Nail Diary #265

April 30, 2014
Happy Hump day!
So it has been cold and rainy here in Iowa all week. It’s depressing. I need some 70 degree days with sun in my life.
This dreary weather inspired last nights manicure.
I needed some bright color in my day. Not too much but just a little.
First I started with a nude color nail, Sally Hansen insta-dri Sand Storm. This is a perfect base for nail art, it dries nice and fast.
Then I took my trusty makeup sponge and added two colors onto the bottom half of my nails.
In the middle part I used China Glaze Fast Track. Fast Track is a darker sand color with a gold shimmer. I choose this color to help blend together my other two colors, to make the transition less harsh.
For the tips I wanted a bright neon like color; so I used SquareHue Collins Avenue from the 06.13 SoBe collection. Collins Avenue is a bright neon like coral color. It’s so awesome!!!!! This color against the sand color is so fab.
Then to finish off this look I had to add some extra glam; Out the Door Northern Lights a hologram fine glitter top coat.

I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out, just amazing.
Just wish I had some sun to get you a good picture of it. The coral neon does slightly freak out my camera so it doesn’t quite look as bright as it really is in my photos but you get the idea.

What do you think of the nude and neon? I have seen it several times from random pinners, so glad I finally tried this look.
It has me dreaming of summer days.

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Nail Diary #264

April 27, 2014
Oh hello! Happy Sunday. I love Sundays but Mondays not so much, lol.
Last night was FUN I took a trip to my local Sally’s beauty supply store. They had a great sale going on…buy two polishes get one free plus half off red tagged nail polishes. Oh my… I got twelve bottles and saved me $30, jackpot. That is a true polish addicts idea of a fun Saturday night.
I picked out a couple colors from last nights haul to paint my nails today.
These are from the Finger Paints 2014 Pastel Rain Collection.
I first did two coats of Dream I can fly a pretty Tiffany blue cream polish. The first coat was very streaky but the second coat evened out just right. It’s really pretty, perfect for a spring time manicure.
Then I added Crystal Springs to the top half of my nails. I used a simple small paint brush to be more detailed and precise. I love how this glitter looks like a glitter waterfall tumbling down from my cuticles. Crystal Springs is a pretty blue/light green glitter with shards of holo flakes. Really a unique glitter. I can’t wait to see them in the sunlight!!!
I am really loving this look, teal is my all time favorite color.
Did you make to Sally’s for their sale this weekend? Hopefully you found some fun polishes and got some great deals.

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Outside, no sun



Nail Diary #263

April 24, 2014
TGIAF again, yay!!!
I have some pixie dust to show you tonight.
I am in love with Zoya Pixie Dust, if you don’t know it’s a textured matte glitter nail polish. If I were rich girl I would have them all in my collection…a girl can wish right.
I would describe Zoya Stevie as a lovely light shade of lilac purple. Stevie makes me excited to see my lilac flowers bloom; hopefully that will happen in a few weeks.
Weird fact I noticed in the bathtub that pixie dust really sparkles in the water. I cannot wait to play with some of these gems in the summertime wearing them to the beach or pool.

Of course after a day wearing just Stevie I had to embellish it. Why can’t I just have one color nails? I always feel compelled to add a stamp or glitter top coat after a day.
So I added a couple layers of stamps. Using Pueen buffet plate 65 I added a bi-colored flower image using Sinful colors dark purple Let’s Talk and coral pink Eva so Bright. Then using that same buffet stamping plate I added some swirl images using my Konad black. The final result is very unique and pretty. You can’t see the flower image but it does make for interesting background colors.

I liked Stevie the most all on its own with no top coat. It reminds me sugar coated gum drops, yum.

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Nail Diary #262

April 22, 2014
Hello. I can’t wait to show you today’s nails. They are so blingy.
The colors I used are Loreal Too Dimensional? and Zoya Solange.
Too Dimensional? is a multi size textured blue/purple glitter with a gold shimmer and larger silver round glitter. It’s a really pretty polish.
Solange is a Pixie Dust. I would call this sunshine in a bottle. Love love love it!!
To achieve this look I used my trusty makeup sponge to make a bi-color gradient.
On my pinky, index and thumbs Too Dimensional? is on the tips. And on my ring and middle fingers it’s just the opposite.
I think this turned out so pretty.
Solange might be my new favorite Pixie Dust. It also sponged on like a dream.

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Nail Diary #261

April 17, 2014
TGIAF. I have some hoppy nails to show you.
Actually I want to call these Glam Easter Egg nails.
Colors used are from Zoya 2014 spring Awaken line:
Pastel Pink Dot
Pastel orange cream Cole
Mint frosty green Dillon
Sky frosty blue Rebel
Spring purple Lilac frost Hudson
Once I got the colors above applied and dried I added a fun Easter egg like stamp using my Konad white polish. You will find it on the Bundle Monster plate BM-423, it’s the far left image.
I tell you what I nearly removed this right away, I was so disappointed. My stamping looked horrible; it just wasn’t crisp or smooth looking. But after thinking about it I decided to try coloring in my white stamps. I mean what the heck I had nothing to lose I would have taken it off if left as is.
I found it wasn’t that hard to color them in with my small detail brush.
Then I decided these might be blog worthy after all.
Just needed a final touch…so I added my all time favorite glitter top coat China Glaze Fairy Dust.
The results are my Glam Easter egg nails.
Glitter really does make everything better.
Hope you have a great start to your weekend!!

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Nail Diary #260

April 14, 2014
April showers bring May flowers. Or should I say snow showers in Iowa. Lucky for us it didn’t stick. All these snow showers can really bring a girl down but good thing I have a touch of spring on my fingertips today!!
Saturday I was cruising around You Tube and came across an intriguing tutorial made by Messy Mansion called the leadlight technique, I knew right away I just had to try it. I had no idea what leadlight was until I saw this video, your nails literally look like stain glass.
First start with light undies. I picked Sally Hansen insta-dri Petal Pusher. This is a perfect neutral base color that dries quickly.
Then using my Konad black polish I stamped on the bottom middle image from Pueen plate 49.
Once that dried I added a clear topcoat. Then I started adding my jellies.
Jelly polish is the key to this style. I picked the following four pretty spring jelly polishes.
Light pink with light sparkle Nicole You’re an angel
Julep dark pink magenta also with glitter Monica
Claire’s (ColorClub) Starstruck shimmery orange Little Dipper
And last but not least a shimmery summer yellow Loreal tweet me
I just took my smallest detail paint brush and filled in the stamp with the colors.
This is not a true flower image stamp but once I added the jellies it looks very flowery.
I think for my first try this turned out pretty cute. I can’t wait to try it with another stamp image in the future.

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Oh and here is a link to Messy Mansion’s LeadLight Technique tutorial.

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