Nail Diary #240

Thursday January 30, 2014
It’s that time of year. Pink and red is all the rave and love is in the air.
Tonight I have a lovely manicure to share with you.
I picked the perfect combination of red, pink and white polish and created a sponge gradient manicure.
First I started with nude undies a Sally Hansen instra-dry polish called Petal Pusher. Petal Pusher is perfect for underwear because it is barely there and it dries quickly.
The colors I picked for my gradient are all China Glaze polishes. They are SO glittery and shimmery.
The color closest to my cuticle is a sheer white with a gold shimmer called White Cap.
Did a pink in the middle called Strawberry Fields it goes with great with White Cap. They both have that gold shimmery finish.
The third color on my tips is Ruby Pumps. Oh Ruby Pumps I love you so. In fact I noticed my bottle is half gone so I definitely need to get a backup bottle sometime.

To do my sponge gradient I used a simple makeup wedge from Target. It is so easy to achieve this look. The most work is the cuticle clean up, but grab yourself some pointed QTips and polish remover, easy breezy.

I absolutely love how these colors look together.
I was going to add a stamp but I decided they look perfect without one.

Do you LOVE Valentine nails? I sure do.

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Nail Diary #239

Monday January 27, 2014
Happy Monday. Hope this day finds you warm. It’s a freezing winter tundra here in Iowa. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to come out of hibernation this spring. Bring on the end of winter, pretty please!! Unfortunately it won’t come soon enough.
I have some lovely nails to show you tonight ❤️❤️
Started with China Glaze Fifth Avenue a pretty mauve color on all my nails but my index finger. Then over Fifth Avenue I added a Maybelline Color Show street art glitter called Pink Splatter. Pink Splatter is multi size/shape light pink and black glitter, love this fun glitter. I hope to run across some more street art glitters in the near future; my Walmart only had two left.
For some more pink fun I added OPI Nicole You’re an Angel over Pink Splatter. You’re an Angel is a sheer pink/gold shimmer. Works great for jelly sandwiches or as a shimmer topper.

On my index finger I used China Glaze texture black polish Bump in the night as jet black textured base. To spice up Bump in the night I added an OPI liquid sand polish called Stay the night. The Stay the night is a matte black liquid sand with bright pink glitter this really glamifies Bump in the Night .
I really do love how these colors all came together. I never just do my index finger as an accent nail, but I kinda like it.
I just had to add to add a stamp to it. Using my Bundle Monster 426 plate, I stamped on L O V E. On my thumbs I stamped on random lovey sayings from BM 425. To stamp on my images I used Square Hue cream white Westminster.

Ohhh and note to self when stamping on letters be careful when doing your opposite hand. When stamping my right hand I did the letters in the same order…therefore when I look at the it reads E V O L instead of L O V E … Oh my, live and learn and laugh.
Otherwise I think these turned out super fun. I sure had fun creating them and really that is all that matters, oh and plus I got try try out a lot of untried polishes!

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Nail Diary #238

Tuesday January 21, 2014
Hey polish lovers.
Did you guys get in on the the Zoya color your life promo? Basically Zoya gave away three bottles of nail polish and you just had to pay for shipping.
What a deal!! Zoya polishes are 9-10 dollars a bottle so to me this was a great deal. Plus to sweeten the deal they threw in spend $25 and then get free shipping, shut the front door. Because I am the kind of girl that loves a deal I’d rather spend the $25 to get free shipping. I mean who wants to pay shipping?? I know I know I technically spent more money because shipping on the three free bottles was only $12 but hey I got six bottles of awesome Zoya polish for mere twenty seven dollars. Whoooo hoooo!!!
Zoya is a new favorite brand for me. I got a few bottles for Christmas and have been in lust ever since!!
So tonight I am going to show you Zoya Normani. Normani is from the Naturel Collection that just came out recently. It is a cream nude purple/mauve. I love this polish all on its own, I actually wore it all by its self for a WHOLE day. It only needed two coats for total coverage. The hue looked great against my pale dry white Iowa skin.
Because I can’t help myself tonight I had to play with some stamping and finishes over Normani.
On my pinky and thumbs I added some China Glaze crackle. I know right, crackle that is SO last year. But I had the urge to put metallic pink with Normani. Haute Metal was the perfect shade and it allowed some of Normani to peek out.
On my other three nails I used Julep Maria to stamp on some lacey pink metallic roses. Bundle Monster image plate H16. Again I love this pink metallic with this Zoya base, the pink really pops!!

