Nail Diary #359

September 13, 2015

Hello polish lovers!  I hope you are all having a fabulous pre fall weekend.  It is absolutely beautiful in Iowa this weekend.  Yesterday we got out to ride the four wheeler all day; so much fun.

Between parenting, working, exercise, and atv riding I am so behind on blogging my nails.  Oh my I think I am like five to six manicures behind.  I am lucky to get my nails painted let alone sharing them with you guys.  A few Sundays ago I had some time on my hands so I decided to try my hand at water marbling.  I must say water Marbling is 100% easier with the amazing latex barrier; it really makes clean up time a lot shorter.  With that being said water marbling is still by far the most challenging polish technique for me.  This time it wasn’t perfect but then again it wasn’t horrible either.  Once the weather stays cooler I will try practicing this technique a little more.


Marble Mess

Marble Mess

How I got this look:

Base color on all nails Maybelline Color Show Lavender Lustre.  This is a holo purple silver polish.

I used cheap polishes polish this time for my marble; Wet n Wild Toxic Apple a dark metallic blur-purple and Pure Ice sheer shimmer finishes Bedtime(magenta) and Busted(lilac/pink).  I just alternated the colors in my room temp cup of water swirl and dip.

I can’t wait to have the time to try more water marbles.  I think it will be fun to do some Halloween or fall color combos.

Have a great week!!

Water Marble

Water Marble



Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #353

August 5, 2015

Hello polish lovers!  I am excited to share some super fun summer nails with you this time.

Since I found the latex barrier I have been obsessed with sponging on my polish, it makes clean up a snap.  Plus I can pick three colors if I can’t choose just one.  This is a really cool neon combo with a happy flower stamp.

Colors used I used:

Closest to the cuticle China Glaze neon green Shore Enuff, the middle white is Pure Ice Super Star!, and the neon pink on the tip is China Glaze Shocking Pink.   I did not use a white undie this time.  I just sponged this trio right on to my naked nail.

Of course I had to add a stamp.  I have so many plates now it gets harder and harder to choose an image but I decided to go with one of my newest Pueen plate 112 using Konad black stamping polish.

I love how this turned out so bright and summery absolutely perfect for a summertime manicure.

Happy polishing!

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Neon trio with Pueen 112 flowers

Neon trio with Pueen 112 flowers

PS I am happy to report I am still working out and I have not died from it yet, yay!  I am going to try really hard to stay on the workout wagon trying to workout at lease 5 days a week if not more; wish me luck…i need it.

Nail Diary #304

October 20, 2014

Here we are 11 days until Halloween and I am still having a blast making Halloween manicures.  Oh and by the way I have also been watching a scary movie every night this month, I literally have not missed a day.  I have to say I am getting a bit jumpy at night, hahaha.

This was a complicated skittle manicure,meaning every nail is different plus it was made using a few different techniques.  I am pretty sure I worked too many hours on it, but sigh it turned out really creepy so all is good.  I had it in my mind if I can do dry marble decals then darn it I can try stamping decals.  I sure had fun making them, applying them was a bit cumbersome but it was my first try; nothing is easy at first.


A glimpse into my “mad” nail polish laboratory

I made my decals for my ring and middle fingers from Bundle Monster plate BM-413.  I basically did the stamping like normal but instead of quickly putting the image onto my nail I let it dry, applied a clear top coat over the image on the stamper and then filled my negative space in with white polish.  I let those dry really good before adding them onto my nails with my base color.  I put a different skull image on each nail over a SquareHue polish base color called Passeig de gracia.  Passeig de gracia is a dark vampy purple almost ends up black on the nail after a few coats.  As if that wasn’t enough work, I went ahead and created some dry marble decals for my other three nails.  On those nails I did random combos of four colors:  Pure Ice purple shimmer Bedtime, Pure Ice white Superstar, Pure Ice Black outSinful Colors slime green Irish green,  and last but def not least Revlon Elusive which is a black base full of multi size green/blue glitter.  These colors combined to together made for a creepy witches brew effect on my nails.  They turned out pretty good, well worth the extra effort.

What is you favorite scary movie?  I have yet to run out of them to watch.  So far my favorite this year would have to be Annabelle.  Creepy dolls and demons get me every time, yikes!  But I can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD!

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DIY Halloween NailsDIY Halloween Nails

Nail Diary #231

Thursday December 19, 2013
Got some sparkle snowflake nails to share with you. Unconventional I must say as snowflakes are traditionally white.
Sometimes you just got to go against the grain and try something out of the box.
To achieve this black snowflake look I started with Julep nude jelly polish called Grace. I picked Grace because I wanted a barley there base. This was just perfect.
On my thumb, index and middle fingers I sponged on black and glitter tips. The black I used was Pure Ice Black Out and the sparkle is China Glaze glitter polish Glistening Snow. Glistening Snow is so divine, if you don’t have this in your collection you are truly missing out.
I did my whole ring and pinky in Glistening Snow. Just to be different 😉
This look was beautiful on its own but I really wanted to add a seasonal touch. I was going to stamp on black Christmas trees but Ho-hum I couldn’t find the right stamp. So I landed on snowflakes instead. BM-323 and BM-H02.
I think these turned out pretty cute. I especially love the black and glitter tips…using the same method with gold glitter would be fun for a New Years mani minus the snowflakes of course.

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Nail Diary #194

Wednesday July 31, 2013
Really July is over already?? Oh gosh where did this summer go?
I have a simple mani to share tonight, in fact showing some polish brands I rarely use.
I did a 3:2 mani. I just love using 2 colors rather than just one.

On thumb, index and pinky I used Pure Ice Darkside. Ummmm I’m going to be dramatic, Darkside is amazing. Especially since the price was ohhh so cheap.
My bottle is a dark mauve with gold shimmers. The finish is awesome and it dried like a dream. It’s the little things. Googling it shows me two different colors SO I’m so confused; either its miss marked or the glitter called darkside was miss marked…how bizarre first time for that to happen to me.
Anyhoo on the middle and ring fingers I used Maybelline Color Show Metallic polish called Bold Gold. Well that name is not an understatement. Since the gold was a bit frosty I did decide to matte it with Essie’s top coat.
So I love love love how this turned out.
Granted it’s plain so I will probably stamp it tomorrow night because I am crazy that way 😉

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PS check out my naked nails, in all their glory stained and all … Posted on my @am1e instagram page. I’d link my instagram page to my blog but alas I can’t figure it out. But feel free to follow me, I post a little bit of everything.