Nail Diary #274

June 4, 2014

June means summer!  When I think summer, neon comes to mind.  My nails are hot and summery this time.  To create this look I used seven different colors.

On my pinky, index and thumbs I used one of my all time favorite Sinful Colors nail polish Dream on.  Dream on is a beautiful perfect neon fuchsia color that dries matte, I added my quick dry Seche Vite fast dry top coat for some shine.  These pictures do not do Dream on justice, this neon freaks out the camera.

On my middle and ring finger I used China Glaze Celtic Sun, a HOT neon yellow as a base color.  I did use white undies under this color to make the neon pop.  Then I did some stamp layering over Celtic Sun using my Bundle Monster plate 416.  The bottom middle image on this plate looks like paint splatters.  Colors I used to stamp are Sinful Colors neon orange Summer Peach, neon green Irish Green, neon blue Endless Blue, and Bundle Monster creative art polish hot pink number 21.  These colors combined on my nails reminds me of tie dye or even a neon splatter piece of artwork.  I love the stamping and layering of neon colors.

Sinful Colors - Dream on - China Glaze - Celtic Sun - neon - bundle monster

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Sinful Colors - Dream on - China Glaze - Celtic Sun - neon - bundle monster

Nail Diary #214

Sunday October 13, 2013
So my nails tonight are pretty scary, you have been warned.
I watched the movie Sinister this afternoon and they totally remind me of that movie.
October for me is all horror all the time. It’s a wonder I can still sleep at night.
For these creepy bloody nails I started with a very bare naked color Petal Pusher a Sally Hansen insta-dri nude polish.
To add the creep factor I used my Bundle Monster stamping plates BM-301 for the bold splatter background. BM-H06 for the blood splats and scary face. The blood red really pops out over the nude color polish.
For the blood color I used Orly Grave Mistake. This is a perfect blood red color and stamped quite nicely.
For the scary face I used a Sinful Colors white called Wisp and then
black on black over the white.
What do you think???? Scary huh!!!
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Nail Diary #195

Sunday August 4, 2013
Another weekend has come and gone; way too quickly I might add.
Tonight I was drawn to pink, black and white. I decided to play with 5 different fun polishes.
On thumb, index and pinky fingers I used Sinful Colors 24/7. It’s a neon pink polish that dries matte. It’s oh so bright and fun, love it.
On the middle fingers I used as a base white color Sinful Shine Wisp and the base color on my ring fingers is Sinful Colors Black on Black.
Then I played with a couple topcoats a Maybelline Color Show Shredded polish called Carbon Frost and Maybelline Color Show Polka dots topcoat called Clearly Spotted which is a multi size black and white glitter.
The Maybelline Color Show polishes were super fun to play with, especially love Clearly Spotted. These nails remind me of a 90’s neon party. You gotta love black pink and white combos.
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Nail Diary #191

Tuesday July 23, 2013

Surprise surprise I got bored with my Simple Sunday nails. Rather than repolishing I decided to put a stamp on it.

Color from Nail Diary #190 is Julep Glenn.
Decided on a funky bullseye stamp from my Pueen Plate 37, the top middle image.
I used Sinful colors polish Steel Reserve a steel grey that stamped like a dream.
Once I stamped all my nails I added my Julep matte top coat.
I think these turned out pretty cool!!

Now I can get a few more days out of Glenn.

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Ps I need to work on my cuticles…what do you guys use for cuticle care??

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Nail Diary #188

Monday July 15, 2013
Hello fellow nail polish lovers
Today was a happy day for me!! I got my new bundle monster holiday plates in the mail. So of course I had to play. I realize there is not holiday for awhile but that’s what cool about these plates …they have seasonal plates as well. I am in love with these plates, so thank you bundle monster!! If u love stamping this collection is a must have.
Colors I used in this 3:2 mani:
Middle and ring fingers China Glaze Exotic Encounters a dark cream teal.
Thumb, index(ignore my cuticle, ouch) and pinky Maybelline Color Show Drops of Jade from the polka dot collection. This jade jelly has multi dimensional black and white glitters. I found these at Target on Friday and bought the whole set…love these pretties. I also seen them at Walmart if you are on the hunt for them.
On Exotic Encounters using Sinful Colors Wisp I stamped on the left image from bundle monster plate BM-H09. The image transferred like a dream. It’s not perfect because of my stamping skills but I get better each time.
I love how these turned out, the stamp reminds me of summer dandelions blowing in the wind.

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Speaking of summer check out my freckle face daughter holding a frog she found in the river. That smile :). Notice she doesn’t let me do her nails, lol!!



Nail Diary #183

Tuesday July 2, 2013
Hello polish lovers. Excuse my absence. I went on a short holiday this last weekend. We took a road trip to Galena, IL over the weekend got home late last night. I painted my nails for the trip on Thursday but got busy packing so the entry got blown off.
I did get lots of compliments on this mani on my trip, so I’m excited to share it with you. And I’m still wearing it with no chips just a little tip wear. Amazing!!
This is my first RWB mani for the upcoming holiday! I just love the 4th of July. Not only is a fun holiday but it’s also my ❤wedding anniversary❤. So I love going all out on the red, white, blue.
4 colors for this mani….
Thumb: China Glaze Ring in the Red a lovely red with major sparkle. You may want a base red coat, that will cut down on coats needed of Ring in the Red.
Index and middle finger: Sinful Shine Wisp. Love this white. Then topped with Finger Paints Santa’s Magic ummmmmm no words to describe this holo glitter polish…all I can say is why didn’t I use it sooner. Ahhhh-mazing.
On the ring and pinky: I used Finger Paints inkblot blue. Which I just picked up at Sally’s last week. This is part of their neon collection. I wouldn’t really call it neon but I still like it. It’s a nice change to darker blues I have in my polish collection.
I did have the identical colors on my toes…super cute.

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