Nail Diary #194

Wednesday July 31, 2013
Really July is over already?? Oh gosh where did this summer go?
I have a simple mani to share tonight, in fact showing some polish brands I rarely use.
I did a 3:2 mani. I just love using 2 colors rather than just one.

On thumb, index and pinky I used Pure Ice Darkside. Ummmm I’m going to be dramatic, Darkside is amazing. Especially since the price was ohhh so cheap.
My bottle is a dark mauve with gold shimmers. The finish is awesome and it dried like a dream. It’s the little things. Googling it shows me two different colors SO I’m so confused; either its miss marked or the glitter called darkside was miss marked…how bizarre first time for that to happen to me.
Anyhoo on the middle and ring fingers I used Maybelline Color Show Metallic polish called Bold Gold. Well that name is not an understatement. Since the gold was a bit frosty I did decide to matte it with Essie’s top coat.
So I love love love how this turned out.
Granted it’s plain so I will probably stamp it tomorrow night because I am crazy that way 😉

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PS check out my naked nails, in all their glory stained and all … Posted on my @am1e instagram page. I’d link my instagram page to my blog but alas I can’t figure it out. But feel free to follow me, I post a little bit of everything.


Nail Diary #193

Sunday July 28, 2013
Ahhh another weekend has come and gone, if only the work week would go by this quickly 😉
Tonight I played with some new polishes.
I subscribe to SquareHue’s monthly nail polish box. July’s was the Salute Collection. I was not that excited about the colors at first…I have since changed my mind these are fabulous. On my pinky, ring and thumb I used the SquareHue bright blue creme called Patriot. This blue is fantabulous, love, love, love!! And I am not always a huge fan of blue polish. Might be my new cobalt blue fav.
On my middle and index I did gradient blue nails using Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and see the is a sky blue Creme (not sure where that name came from, teal?!?!). Once that dried on 3/4 of the nail I applied a lil darker blue Wet n Wild Listening to Blue Reed. I used a sponge makeup applicator to blend with the lighter blue. Then finally I applied to the tip SquareHue Patriot.
Of course my current obsession is stamping so I had to stamp these blue nails.
Pueen Plate 39. Butterflies and rainbows oh my.
Polish I used to stamp is also from the SquareHue Salute Collection called Honor. Honor is a gold metallic polish. Stamps like a dream, big sigh. It will go up there with my top fav stamping polishes. I used top multi butterfly image on the Patriot nails. On the gradient nails I did the right butterfly and rainbow image. Once that dried I applied China Glaze Fairy Dust to pull together the gradient design.
I was not super excited about my gradient nails at first but I did the stamp and glitter I have come to love them.
Do you have a favorite stamping polish?? If so please share 🙂

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Nail Diary #192

Saturday July 27, 2013

Hello fellow nail polish lovers. Hoping your weekend is fabulous.
I have birthday nails today. It’s my sweets birthday. In honor of his special day I put my new bundle monster holiday plates to work. Totally loving these holiday plates because I am holiday fanatic!!

Base colors used: for the chocolate cake I used Ulta Chocolate Kiss on my middle and ring fingers. For the frosting I used China Glaze It’s a Trap-Eze! on my pinky, index and thumb. It totally reminds me of confetti frosting ;).
On to the stamping: the bundle monster 2013 collection has two birthday/party plates BM-H19 and 20. I stamped two different balloon images from BM-H20 on the It’s a Trap-Eze! nails using Sinful Colors Black on Black.
On the Chocolate Kiss nails I stamped the cake n balloons image and Happy Birthday image from BM-H19 using Julep holo polish Rebel.
Although it looked better in my head I think it turned out pretty cute.

Happy Birthday Richard, love u bunches!! ❤💋❤

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Nail Diary #191

Tuesday July 23, 2013

Surprise surprise I got bored with my Simple Sunday nails. Rather than repolishing I decided to put a stamp on it.

Color from Nail Diary #190 is Julep Glenn.
Decided on a funky bullseye stamp from my Pueen Plate 37, the top middle image.
I used Sinful colors polish Steel Reserve a steel grey that stamped like a dream.
Once I stamped all my nails I added my Julep matte top coat.
I think these turned out pretty cool!!

Now I can get a few more days out of Glenn.

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Ps I need to work on my cuticles…what do you guys use for cuticle care??

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Nail Diary #190

Sunday July 21, 2013
Hello fellow nail polish lovers. Well this weekend went by too quickly!!

I’m calling today Simple Sunday 😉

Mr Am1e picked my color today as I couldn’t decide on a color, a theme, or even a stamp.
My only rule was it had to be an untried.
He is always drawn to red polishes.
This time he picked Julep Glenn.

Glenn was originally from Julep’s American Beauty February collection. But I got it in my Cupid Mystery box as I typically get the It Girl box, mainly because you get more polish.
Glenn is a bold berry red shimmer. The shimmer is really pretty in the bottle but hard to see on the nails. Don’t get me wrong this color is beautiful.
I was going to stamp it but I decided to play with my Julep Matte topcoat instead.
The pinky, middle and thumb are shiny and I mattified my ring and index finger.
This mani is quite simple and subtle. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Hope your week starts out great.

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Nail Diary #189

Thursday July 18, 2013
What a week, been fighting a bug for days. But I am looking forward to weekend and feeling better.
Saturday I’m headed to the local speedway to watch my brother-in-law drive a real life NASCAR. So here are my version of girlie checkered flag nails!!!
Colors used for this 3:2 mani:
Base for thumb,index, and pinky China Glaze Snap my Dragon. Love this hot pink.
Base for Middle and ring finger wet n wild white A Blank Canvas. Found this pretty at Walgreens today on the way home…99cents whoooo hooooo!! Great coverage with just 2 coats, impressive.
Ok so on Snap my Dragon I added one of my new Maybelline Polka Dot glitters Clearly Spotted. It’s a jelly based black and white multi size glitter. I only added to the bottom 3/4 of the nails. Kind of like a glitter exhaust bomb…get it NASCAR, exhaust…anyhoo, lol.
On the white nails I used my Pueen stamping plate 48. The bottom middle image looks just like a checkered flag. So,I stamped that in the pink and then my wet n wild Black Creme. Double stamping is risky but well worth it.
What do you think…is it too much?!?!
I think it might be but oh wells chalk it up to the sickness. ha.
Have a great start to your weekend.

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