Nail Diary #273

May 30, 2014

TGIF finally friday; why is it the shorter weeks take the longest?  I love Fridays because I love the weekends with my cute little family.  This weekend we are taking a mini road trip to the Omaha Zoo.  My daughter is extremely excited.  It will be nice to get away even it is only for one day.

So my next manicure inspiration was my upcoming mini road trip.  You would think I would have thought to do animal print nails; but my mind went straight to glitter.  If I am going to be out in the sun all day I need BLING and not just a little I need a lot of BLING!!

First I painted my nails with my new Maybelline Bleached Neon blue called Day Glow Teal.  The Bleached Neon line is a limited edition for Summer 2014.  I have only picked up two colors so far from this collection.  But I have to say this Bleached Neon polish is very pretty, it is a subtle neon look.  But I do have it on my toes as well and I really like this shade of teal.

Once Day Glow Teal dried I added my BLING, Zoya Vega and ahhhhhh I die.  If you don’t have Vega you really should consider buying it, especially if you love Pixie Dust.  Vega is a magical Pixie Dust that came out earlier this year.  It is a light blue with holo glitter particles.  This Pixie Dust is very textured, but so gorgeous.  In the sun it shines.

On my ring finger I used my nail vinyls for a fun chevron look.  I like how the Day Glow Teal peaks out from under Vega.  I did end up adding a clear coat over Vega to add more vivid sparkle.

Have you jumped on the textured polish wagon yet?  I have to say textured polish is really growing on me, especially when it sparkles this much.

Have a great weekend!

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Maybelline- Day Glow Teal- Bleached Neon- Zoya- Vega- Magical Pixie DustMaybelline- Day Glow Teal- Bleached Neon- Zoya- Vega- Magical Pixie DustMaybelline- Day Glow Teal- Bleached Neon- Zoya- Vega- Magical Pixie Dust

Nail Diary #272

May 27, 2014

I was so excited to find in the mail late last week my new Bundle Monster creative nail art polishes had arrived.  If you haven’t heard of Bundle Monster and you love nail art I encourage you to check them out at  They have several nail art products including nail stamping plates and now nail stamping polish!  I got twelve bottles of this stamping polish for around $20.  I could not be happier.  I am always searching for that special polish that stamps perfectly.  Now I have a vast array of choices that I know will be perfect for all my nail art needs.  YAY!!  Thank You Bundle Monster.

On to my summertime mani, Pink Lemonade Nails.

This is a 3:2 mani.

For my three:  Pinky, ring and thumb I used China Glaze neon pink called Purple Panic.  This is vintage neon, it was one of my first bottles of China Glaze neon polish.  I really love this neon pink polish it has a purple finish in some lighting. It does dry matte and it dries quickly so you must work fast to avoid the dreaded streaks.  I decided I wanted shine so I added my Seche Vite fast dry top coat.  I did not even apply white undies for this neon and look how it still screams neon pink.

For my two:  I had to play with my new SquareHue sunflower yellow micro glitter polish from the May RIO collection, it is called Ipanema.  I don’t typically wear a lot of yellow polish but this color is very nice.  I love the glitter finish and it’s not shear so you don’t need five coats to get good coverage.  Now to add my lemons.  Using BM-308 plate I stamped on my lemons over my Ipanema nails with my Bundle Monster hot pink no 21 stamping polish.  I could not be more pleased with the way this polish stamps.  Perfection!

Look for more stamping manis in the near future.

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China Glaze - Purple Panic- Neon - Bundle MonsterChina Glaze - Purple Panic- Neon - Bundle MonsterChina Glaze - Purple Panic- Neon - Bundle Monster

Nail Diary #271

May 23, 2014

TGIF!!  And hooray for a three day weekend!!  So excited I get the option to sleep in on Monday. 🙂  This makes me extremely happy.

We don’t have much planned but tomorrow night I am headed to an outdoor rock concert with my bestie and our hubby’s.  I can’t wait, it’s going to be so fun.  It has been a long time since I have been to an outdoor rock show.

I definitely needed some rocking talons for my event on Saturday.

The polishes I used to achieve my rocking look are from the Gwen Stefani Collection, seemed fitting.  I picked these gems on sale at Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day.  I must say I wasn’t drawn to these two colors when they first came out; I have several gold and black polishes so I didn’t think I had to have them.  But once I got them on my tips I fell in love.

4 in the Morning is a Satin black polish.  I put it on all my tips but on; on my ring finger I used the satin gold polish called Love Angel Music Baby.  You guys know I love matte polish right well these babies do not disappoint.  Love Angel Music Baby is my favorite out of the two.  They both look lovely matte but they also look divine with a shiny top coat.

On to the rocking part.  I added some Seche Vite fast dry to help speed along the drying process.  Once I was confident they were completely dry I added some lightning bolts tapes.  These lightning bolts are from  I have been seeing these nail vinyl tags and pics all over the social media sites and blogs and I knew I had to try them for myself.

On my gold finger I put 4 in the Morning over my bolt.  On my middle finger I put Love Angel Music Baby over my bolt.   I was really impressed with how the gold went over the black, just one coat.  Remember I added my top coat so my bolts are shiny.  On my other nails I just put my Wet n Wild matte top coat over my bolts.

