Nail Diary #311

November 27, 2014

Good Morning!  If you live in the US Happy Thanksgiving; if you don’t live in the US happy almost Friday.  I am looking forward to some much needed time off from work and family time.  This however will be my first meat free holiday.  If I were going to miss one meat it would be Thanksgiving turkey.  However this just means I get to eat more pie, right LOL.

So of course I had to do some festive nails.

As a base I used a couple colors from my October SquareHue polish box.  The 10.14 Passport Collection takes me to Milan.  On my pinky nail I used Via Della Spiga this is a high gloss red color.  For the rest of my nails I used Via Sant’ Andrea this is a high gloss brown color.  See the collection look book here.  I love these two colors together.  The red is extra amazing.

Then I added some festive stamping.  Bundle Monster plates used BM-H11, H12 and H13.  I did do some layering.  Colors used to stamp Revlon Gold Coin, Maybelline Bold Gold and Konad black.  After I added all my stamping which includes apples, pies, pilgrim hat, indian feathers, leaves and pumpkins (note no turkey) I applied my Zoya Matte Velvet top coat.  Yes, I am obsessed with matte and I now must try matting all the polish.  I think they are all cute but can I just say that red with that matte top coat is so out of this world amazing.

SquareHue 10.14; Bundle MonsterSquareHue 10.14; Bundle Monster

In conclusion in true nail polish addict style I am thankful for my Zoya matte velvet top coat.

Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #310

November 19, 2014

Oh my!  I cannot believe we are one week away from Thanksgiving already.  This will be my first meat free holiday.  If I was going to miss any kind of meat Thanksgiving turkey is one of them, well that and bacon.  But I am determined to remain animal flesh free this year.  I guess that means more pie for me, yay!

The polish I am sharing with you today is AMAZING.  I know I am always going on about one of my favorites brands SquareHue.  It is a monthly nail polish subscription.  I get three polishes every month and the colors are always a surprise, which I love a good surprise.  I have yet to skip a month; I look forward to that Hue box each and every month.  November’s collection is the final Passport Collection.  And this month SquareHue took me to Prague.  As soon as I opened this collection and saw Parizska I knew it was love at first sight.  Parizska is a medium grey Hue speckled with silver and gold glitter.  It does dry textured but I wanted a smooth glass finish so I used a coat of my GELOUS top coat and then a couple Seche Vite fast dry coats to achieve that desired finished look.  I put this on Saturday and I am really having a hard time changing to a different color.  I love this color all on its own, it is just perfect.  It reminds me of a winter sky full of twinkling starlight, oh so divine.  One of my new favs hands down.

SquareHue; Parizska

This picture does not do this polish proper justice, it is simply gorge.  I have nothing else like it in my vast collection.

Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #309

November 15, 2014

Happy Saturday.  Brrrrrr.  I am so not ready for winter yet, yikes!  We are expecting snow here today in Iowa.  I think this will be a good weekend for hibernation.  You will find me cozied up with my cat and my heater.  Days like this I wish we had a wood fireplace in our house.

On to the nails I decided to play with some of my new Zoya polishes.  On all my nails I did a lovely mauve shade called Madeline.  Madeline is a nice break from all those dark Halloween manicures.  Couldn’t stop there; using Zoya Yuna and my Pueen 73 nail stamping plate I added some large rose images.  Then I added my Zoya Matte Velvet topcoat.  I absolutely love how these turned out.  The matte topcoat was a nice finish.  You can see the flecks of gold in the grey Yuna polish.

Zoya; Yuna; Madeline; Matte Velvet topcoatZoya; Yuna; Madeline; Matte Velvet topcoat

Now back to hibernation.  Stay warm all!!

Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #308

November 11, 2014

Hi fellow nail polish lovers.  Six Days ago I had my 3rd blog anniversary; wow three years worth of almost weekly or twice weekly blog posts about my nails.  That is right about when I hit a blogging brick wall.  Maybe the numerous halloween manicures did me,lol or maybe it is because I am in hibernation mode because it gets dark by 5.  But I was questioning why do I do this blog?  Is it to justify to my husband why I buy so much nail polish?  Or maybe it is because I love to share with you all my passion for nail polishing.  I think both reasons are partly why I do it.  I am blogging right now so I am pretty sure I am not ready to quit just yet.  We will see how it goes from here.  Don’t worry while I took my blogging break I did not run around with naked nails.  I did in fact photograph my manicures so I thought I would share them with you tonight.

China Glaze; Boundary of Memory; Cho Cho Choose you

This is a 3:2 mani.  China Glaze Boundary of Memory glitter on the two accent nails.  This is from The Giver collection.  Boundary of Memory is packed full of fine black, silver, copper and brown glitter.  It is an amazing glitter.   On my three is China Glaze Choo Choo choose you.  I have been dying to play with this color!!  I got it back in September but have been waiting for November fall manis.  How do I explain this color?  I can’t really, it is few colors all in one bottle.    In some light it is purple, wait no it is green or maybe it is bronze all with a gold shimmer.  This color is TO DIE!!!!  One of my new favs for sure.  My only wish for this manicure is that I did all my nails in Choo Choo choose you, this is color doesn’t need no stinking accent nails.

Ok this is what is on my nails now, actually I am just getting ready to take it off.

Zoya; Aurora; Claudine

Look at that holo sparkle!!  Another 3:2.  Zoya Aurora is on my three it’s a purple pink holo glitter polish.  Ooo la la is all I can say.  I love everything about this color.  On my two I did Zoya Claudine.  This color is a frosty metal grey.  I don’t know if you know but frosty finishes are not my favorite so I added Aurora to the tips.  It is not my favorite look but not horrible.

Zoya; Aurora; Claudine

I still have no idea what color I am doing tonight, wish me luck.

Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #307

November 3, 2014

Wait what November already?  Where are these days going?

Ut Oh confession time, I missed blogging my last Halloween mani.  I got so caught up in horror movies and candy eating that I didn’t get to it in time.  Oh wells you can check it out on my instagram account if you aren’t sick of Halloween nails by now.  I must say my last one was one of my favs.

Now I am on to fall nails.  I got my SquareHue November Passport Collection the other day.  This time SquareHue is whisking me off to Prague, gahhhh I wish.  This collection is to die, I love all three of the colors.  So you can imagine how hard it was for me to pick one of the three to do a simple manicure.  I ended up going with na prikope, which is a high gloss sage green creme.  I did these Saturday night and it was quite comical because I told Mr Amie I was doing simple.  I mean after all those Halloween nails I wanted one color simple nails.  I picked that perfect fall hue na prikope, BUT I just could not stop there, haha.  So, I decided to add some simple stamping.  First using Mash Nail Art black polish I added some images from Pueen plate 59.  Again I couldn’t stop there either so I added more images in Konad white from Pueen plate 55.  ( Note be careful when handling these stamping plates, I sliced the tip of my index finger right open; it was very painful not to mention stamping and blood don’t mix.  I was having Halloween nail flashbacks, lol)  Once I got my not so simple double stamping completed I added my new Zoya Matte Velvet top coat.  That top coat and I are going to have a long love affair.  Hands down my favorite matte top coat EVER!!!

Mr Amie says “so lets see your simple nails.”  I of course show him and he was like ahhhhhhh those are your version of simple, lol.  I guess I might have to ease back into simple a little more slowly.

Have a great week!  Happy polishing!

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Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Square Hue 11.14; Pueen Encore Stamping; Zoya Matte Velvet top coatSquare Hue 11.14; Pueen Encore Stamping; Zoya Matte Velvet top coat

PS I’m still whining about my poor finger, ouch.  I never knew nail blogging could be so hazardous 🙂