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Nail Diary #237

Saturday January 18, 2014
Good Morning. Happy Saturday! It’s my birthday eve!! Happy almost birthday to me, hehe.
I did my nails a few days ago and I am just now getting to share them with you, slacker.
I was going to type this up last night but I got distracted by pizza and neflix movie night!!
So this time I incorporated my favorite color teal with some red and white.
This is a very unconventional color combo but I think they turned out pretty cute!

First I started with my base color OPI Nicole polish Deck the dolls . Deck the dolls is from the 2012 Kardashian Holiday Collection, I got it last January on sale from Ulta and I am just now getting to trying it out!! It really is a beautiful teal, almost shimmery. I will definitely be playing with this color more.
So on my ring and index fingers I added a fun Hard Candy glitter called Pop Rocker. Pop Rocker is a super rad multi size red, white and black glitter (did I really just date myself and type RAD). There are some little glitters, hex glitters and bar glitters; it is def popping!! Looks fab over the teal.
On my other three fingers I wanted to do some lovely Pueen stamping.
First off I really wanted stamp some heart images in red, for some reason I had it in my head that the red would look super cool with the teal. So I used China Glaze Adventure Red-y to stamp on some various heart images from Pueen plates 41 and 43. It looked OK; the red just kind of got lost over the teal. Sometimes you just have to improvise 🙂 So I stamped on the same image again over the red in white, Wet n Wild A blank Canvas.
There that’s better. The images really pop now plus the red under really pulls the whole look together. It looks kind of busy but hey I need some excitement in my life 😉

Do you guys ever double stamp? I kinda of like the technique I think I should do it more often.
Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Nail Diary #236

Monday January 13, 2014
Hey Polish lovers!!
I have more blue ombre nails to share with you tonight; a different kind of ombre then my last diary post. A teal blue sponge gradient ombre. I love this type of sponging technique. The worst part of this technique is the clean up, otherwise easy breezy.

So I just started with some underwear. A base of the lightest color helps if you miss a spot when sponging on all of your colors. I picked SquareHue Times Square a silver creme holographic polish from the 12.13 New York Hue Collection.
Once my underwear dried, time to sponge on my gradient colors.
Colors used:
Darkest Teal China Glaze Exotic Encounters
Medium Teal Shade Square Hue Nantucket a HiGloss creme from the 11.13 Coastal Collection
Lighter Teal China Glaze For Audrey
Lightest color is the same as my base color SquareHue Times Square
On my pinky, ring and thumb I sponged darkest to lightest towards the tip. On my ring and middle fingers I did the opposite with the darkest color on the tips.
Once I achieved the desired coverage and that dried. I just had to add some extra sparkle…you know JUST IN CASE the sun comes out 🙂
So I slapped on some of my Out the Door Northern Lights silver hologram glitter top coat, ahhhhhhmazing!!!
I think this is a fun look. What do you think of flipping around the gradient on just a few nails? Keeps things interesting right?

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stayed tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




Nail Diary #235

Saturday January 11, 2014
This look started on Thursday night. Here in Iowa it was a foggy sunless winter day. This dreary weather translated into my polish color choice.
I wanted to achieve a blue ombre manicure. Ombre manicures are a great way for polish addicts to use multiple polishes 🙂
To achieve this look I initially started with SIX blue polishes.
Thumb: Finger Paints Sparkle in the Sky a highly textured midnight blue glitter
Index: Sinful Colors Rain Storm a creme dark blue
Middle: Finger Paints You yacht to know better a blue medium blue with tiny flecks of glitter
Ring: Square Hue Portsmouth from 11.13 Coastal Collection a high gloss creme
Pinky: China Glaze Sea Spray a light blue/grey base with Hard Candy top coat Sweet Tooth a milky light blue packed with light pink,blue and silver glitter.
This ombre was cool but kinda seemed incomplete or maybe I was just bored last night and wanted to play with my stamps.
I used three Pueen stamping plates to added some wintery images to my blues. On all but my pinky I used China Glaze holographic polish to stamp Cosmic Dust a light grey/silver holo stamps on really good. On my pinky I used Sinful Colors Rain Storm over the lightest blue nail.
This is not my favorite mani but I thought I would still share it with you guys. I think I liked it better before the stamps!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.