I just love how these turned out.  AND I love the nail vinyls they are super easy to use, not bad for my first time trying them, right 🙂

I think even Gwen Stefani would approve of my rocking talons.

You guys have a super rocking weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Gwen Stefani for OPI - Love Angel Music Baby - 4 in the Morning - Nail VinylsGwen Stefani for OPI - Love Angel Music Baby - 4 in the Morning - Nail Vinyls

Gwen Stefani for OPI - Love Angel Music Baby - 4 in the Morning - Nail Vinyls

Look how it sparkles in the sunlight

Nail Diary #270

May 20, 2014
Hey there!  I have a fun neon manicure to share with you tonight.  I painted these on Sunday but I  wasn’t feeling my best yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to share them right away, but I am back on track today.

I have to say really love how these nails turned out.  I could literally just gaze at them for days, lol!

It’s a 3:2 mani; meaning three nails are one color and two are another color/design.  I don’t think that is a technical term but I think it gets the point across 🙂

First I started off by painting all my nails white; I used a Revlon top speed polish called Spirit.  Whenever I am working with neon colors I like to start with white undies; a white base really makes neon colors pop!

For my 3: on my pinky, index and thumb I used an in your face Sinful Colors neon pink called 24/7.  24/7 is super bright and very neon.  The formula is good for a neon polish, I love this pink!  I did add a top coat to give it some shine, otherwise it dries kind of matte.

For my 2: on my middle and ring fingers I decided to leave them white and add a fun black stamp design using my Konad special black polish.  The image I picked is from the Pueen 73 buffet plate.  I love this swirl scroll like design.  The contrast between the white, black and neon pink is really popping.  I am totally loving this look.  I might have to keep it on an extra day or two.

PS… I did do a similar look on my toes except I did all my little toes in neon and my big toe is white with the black stamp design.  I will spare you the foot photo but trust me it looks super cute!

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Sinful Colors - 24/7 - Konad - Black -Pueen73 Sinful Colors - 24/7 - Konad - Black - Pueen73Sinful Colors - 24/7 - Konad - Black - Pueen73


Nail Diary #269

May 14, 2014
Happy middle of the week, we are over halfway to the weekend. Hooray!
Tonight’s nails are dark, matte and dangerous 😉
Played with three different polishes and a matte top coat.
I used my Wet n Wild fast dry black Ebony Hates Chris on my pinky, middle and index fingers. On my ring and thumb I used Zoya’s gold polish Brooklyn from the spring 2014 collection. I need to take moment to gush about Brooklyn. Typically I don’t love gold polish, especially frosty gold polish. But Brooklyn is beautiful. I can’t wait to play with this pretty another time.
I found a fun Orly glitter at a red tag Sally Beauty Supply sale called Star Trooper. Star Trooper is a multi size/color glitter; it is part of the 2014 Orly Galaxy FX collection. It’s a black jelly polish packed full of silver, gold and white multi size glitters. I put Star Trooper over my black middle finger and my gold ring finger and thumb. Then I added it to the cuticle side of my black pinky and index fingers.
Slapped on some Wet n Wild matte top coat and called it golden.
The contrast of the black and gold undies is fun, plus I absolutely love the matte top coat.
This Wet n Wild matte top coat is even better because it is cheap and I’m all about cheap.

What do you think of my dark understated glitter manicure, I kind of love it.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper
Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper
Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper

Nail Diary #268

May 12, 2014
Hello! Hope you are well today. It’s a rainy day here in Iowa; gloomy wet and humid. Makes me want to nap and watch movies in bed all night but I am trying hard to resist that urge, at least for now.
Tonight I am going to show you My Mystery Manicure.
Yesterday I had polish block; for some reason I couldn’t make a decision on anything I guess both my mind and body where on break for Mother’s day ;). Mr Am1e was kind enough to pick out my base color. He picked a No Name bottle of Julep nail polish. I almost didn’t use it because it didn’t have a name; I mean how very odd to have a bottle of unnamed nail polish these days. But then I remembered it was part of a mystery color box I got last year.
I can’t discriminate just because it doesn’t have a name. That then got me wondering how did they come up with the mystery colors?
Did they just combine left over colors from named polishes and then I thought am I the only person in the world to have this color or did they mass produce it… welcome to the mind of a nail polish addict. Talk about over analyzing a bottle of nail polish, HA!
So first I started with my No Name blue Julep polish. It is a metallic ocean teal blue color. It is a really beautiful shade of teal blue; I was expecting it to have a streaky frosty finish but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t.
On my tips I of course had to add something glittery.
Loreal Pop the bubbles was a perfect shade of teal and silver glitter to sponge on to my tips. This color is part of the Loreal Gold Dust textured glitter collection. Unfortunately I did add a clear coat so I lost that texture look; I sorta wish I hadn’t because then I might have a more unique sparkle look. Oh well lesson learned for next time.
I do think Pop the bubbles is a perfect companion for my Julep No Name blue.

What do you think of the textured glitter polishes? Seems like most brands are doing it.
I really love the look of them but I definitely have to get used to having scratchy nails.

Hope you have a good start to your week 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.
Julep Mystery blue-Loreal Pop the bubblesJulep Mystery blue-Loreal Pop the bubblesJulep Mystery blue-Loreal Pop the bubbles