Nail Diary #233

Tuesday December 31, 2013
Happy NEW YEARS EVE!! My last nail post of 2013.
I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by, WOW!!
My New Year’s mani will be worn here in the comforts of my home. But just because I am not going out for the night doesn’t mean I won’t do a Happy New Years manicure!! I love to have a party on my nails.
I started with one of my new Zoya polishes Dream. Dream is a midnight blue polish packed full with holo glitters!! It is just deamy!!! LOVE, Love, love!!!!!!
Although Dream is just fabulous all on its own I had to add some fun NYE themed stamps, .
For my stamps I used two polishes which made for a fun layering effect. Kind of makes the images 3D. The colors I used were a Square Hue light blue polish called Glacier Sky and Julep’s silver holo Rebel.
Using my Bundle Monster stamp BM-H14 I added fireworks on my pinky, index and thumbs. On my ring finger I added the bubbly popping image from that same BM Holiday plate. On my middle fingers I added some fun stars using my Pueen 44 plate !!
These nails for me represent fireworks for the celebration of a new year, corks a popping and reaching for the stars to make all your dreams come true next year.
Have a safe fun night. Come back and see me next year.
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Nail Diary #232

Saturday December 28, 2013
Hello polish lovers!! Happy Holidays. Hoping your days have been merry and bright.
I have a quick post as I rush off the my last Christmas family gathering.
Today’s polish is part of last years Kardashian Holiday Collection by nicole OPI.
I did a 3:2 mani:
On my pinky, index and thumbs I polished them with a deep red called Keeping Up with Santa , trust me this red is amazing. Perfect for those holiday gatherings.
To add some glam on my ring and middle fingers I used All is Glam, All is Bright. This is a super fine glitter polish packed full with red, blue and silver glitter. Absolutely beautiful in the winters sun.
I was going to put a stamp on it but unfortunately I have ran out of time to play. I promise once the holiday gatherings are over I will have more manis to share with you guys. In fact my daughter asked Santa to bring her mommy some polish so I got some new Zoya polishes to share with you guys…I am in love with the Zoya PixieDust polishes.

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Nail Diary #231

Thursday December 19, 2013
Got some sparkle snowflake nails to share with you. Unconventional I must say as snowflakes are traditionally white.
Sometimes you just got to go against the grain and try something out of the box.
To achieve this black snowflake look I started with Julep nude jelly polish called Grace. I picked Grace because I wanted a barley there base. This was just perfect.
On my thumb, index and middle fingers I sponged on black and glitter tips. The black I used was Pure Ice Black Out and the sparkle is China Glaze glitter polish Glistening Snow. Glistening Snow is so divine, if you don’t have this in your collection you are truly missing out.
I did my whole ring and pinky in Glistening Snow. Just to be different 😉
This look was beautiful on its own but I really wanted to add a seasonal touch. I was going to stamp on black Christmas trees but Ho-hum I couldn’t find the right stamp. So I landed on snowflakes instead. BM-323 and BM-H02.
I think these turned out pretty cute. I especially love the black and glitter tips…using the same method with gold glitter would be fun for a New Years mani minus the snowflakes of course.

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Nail Diary #230

Monday December 16, 2013
Happy Monday!! I nearly had a mani disaster!!
I did my nails last night and I just wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out. So I held off on sharing them with you. I was just going to remove the manicure all together but I decided that when I got home from work I would TRY to doctor them up. Why completely redo them when I can get out my makeup sponge and dab on some glitter fun? No need to waste the time or polish I invested last night.
First last night I started with China Glaze Holly-Day . This is a dark hunter green. Perfect for festive manicures. I did apply three coats of Holly-Day to get full coverage.
I wanted to do a glam funky french look. So to achieve this look I added on just my tips Zoya Pixie Dust Tomoko. I heart PIXIE DUST, it’s my new obesession!!! Tomoko is a gorgeous gold pixie glitter dust. What a fabulous color; looks so pretty with the dark green.
But like I said just having Tomoko on my tips was just not working for me so tonight I took my makeup sponge and turned up the glitz and glam.
Using Ulta glitter polish Boogie Nights and more Tomoko I sponged on more glitter goodness. There that’s better.
I was able to take a drab not so pretty manicure and turn it into FAB.
Now I’m happy; I just fell in love with this festive glitzy look!!

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Just for fun “Mani Cave” pictures

Hey polish lovers.
Today while I was hibernating at home watching Real Housewives in my mani cave mindlessly playing candy crush the sun came out, oh the glorious sun!!! It inspired me to take some pics of my cave in other words “my happy place”.
I thought hmmm why not share the pictures with you guys?!? Just a glimpse into my work space. I mean only people who read and or follow nail blogs would really get my “mani cave” or possibly understand my obsession with nail polish.
Maybe you will appreciate the fact that I have the little bottles of fun displayed like art on my walls; truthfully having them displayed out in the open really leads to manicure inspirations.

So grab a coffee or a cocktail and sit back and enjoy some photos of my “happy place”, the place where the manis are created.

Hope you enjoy!

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Nail Diary #229

Thursday December 12, 2013
It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…everywhere you go.
It’s snowing on my wordpress page and I have candy cane nails. How much more Christmas can you get 😉
These candy cane nails were a bit of a challenge at first. I got a new stamper from amazon…you know the XL squishy stamp. Boy do you really have to practice practice practice to get no where near perfect. But I can see the potential with this stamper so I will not give up.
To achieve this look I first started with white underwear; Salon Perfect’s Sugar Cube.
Once that dried I added my new SquareHue pearl white called broadway. This is a sheer pearl white, just perfect for that candy look.
After my whites completely dried I found my candy cane stripes. BM-423 from the bundle monster holiday plate collection.
I have never stamped on my candy cane stripes I have always used the tape method, so this was all new to me. Less prep time that is for sure.
For my stamps I used my other new SquareHue polish fifth avenue a lovely high gloss creme RED. I love this red, can’t wait to play with this more, in fact I also put it on my toes.
The December SquareHue box is amazing. I can’t praise this company enough I love every single box I have bought. This is my 12th month and I don’t intend on stopping my subscription any time soon. I just love the element of surprise every month.

And finally to add some sparkle on the candy cane nails I applied my out the door hologram silver top coat. This just sets off the whole look. I am really liking this candy mani.
What do you think…stamps or tape. I will post a link of my past taped candy canes:
2012 Candy Cane Nails
2011 Candy Cane Nails
Boy have I come a long way…guess clean up was optional in 2011, lol!!!

I vote stamps with a little stamping practice my candy canes should be closer to perfect next year!!

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