Nail diary #15

Wednesday December 28th 2011
My new years nails!!! Happy almost 2012!!
I am so in love with my nails right now! I knew I would love these colors!
Used china glaze polish….
Colors: nails: Heaven, tips: blue years eve, over tips(only half of nail): lorelei’s tiara
I have to say I love love love the GLITTER, it’s silver with fine n big glitters with a lil blue glitter in the mix!!!

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Nail diary #14

Monday December 19th 2011
My NPOTW….is super glittery and gorg!!
I wanted to be sparkly on this week before Christmas. Honestly I am a little red n greened out…so I had to mix it up.
Used china glaze polish of course.
Colors: Red tips: “ruby deer” with a glittery nail “twinkle lights”. The glitter polish is very festive with gold,red n green glitters 🙂
I have to say I love love love the GLITTER!!!

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New polish to look forward 2 in the new year

Have you seen China Glaze “Eye candy” line. They are 3-D glitter polishes. Already had two just got 2 more at Sally’s last night. So I am still missing 2 bc there are 6 total in the line.
I got the Blonde Bombshell (gold), Love Marilyn(red silver), Some like it haute(silver multi ,grey) and Loreleis Tiara( blue n silver).
Can’t wait to try these babies out!
I did use the bombshell to to touch up ND#11 and I can say they take a little longer to remove.
But glitter is worth it, right!!








Nail diary #13

Monday December 12th 2011
So I am a little behind on blogging my NPOTW….it has been a hectic week. It was really hard to take off what was left of my Santa 8 reindeer n of course Rudolph mani.
Since we are so close to Christmas I kept this weeks mani easy but festive.
Decided to do left hand red with glittery green ring finger and right hand green with glittery red ring finger.
Used china glaze polish of course.
Left hand colors: red: Poinsettia and glittery green: Emerald sparkle. Right hand green: Holly Day n glittery red: Ring in the Holiday.
I have to say I love love love the Poinsettia red!!
I got a lot of looks and comments on this mani.
I think it is simple yet sweet.

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Nail diary #12

Thursday December 8th 2011
Let me just say… The new glitter polishes are hard to remove. But I guess glitter is worth it 🙂
So today my inspiration was from a fellow blogger (beautybesties moose nail art) n pic from pinterest…
What I came up with is Santa 8 reindeer n of course Rudolph!!
Colors used for Santa:
Face CG heaven, hat CG poinsettia, beard n hat CG white on white, rosey nose opi shorts story, eyes mouth CG liquid leather.
8 tiny reindeer colors:
Body CG street chic, face finger paints putty in my hands, eyes nose n antlers CG liquid leather. Twinkle in eye CG white on white.
Rudolph same as reindeer but with a poinsettia nose.
Result is so super cute.
Not gonna lie this took awhile plus I had to have my Richard do the eyes,antlers, noses n mouth.
Thanks hunny 😉
What do think… Is it too much??
I think it will b cute for the upcoming weekend celebrations.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.











Nail diary #11

Monday December 5th 2011
Bye bye candy cane nails, i was kind of sad to take it off. It was such a cute mani.

Went pretty basic this time. But of course I had to add some glitter:)

Nail is a dark green…China glaze “holly-day”. Just got this one this year…found it at local sally’s.
Then to jazz it up I put china glaze “twinkle lights” on the tips. Little glitters are gold, red and green, love love love!! I also got that one just a few weeks ago.
It was kind of hard to photograph with my phone. Def way cuter in person.
I think it is simple but super cute and very festive! Ho ho ho

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.