…
Hmmm wonder if I should take back the china glaze one since it was $3 more than the sinful colors.
Have a stupendous Saturday night 🙂
Thanks for reading …