Nail Diary #299

October 1, 2014

Yay it’s October.  I love this month and you will definitely see that reflected on my nails.  But before I start my month of Halloween manicures I wanted to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have a feeling almost everyone has been touched by the dreaded “C” disease in some way.  I personally have had a few family members with breast cancer so this cause is very personal for me.  I hope we continue to fight and find a cure.  Save the tatas!!!!

Here is how I got this look.  First I started with an all PINK sponge gradient manicure.

Colors used:

Closest to cuticle: China Glaze Float on

Middle: China Glaze Feel the Breeze

On the tip: Zoya Dot

Loving this very subtle pink look.

Second on my ring and middle fingers I added a ribbon stamp from bundle monster plate BM-321.

Finally on the rest of my pink nails I added Maybelline Polka Dots black and white glitter called Clearly Spotted.

I really love this look.  Be sure you try and slap some pink polish on those tips sometime this month to show your support for this amazing cause.

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Nail Diary #257

April 3, 2014
Happy almost Friday, yay!!!!
I have a fun look to show you tonight.
Check out my movie mani!!!
Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs 2? What a darling movie. I didn’t really get into the first Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs movie but number 2 was super cute!!
I think I mostly fell in love with Barb. No she is not a monkey lol but she sure has fabulous nails!!!
So I sat down to watch the movie last night with my family and I noticed holy cow my nails look like Barb’s nails!!
What a fantastic coincidence, it was totally not planned. So I had to google her right away for a image for my blog post.
To achieve my Barb nails I used a Maybelline Color Show vintage leather polish called Lasting Lilac. It’s a dark lilac purple color. Think magenta purple that dries matte, it really does have a leather finish. But really I picked this color to use for a base for my Maybelline polka dots jelly glitter Pretty in Pink nail polish.
Pretty in pink is a pink jelly packed full of multi size black and white glitters.
I think these colors compliment each other fabulously.

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Nail Diary #223

Tuesday November 12, 2013
Got some glitter girlie nails to show you tonight.
I needed some glitz and glamour in my life this week. Plus I just picked up some new China Glaze polishes from Sally’s buy two get one free November sale and I just had to try Put a bow on it from the HoliGlaze 2013 collection. Put a bow on it is a fabulous plum magenta glitter. Ohhhhh ahhhhh I loves it. So blingy and pretty.
So first I applied Sinful Collections Fig on all my nails but my ring finger. Fig is plum purple polish with a subtle shimmer finish. I love this color.
On my ring finger I used Sally Hansen Celeb City silver as a base.
Once that dried I applied a fabulously glitzy glitter called Charmed. Sinful Colors Charmed is a silver glitter with random rainbow colored glitters.
On my pinky nails I added a Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot glitter called Pretty in Polka. This is a black and white multi size glitter in a pink plum jelly base. These polka dot glitters are so fun. I love the contrast of this glitter especially next to the silver glitter nail.
And finally I added my Put a bow on it on my middle finger.
My index and thumbs are a glitter free zone.
Do you love my glitter trio?? I think it’s a fabulous combo. Makes me feel glamorous.
Have you picked up any HoliGlaze polishes yet? I am kind of excited to try the white textured polish that looks like snow.

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Nail Diary #219

Wednesday October 30, 2013
Trick on Treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat!!!
Tonight is beggars night in my town. Here in Iowa we ask for a joke before we give out the candy. You got to work for your candy, muwahahahaha. I hear this is not a common practice. I wouldn’t know because I have only begged in Iowa.
So I took my mani from Monday Nail Diary #218 and added some fun Halloween images for this spooky night.
On my pinky, index and thumb I had used a SquareHue polish called Iron Horse.
On my ring and middle fingers I had used a China Glaze orange polish called Riveting.
Tonight over Riveting I added a Maybelline polka dot glitter called Dotty. Dotty is a multi size black and white glitter in an orange jelly base. Looks fab over my existing orange. Over Iron Horse I used Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas white to stamp on various images from my bundle monster plates BM-H07 and BM-413. A skull on my pinky, mr skeleton on my index and trick or treat on my thumb.
I think these turned out super sweet. Just perfect for trick or treat night.
Have a very Happy Halloween!!

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Do you love my fake potion bottle …. Tongue of Dog


Nail Diary #195

Sunday August 4, 2013
Another weekend has come and gone; way too quickly I might add.
Tonight I was drawn to pink, black and white. I decided to play with 5 different fun polishes.
On thumb, index and pinky fingers I used Sinful Colors 24/7. It’s a neon pink polish that dries matte. It’s oh so bright and fun, love it.
On the middle fingers I used as a base white color Sinful Shine Wisp and the base color on my ring fingers is Sinful Colors Black on Black.
Then I played with a couple topcoats a Maybelline Color Show Shredded polish called Carbon Frost and Maybelline Color Show Polka dots topcoat called Clearly Spotted which is a multi size black and white glitter.
The Maybelline Color Show polishes were super fun to play with, especially love Clearly Spotted. These nails remind me of a 90’s neon party. You gotta love black pink and white combos.
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Nail Diary #189

Thursday July 18, 2013
What a week, been fighting a bug for days. But I am looking forward to weekend and feeling better.
Saturday I’m headed to the local speedway to watch my brother-in-law drive a real life NASCAR. So here are my version of girlie checkered flag nails!!!
Colors used for this 3:2 mani:
Base for thumb,index, and pinky China Glaze Snap my Dragon. Love this hot pink.
Base for Middle and ring finger wet n wild white A Blank Canvas. Found this pretty at Walgreens today on the way home…99cents whoooo hooooo!! Great coverage with just 2 coats, impressive.
Ok so on Snap my Dragon I added one of my new Maybelline Polka Dot glitters Clearly Spotted. It’s a jelly based black and white multi size glitter. I only added to the bottom 3/4 of the nails. Kind of like a glitter exhaust bomb…get it NASCAR, exhaust…anyhoo, lol.
On the white nails I used my Pueen stamping plate 48. The bottom middle image looks just like a checkered flag. So,I stamped that in the pink and then my wet n wild Black Creme. Double stamping is risky but well worth it.
What do you think…is it too much?!?!
I think it might be but oh wells chalk it up to the sickness. ha.
Have a great start to your weekend.

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