Nail Diary #237

Saturday January 18, 2014
Good Morning. Happy Saturday! It’s my birthday eve!! Happy almost birthday to me, hehe.
I did my nails a few days ago and I am just now getting to share them with you, slacker.
I was going to type this up last night but I got distracted by pizza and neflix movie night!!
So this time I incorporated my favorite color teal with some red and white.
This is a very unconventional color combo but I think they turned out pretty cute!

First I started with my base color OPI Nicole polish Deck the dolls . Deck the dolls is from the 2012 Kardashian Holiday Collection, I got it last January on sale from Ulta and I am just now getting to trying it out!! It really is a beautiful teal, almost shimmery. I will definitely be playing with this color more.
So on my ring and index fingers I added a fun Hard Candy glitter called Pop Rocker. Pop Rocker is a super rad multi size red, white and black glitter (did I really just date myself and type RAD). There are some little glitters, hex glitters and bar glitters; it is def popping!! Looks fab over the teal.
On my other three fingers I wanted to do some lovely Pueen stamping.
First off I really wanted stamp some heart images in red, for some reason I had it in my head that the red would look super cool with the teal. So I used China Glaze Adventure Red-y to stamp on some various heart images from Pueen plates 41 and 43. It looked OK; the red just kind of got lost over the teal. Sometimes you just have to improvise 🙂 So I stamped on the same image again over the red in white, Wet n Wild A blank Canvas.
There that’s better. The images really pop now plus the red under really pulls the whole look together. It looks kind of busy but hey I need some excitement in my life 😉

Do you guys ever double stamp? I kinda of like the technique I think I should do it more often.
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Nail Diary #226

Monday November 25, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving week!
I am super excited for a short work week.
I can hardly believe the holidays are upon us already.
Even though we have snow on the ground here in Iowa I am still doing fall colored nails. Traditionally I don’t hit the Christmas/Winter switch until after turkey day.
Tonight I have another 3:2 mani with matte nail polish, glitter and stamping.
For my 3: my pinky, index and thumbs I used a matte Sinful Colors polish called Laced Up. Laced Up is a dark orange coral color from the Leather Luxe Collection; the polishes in this collection dry matte no top coat needed.
I absolutely love this collection (obsessed with matte look); I believe I bought every color in this collection, shhhh don’t tell my husband, lol.
For my 2: my ring and middle fingers I added a Hard Candy polish called Peach Pop.
Peach Pop is a creamy peach color with red and silver glitters. I believe this one is from the Hard Candy sprinkles collection. It reminds me of dessert, very fitting for Thanksgiving week. I found my Hard Candy polish earlier this year at Walmart for a reasonable $4 each.
Of course I just had to put a stamp on it.
For me the best way to tie together a color combo is to add a stamp. You don’t necessarily need a stamp on every nail, I just added the stamp on the Peach Pop nails this time. Using my Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-H12 I stamped on the pumpkin and leaf image with Laced Up.
I think it really the stamp completed the look.
I have a turkey stamp I have my eye on, hopefully I will have time to play with it before Thursday.

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Nail Diary #217

Wednesday October 23, 2013
I want candy!!!!! I want candy so bad. I have been on this lean protein diet and candy is so not on the list. I would love to have a piece but I really need to be good.
I think I will have a piece or two on actual Halloween. I can’t wait.
So my cravings come through on my nails this time.
I did a 3:2 mani.
On my thumb, index and little finger I used an orange neon, China glaze Orange Knockout, neon. Over that I added a black and white multi glitter, Hard Candy Black tie Optional. This multi shape glitter tones down the neon just enough. So pleased with how this combo turned out. I was so worried the neon would be overkill, but I’d say it totally isn’t, right?
On my middle and ring I did a sponge gradient in purples. Colors used:
Wet n Wild Who is Ultra Violet
Square Hue Groovy Love
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Once my purples dried I added a candy stamp from BM-306 using my Orange Knockout, neon and then Sinful Colors Black on Black . Love the double stamp effect. Love the color combo and love the glitter.
But what do you think is it too much…I mean can a Halloween mani even be too much?!?!

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Nail Diary #168

Thursday May 9, 2013
I love the weekends but I am not looking forward to Sunday. My first Mother’s Day without my mom 😥
Time defiantly helps with loss but the holidays are hard, especially firsts.
Anyways on to the polish.
Polish always cheers me UP!!
I picked this polish in honor of my friend Molly. Miss Molly is going on a cruise next week and I am sooooooooo jelly.
I present you with Hard Candy Crush on Caribbean. This is a gorgeous metallic teal polish. Yes teal is my favorite color and it was my moms 2…. So this polish is a win win! I love love it!!!
Molly have fun on your cruise. Drink some foo foo drinks and soak up some sun rays FoR me!!!! I’ll be stuck in Iowa thinking of u guys.

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Nail Diary #167

Monday May 6, 2013
Monday stamping Funday.
I have been on a stamping kick. Stamping reminds me of gambling. Once you get a winning mani you get the bug and want keep trying it.
Tonight’s peachy orange nails looked much cooler in my head.
I have been dying to try my Hard Candy Peach pop. Peach pop is a peach color cream packed with multi color glitters: silver, hot pink, orange. So I used peach pop on my ring finger for an accent color.
On all my other nails I had to try my brand new SquareHue polish that I got in the mail today. I love getting nail polish in the mail, makes my day! May’s hue box contains the Madonna collection, they are all pink. I choose the darkest hue called Day Glow. A bright hot pink cream.
On to my stamp. It was a toss up… Oranges (citrus slices) or flip flops. I went with oranges (citrus slices) from BM- 308. I used two shades of peachy orange polish to do my stamp. I thought these colors would pop a lot more over the Day Glow…big sigh it does not. Instead results are super subtle, which is not always a bad thing just not what I pictured in my mind. So over Day Glow I used Julep Lynn and Georgia. Lynn is the lighter of the two.
I then decided to stamp over my accent nail. I wanted to use Day Glow but it’s not a great stamping polish. Instead I used China Glaze Snap my Dragon.
I really love how the stamp shows up over the peach…wish I would have did all my nails that way. But there was no way I was starting over, next time perhaps.
I find stamping is a lot of experimenting….playing with colors and patterns. Some are winners and some are well ….this 😉
Have a great week filled with happy polishing!!

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Nail Diary #166

Friday May 3, 2013
Happy Friday and happy weekend.
I decided to play tonight.
Did another 3:2 mani
On my pinky, middle and thumb I used Orly Faint of Heart a lovely taupe polish.
On my ring and index I used three coats of Hard Candy cocoa s’more a lovely taupe cream with blk and silver glitter, love love love. I really wishi had a s’more right now, unfortunately my backyard is covered in SNoW!!
The taupe was a little too plain so I added a stamp, BM-223. A zebra stamp, I used a holo China Glaze polish to stamp it called Galactic Gray.
I am really happy how my stamping turned out. I love the gray on taupe action.
This is why I am addicted to doing this…tonight my daughter even helped out by cleaning my plate and stamper, 🙂
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