Nail Diary #202

Wednesday August 28, 2013
Hey all! Happy Hump Day!! Hope your work week is going by quickly for ya.
I have some reptile nails to show you tonight.
It took three different polish colors and a stamping plate to create tonight’s look.
Started with SquareHue Ocean Drive a lovely light aqua blue cream base. I just love this Hue, it is from the SoBe collection. I decided to do some crack over Ocean Drive using China Glaze Tarnished Gold. I know the crackle phase has long since died but this was a perfect finish for a base for my stamping. It created a perfect and easy two tone effect under my design.
For my stamp design I was feeling a bit adventurous so I picked an animal print. Pueen10 was my plate of choice. There were a couple animal print designs on this particular plate but I choose the reptile skin; the far left image. To stamp I used a Sinful Colors dark teal called Opening Night. What a rocking shade of teal and it stamped liked a dream. I am quite pleased with my results, yay for a good stamping experience.
So what do you think are my nails too wild?!?!

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Nail Diary #201

Monday August 26, 2013
Ok do u guys watch Big Brother?? Last nights episode Aaryn took a big o swig of polish remover, not only did she drink it but she swallowed it, yikes. I had to chuckle just remembering when I had almost done that a few times. Thankfully I snapped out of it before I actually did it. Crazy girl!! Guessing she has a lot on her mind.
On to my nails:
I started with a Sinful Colors blue called Ocean Side. Loving this shade of this blue, the formula was not the best it dried a bit streaky but once I added my Seche Vite fast dry top coat it came alive.
You know me I can’t have plain nails for long so I put a stamp on it. I used a China Glaze gold called Passion and a Bundle Monster plate H11 from the holiday collection. The image is in the center top of the plate, it reminds me of a grass or wheat in the late summer sun. Can’t wait to play with other images from this plate for fall!!
I just love the dark teal and gold together.
Hope you guys have a great start to the week. 💋

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Nail Diary #200

Friday August 23, 2013
Ooh heck no this is my 200th diary post, whaaaaaattttt!!! WoW I just looking back at all my nail diary entries, thinking I have come a long way since that first entry. I started this blog thinking no way would anyone care about my obsession with nail polish. But I have found the opposite true. Not only do people care but they actually like my madness. I have come to enjoy this awesome blogging community, I had no idea so many people shared my obsession. Thank goodness I am not alone.
So as I was driving to work staring at my nails…per usual. Trying to think of what I will say about last nights mani…I came up with Grease nails. You know that oldie but goodie Grease movie. My nails totally remind me of the leather wearing greasers wearing and the cra cra pink ladies.
On to the polish. I love love love matte nail polish!!! So Sinful Colors new LeatherLuxe line was a must have for me. I just had to play with Whipped from that line fist. Whipped is black polish that dries with a matte finish. It really reminds me of black leather, I love it. And no matte top coat needed, yay. I did two accent nails with Sinful Colors hot neon pink Bikini. Bikini is hot hot hot a perfect color for a pink lady, haha. I just love it paired with black.

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Nail Diary #199

Monday August 19, 2013
I have a very girlie mani to show you tonight. Oh so pink, glittery and gold!!
Of course I could not just settle on one color. So on my pinky, middle and thumbs I started with a gold metallic SquareHue polish called Honor. This polish was part of the 0713 SaluteCollection. As a base for my middle and index fingers I used Sinful Colors pink called Cotton Candy. This pink is so girlie and pretty. Of course those two colors were just too plain. So I has to add some glitz and stamping.
On my middle and pinky I added a Sephora pink n gold glitter polish called Ice Princess. My one and only Sephora polish :). It’s a super fun glitter polish, very flashy. I also added some bows and heart stamps over Ice Princess using Pueen stamping plate 29 with Sally Hansen Black Out polish.
On my Cotton Candy using that same stamping plate I added more hearts and bows using Honor. Honor is an amazing stamping polish. On my gold thumb I added some black bows. To tone down the bows I added a fun Maybelline holo gold polish called Alluring Rose.
I am kind of loving this mismatched glitzy mani.
Do you love random nails like I do??
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Nail Diary #198

Wednesday August 14, 2013
I can’t believe summer is almost over?? My little girl starts school on Monday. Sigh already. I love fall but with fall comes winter and winter gets old real fast 🙂
Got a simple hump day mani for ya tonight.
Decided to play with two of my August Julep Colors from my It Girl box.
Julep Nellie on all my nails but the ring finger. Nellie is a pretty fuchsia Creme polish. It goes on perfect in two coats but I did three just cause that is what I do ;).
On my accent finger I used Julep Marjorie, a citrus orange frost. This color was a pleasant surprise. I am not a huge frost fan but Marjorie is gorgeous.
I believe August was called the bloom collection, I now see why…these colors remind me of my summer flowers, perfect for the end of summer.
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Nail Diary #197

Sunday August 11, 2013
Hey nail polish lovers!!
Tonight I have a fun mani to share.
Breaking bad nails, in honor of one of my favorite tv shows starting its new final season.
Breaking Bad is an awesome show, it’s season opener is tonight. This will be the final season for this show. If you haven’t seen it on the network…check it on Netflix instant. It’s very entertaining.
I have a 3:2 mani. On thumb and pinky I used my new China Glaze textured polish In the rough. This is a lime green textured polish. This is the first time I have tried texted polish (thanks to Sally BS red tag sale, I picked a few up for dirt cheap). The verdict is still out on textured polish. Lets see how it wears and gets removed. My first reaction is it looks cool.
On my index, middle and ring fingers I used China Glaze Galactic Gray holo polish.
To get my smart chemistry design I used my bundle monster plate from the 2013 Holiday collection BM-H23. It’s the far left image. I used my sinful colors polishes Black on Black and Snow me white for stamping.
Other than my far from perfect stamps you get the idea; .a very smart chemistry mani perfect for breaking bad junkies!!
PS sorry these pictures aren’t fantastic I ran out of good sunlight 😉
Hope your week starts out great!!

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