Nail Diary #339

April 30, 2015

Well hello, it’s nearly May!  WoW that was fast, ya-hoo bring on the May flowers.

I am totally obsessed with my manicure right now.  It is amazing; I can’t stop staring at it.  This is my absolute favorite color combo; it is not my favorite color but this combination of this colors is my all time favorite.

First I started with Revlon top speed white Spirit on all my nails.  Spirit is a perfect base for China Glaze Hang-ten toes neon pink; white always makes neon polishes pop.  I put the neon pink on my pinky, index and thumbs.  On my middle and ring fingers I stamped on a swirly pattern using Pueen plate 73 using Konad black stamping polish.    Hang-ten toes dries matte but I added a clear top coat for extra shine; and on my white nails I added a matte top coat to make the neon really pop.

Seriously I love this manicure, I will have a hard time taking this off in a few days.  I love it so much that I did a similar design on my toes!  Black, white and neon pink ROCKS!

Happy almost FRIDAY!!  Have a fab weekend!  I know I will 🙂

Happy polishing!

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China Glaze; Hang-ten toes; Pueen 73

China Glaze; Hang-ten toes; Pueen 73


Nail Diary #304

October 20, 2014

Here we are 11 days until Halloween and I am still having a blast making Halloween manicures.  Oh and by the way I have also been watching a scary movie every night this month, I literally have not missed a day.  I have to say I am getting a bit jumpy at night, hahaha.

This was a complicated skittle manicure,meaning every nail is different plus it was made using a few different techniques.  I am pretty sure I worked too many hours on it, but sigh it turned out really creepy so all is good.  I had it in my mind if I can do dry marble decals then darn it I can try stamping decals.  I sure had fun making them, applying them was a bit cumbersome but it was my first try; nothing is easy at first.


A glimpse into my “mad” nail polish laboratory

I made my decals for my ring and middle fingers from Bundle Monster plate BM-413.  I basically did the stamping like normal but instead of quickly putting the image onto my nail I let it dry, applied a clear top coat over the image on the stamper and then filled my negative space in with white polish.  I let those dry really good before adding them onto my nails with my base color.  I put a different skull image on each nail over a SquareHue polish base color called Passeig de gracia.  Passeig de gracia is a dark vampy purple almost ends up black on the nail after a few coats.  As if that wasn’t enough work, I went ahead and created some dry marble decals for my other three nails.  On those nails I did random combos of four colors:  Pure Ice purple shimmer Bedtime, Pure Ice white Superstar, Pure Ice Black outSinful Colors slime green Irish green,  and last but def not least Revlon Elusive which is a black base full of multi size green/blue glitter.  These colors combined to together made for a creepy witches brew effect on my nails.  They turned out pretty good, well worth the extra effort.

What is you favorite scary movie?  I have yet to run out of them to watch.  So far my favorite this year would have to be Annabelle.  Creepy dolls and demons get me every time, yikes!  But I can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD!

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DIY Halloween NailsDIY Halloween Nails

Nail Diary #284

July 14th, 2014

Hey guys.  I have to quick type this up so we can have a fun family bike ride.  It is just gorgeous here in Iowa today.  I even have the air off and windows open.  Yay for non humid fresh air, sometimes it is just the little things 🙂

I can’t wait, I have some fun nails to share with you guys.

First I started with a white base.  To save time yesterday I used my Revlon top speed white Spirit.  Once Spirit dried I got out my good o’ triangle makeup sponge to help me achieve a gradient look using white polish with neon tips.  The white I used on my sponge is Orly Dayglow.  Dayglow is a white creme polish with a hint of a blue shimmer finish.  It was a perfect polish for the sponge, as the formula is a bit thick.  My neon ‘in yo face’ pink is Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink.  Nina is not a typical brand I buy but Sally’s had this particular brand of neons on sale on Friday, so I just had to grab a few.  I mean one can never have too much neon polish, right?!?!

Once my gradient dried I knew I just had to add a stamp.  Even Mr Amie agreed it needed a stamp.  He helped me pick out Pueen buffet plate 51.  I am so addicted to these Pueen buffet plates, you can use them over and over and get a slightly different look each time.  Please make more Pueen 🙂  So using my Konad black polish I stamped on some semi lotus flower looking designs.  I couldn’t be happier with the finish result.  Just perfect for a mid summer mani.

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Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51

Nail Diary #282

July 5th, 2014

Hello!  I have been relaxing on holiday from work and blogging for the last week, it has been so nice.  My last RWB manicure lasted for four days, that has to be some sort of record.  Wednesday I actually had almost naked nails ( Nail Envy only) when I went out for dinner with friends; lets just say my friend was shocked to see me polish less.  Thursday I went for a simple but glamorous mani.  I knew I wanted RWB and to have some major glitter on.  It took six polishes to achieve this look.

