Nail Diary #164

Sunday April 28, 2013
What a gorg weekend here in Iowa. Couldn’t ask for a better few days!!
This wonderful weather has me looking forward to spring flowers and more sunny warm days.
So why not have a Stamping Sunday Funday!
In the spirit of spring I wanted to use my bundle monster stamping plate BM-318
A beautiful hibiscus flower stamp.
Started with a silver holo…Julep Rebel, as I have said before one of my favorite Julep colors; I even have a backup bottle for when I run out.
Holo polishes are a perfect polish for sun-filled spring days.
This time I wanted to play with a color combo when I stamped… Let me just say…oh la la, love.
I have two toned flowers stamped on my nails.
Colors used are China Glaze Snap my Dragon…a fun fuchsia from the newest line Avant garden collection . And China Glaze Orange Knockout a fun neon in your face orange.
On my stamper I applied the orange to the top half of the image and the fuchsia on the bottom half and scraped.
I could not be happier with the results. So very sunny and springy. ❤❤❤

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Nail Diary #163

Tuesday April 23, 2013
Try it Tuesday
I have a moody mani!!

Playing with China Glaze It’s a TRAP-Eze! tonight. Got this color a while back and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to try it out. It’s a white jelly polish with multi color and multi size glitters! ❤Love❤Love❤Love it!! I didn’t even have to use a base color…just applied three coats and got pretty good even coverage. I think I love it because the glitter looks 3D in the milky white polish.

On my ring, index and thumb I used Icing polish from Claire’s Mood Swing.
It’s blue color that is supposed to change to purple. Blue is relaxed and purple is hyper. I guess tonight I am feeling relaxed because my polish is blue. I am patiently waiting for it to change. Maybe I will get hyper tomorrow ;). Mood Swing does dry matte but I love it with my Seche Vite fast dry top coat.
With the clear coat Mood Swing has a beautiful shimmery finish.

Love or hate mood polish??? It’s like so high school… But IDC I think it’s fun. 🙂

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Nail Diary #162

Sunday April 21, 2013
Finally getting to showing off my mani from a few days ago.
I did my nails to match Timmy.
Who is Timmy well that is the name of our 4wheeler, my daughter named it.
Yesterday we all headed out to my mother in laws farm to have some much needed family time…which included playing in the mud on 4 wheelers.
Timmy is bright red.
So I used Julep Molly on my pinky, middle and thumb. A divine red creme polish. Molly might be my new fav red. It’s siren red and very HoT!!
On my ring and index I used China Glaze I herd that. A gorg gold glitter.
I loved this mani bc in the midst of mud my nails were still sparkling!!!
Have a great Monday. Hope this week is filled with lots of polish fun!

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Cute I have mud all over my face…at least my nails look good!!

Nail Diary #161

Tuesday April 16, 2013
It’s Try it Tuesday!!
Tonight’s nail diary entry showcases China Glaze Altered Reality.
This is from the Tranzitions line.
Basically when you apply clear coat to the color it transitions to a different color.
I picked up three of these at Sally’s last week only because they were red tagged and I couldn’t resist the sale. I think I got the three colors in the whole line that don’t have a dramatic transition…hence the red tag. Oh wells, no biggie.
It’s no secret that my favorite color is teal. So Altered Reality is winner no matter how much the color changes.
This is a metallic teal color and when the clear coat is applied it gets even darker. Warning: The formula is a bit streaky. And it takes longer than expected to dry.
For the transition I decided to play with clear and matte top coats.
First did one coat of Altered Reality then a clear coat of Seche Vite over whole nail just to see what I was working with…the whole color change was so subtle I was worried if playing with various top coats was worth it. But in the end my curiosity got the best of me. So I applied another coat of Altered Reality. Once that dried completely I applied a clear coat of Seche Vite fast dry on the diagonal over half the nail (lines are free hand so they aren’t very straight). Then on the very tip on the diagonal I applied Essie matte top coat.
I’m pretty pleased with the results. It’s very subtle but definitely cool and fun. It will be interesting to see if anyone notices the transition.

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Nail Diary #160

Monday April 15, 2013
The past week was crazy busy. Last night I finally got to do my own nails.
If you can believe it I had a week old mani on, gasp!! For the most part my nails looked good all week, although I did have to touch up with clear coats throughout the week. Just had a few minor chips and tip wear, very impressive. I should have taken a picture.

So yesterday I updated my polish stash spreadsheet…I know it’s a bit obsessive but my spreadsheet helps me keep track of what little bottles of beauty I have already purchased.
I found that I had about 6 Julep dupes (mostly bc of mystery boxes). I guess I better start using them up.
This lead me to a lovely spring peach polish called Lynn. Lynn is a nice frosty pastel peach polish. To make Lynn more interesting last night I added a matte topcoat.

I wore this all day but by the time the work day was over I was just dying to make my nails more fun.

I also have two bottles of Julep Rebel (on purpose I must add).
In honor of my daughter’s 9th birthday (4/12) I decided to stamp cupcakes on Lynn using Rebel and stamping plate BM-307. This stamp is super cute. I love stamping with Rebel it’s the perfect formula for stamping. Rebel is a fun silver holo polish one of my fav Juleps; looks amazing in the sunlight.

Great now my nails are making my hungry!! 🙂

Hope you all have a great week filled with happy polishing.

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Nail Diary #159

Monday April 8, 2013
Here is a fun flowery mani.
I couldn’t decide on a color so I got out my dotting tool and used a few.
From the SquareHue bloom 0312 collection I did all my nails in Groovy Love, a gorg lavender creme. I love GL it’s a beautiful shade of purple. It makes me long for the smell of lilacs, one of my fav. flowers.
Then I choose the following for a flower on my ring finger…
The petals are China Glaze Mimosa’s before Mani’s and Sinful Colors Timbleberry. Center of flower is also a 🔲Hue color from the bloom collection Yellow Submarine. Yellow Submarine is very pretty, can’t to use more of this one. The stem of my flower is another China Glaze polish Def Defying.
This is not my best work or my fav creation but pretty none the less.
Hope you all have a great week filled with happy polishing.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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