Nail Diary #138

Monday January 28, 2013
Feeling blue. I have been. 😥😒
Square Hue will make you happy in no time. This is my new monthly nail subscription obsession. My first month was January, The Arctic Collection. I signed up in Dec and patiently waited for my first box to come the mail. WoW was it worth the wait. The Arctic Collection consists of Midnight Flurries, Arctic Frost, and Glacier Skies. Midnight Flurries is by far my favorite. I have a deep love for holo polish and this one is BeAuTiFuL!!!!
So last night I did Glacier Skies on my thumb, middle and ring fingers. This is sky blue cream…I did 3 coats. Love it- this is my first true sky blue polish, and I probably wouldn’t have picked it out In the store but I am happy to have it.
Then on my index and pinkies I used two coats Ulta snow white. Then I added my Arctic frost (two coats) over my white base, it reminded me of a snowy night. That was real pretty but since it is January and I was dYiNg to try Midnight Flurries I decided to stamp snowflakes using BM-323 plate on my white accent nails. Midnight Flurries doesn’t disappoint it is beautiful…and I haven’t even seen it in sunlight yet.
I couldn’t be more happy with my SquareHue subscription. I can’t wait to see what is in the Feb box. I just love surprises. And I just love the packaging, the bottles are so unique!

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Nail Diary #137

Thursday January 24, 2013
I am making myself post this…
I need to get some normalcy back in my life.
A week ago today my mom passed away suddenly. It truly broke my heart, we where very close.
So here I am trying to pick up the pieces and move on. It’s all still so raw, my heart literally breaks over and over. But I take comfort with the great memories and photos I have of her.

Anyway me and my mom’s favorite color was the same, teal! We have teal everything. So teal nail polish seemed fitting.
This is a green teal…Wet n Wild Miami Spirit from the Fergie collection.
I did three coats but I probably could have got away with 2. It dries semi-matte but comes alive with the topcoat. I know my mom would have loved this color on her toes!!

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Nail Diary #136

Thursday January 16, 2013
Out with the funky french on to something better.
I have this dilemma I am getting so many bottles of my polish in my collection that it is getting harder and harder to choose a color. Sometimes it comes right to me, but other nights I get polish block. This was one of those times. So my Mr. picked out this next color. I think he did a great job.
He choose Finger Paints Get Real-ism! I actually have had this polish for quite sometime now but I have not used it for a few years. It went on like new by the way. This is a complex color but I love it. It’s purple no wait it’s pink no wait it’s lavender/mauve. Well maybe it is all of the above…really all you need to know it’s beautiful.
Rather than doing a regular o manicure I added a couple accent nails to mix it up.
So first I did 2 coats of Get Real-ism! then I added Sally Hansen, gem crush glitter Big Money to my index and pinky fingers. Big Money is gold mini glitter with larger pink glitters. It’s a pretty fun glitter and it really goes great with Get Real-ism!
Topped them all with my fast dry Seche Vite and called it done.

Man I love nail polish it sure makes me happy!!

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Nail Diary #135

Tuesday January 15, 2013
I almost didn’t post these.
But I have to blog the bad and the good.
IMO this is a terrible mani. I first did it Sunday night, hated it and doctored it up last night and I am still not loving it.
This Ulta polish is gorgeous in the bottle. Goddess is a nude/pink with a golden frost. I am always drawn to nude/pink polishes but they do not look great against my skin tone.
I did 2 coats of Goddess with Sinful Colors Snow me white on the tips. I should have left it at that but instead I added another coat of Goddess over my tips. It was so blah. So last night I added more white on the tips and called it good. That helped make this mani bearable but still not my fav. But yet I am still wearing it, lol.
I dunno I may try Goddess again in the summer when I am not so pale.
Please ignore my cuticles it is winter and Iowa and my hands are so dry. I add cuticle oil and moisturize all the time but ugh it’s winter and dry.
Please spring come soon!!

Monday’s fix…white tips.

Sunday’s nails…not pretty at all.



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Nail Diary #134

Thursday January 10, 2013
Two inspirations for my nails tonight….1) my Nike shoes and 2) it’s a gloomy rainy day here in Iowa and I need a little neon in my life!!
I have been trying to be more constant with my fitness routine. I have been doing my insanity dvds at work on my lunch hour every other day this week.
Even hit the gym one night this week. Which is huge. I haven’t been to the gym with my family for several months…IKR what a waste of a membership and money!! So we have intentions on going two nights a week from now on…we will see how long that sticks ;). Check out my hot shoes below. I love the grey and pink combo.
On to the nails…
You guessed it is a grey and pink combo.
China Glaze Immortal on three fingers. And for a little neon FUN China Glaze Pink Voltage (neon) on my pinky and index finger. To make the neon polish pop I used my Sinful Colors Snow me White as a base.
I must say Immortal is a pretty rad grey. It has a pink/blue shimmer. Yeah I said I said rad…you can say rad when you have neon nails :). So happy I picked it up on sale a few months ago.
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Nail Diary #133

Tuesday January 8, 2013
I haven’t done Try it Tuesday in awhile. I have a ton of untried polishes so I should make this a habit.
Today I picked Sinful Colors Winterberry. This a fabulous winter color. A plum purple with just enough of a silver shimmer to make it interesting.
I really love this color it is just perfect for this time of year. Looks great on my tan-less Iowa skin.

I am thinking I may need to add a stamp but maybe tomorrow….I am picturing some fabulous stamp in silver.

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