On my thumb and index fingers I started with Finger Paints Inkblot blue as my base.  I got Inkblot blue last year.  It is one of my favorite hues of blue such a bright fun color.  Over Inkblot blue I added my glitter using Square Hue Copacabana.  Copacabana is from the 05.14 Rio collection.  It is a gorgeous blue jelly polish packed full of holo bits of glitter.

I’m thinking this glitter mani is really looking good at this point.

On to the white, for my middle finger I started with Revlon top speed white Spirit.  Over Spirit I added a Julep silver glitter bomb polish called Joelle.  Joelle is the perfect micro glitter to go over my white, and in the sunlight it is amazing.

Now for my red nails on my ring and pinky fingers I started with Square Hue red Fifth Avenue as my base.  Then for my glitter I picked China Glaze Ring in the Red.  Honestly Ring in the Red probably didn’t need a base color.  I forgot how dense the glitter is, it’s so pretty.  I told Mr Am1e that it reminds me of Dorothy’s slippers.

The end result is stunning; mission accomplished simple yet glam.  Perfect for a lazy vacation day manicure.

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Square Hue - Fifth Ave - Copacabana- Julep- Joelle- China Glaze- Ring in the Red- Finger Paints- Inkblot BlueRWB GlamSquare Hue - Fifth Ave - Copacabana- Julep- Joelle- China Glaze- Ring in the Red- Finger Paints- Inkblot Blue

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to us <3 <3

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary to us

Nail Diary #270

May 20, 2014
Hey there!  I have a fun neon manicure to share with you tonight.  I painted these on Sunday but I  wasn’t feeling my best yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to share them right away, but I am back on track today.

I have to say really love how these nails turned out.  I could literally just gaze at them for days, lol!

It’s a 3:2 mani; meaning three nails are one color and two are another color/design.  I don’t think that is a technical term but I think it gets the point across 🙂

First I started off by painting all my nails white; I used a Revlon top speed polish called Spirit.  Whenever I am working with neon colors I like to start with white undies; a white base really makes neon colors pop!

For my 3: on my pinky, index and thumb I used an in your face Sinful Colors neon pink called 24/7.  24/7 is super bright and very neon.  The formula is good for a neon polish, I love this pink!  I did add a top coat to give it some shine, otherwise it dries kind of matte.

For my 2: on my middle and ring fingers I decided to leave them white and add a fun black stamp design using my Konad special black polish.  The image I picked is from the Pueen 73 buffet plate.  I love this swirl scroll like design.  The contrast between the white, black and neon pink is really popping.  I am totally loving this look.  I might have to keep it on an extra day or two.

PS… I did do a similar look on my toes except I did all my little toes in neon and my big toe is white with the black stamp design.  I will spare you the foot photo but trust me it looks super cute!

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Sinful Colors - 24/7 - Konad - Black -Pueen73 Sinful Colors - 24/7 - Konad - Black - Pueen73Sinful Colors - 24/7 - Konad - Black - Pueen73


Nail Diary #244

February 13, 2014
I have a skittle love themed manicure to share with you tonight.
On my pinky and thumb I picked Zoya Pixie Dust Chyna as a base color. Chyna is a beautiful red pixie dust. Dries matte but looks gorgeous with a top coat as well.
On my ring and index finger I picked a pretty pink OPI Hey Baby. Ok I got Hey Baby as a birthday gift, you may know it’s part of the Gwen collection. I was unimpressed at first…BUT once I put Hey Baby on oh boy I fell in love. I’m not usually a pink girl let alone pepto pink but Hey Baby is so not pepto pink it amazing, especially paired with black, ohhhhhhhh the feelings a perfect polish evokes ❤️❤️❤️.
On my middle finger my base is Revlon Spirit top speed white. Then China Glaze Snow Globe on top. Snow Globe is a fun iridescent glitter.
Plates I used for stamping:
BM 412
BM 411
Pueen 43
Today I got some Konad black and white special polishes in the mail for stamping. This is the first time I have ever stamped with Konad special polish. I have been searching for the perfect white and black stamping polish for years….why why why didn’t I just get this in the first place? In the end I would have saved a lot of money and time. Oh well live and learn.
The polish I used to stamp on the white nail is Hey Baby and China Glaze Ruby Deer.
I found that I did pick some of my harder images to stamp on tonight; clearly they aren’t perfectly placed but from afar they look great. It just goes to show your stamping doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.
This isn’t my favorite Valentine manicure but it’s still pretty cute.

P.s. I can’t wait to play with my Konad special stamping polishes again in the near future.

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day; and if you don’t have a Valentine go out and spoil yourself buy some pretty nail polish or something sweet 🙂

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