Nail Diary #330

March 21, 2015

Hello I know I have been MIA; me and my nails have been spring breaking it with the family.  We took a little mini vacation to an indoor waterpark on little lake close to home.  It sure was nice to get away for a couple nights.

Here was my last manicure.  I wore it last weekend and I have to say I got quite a few compliments.

I started with Julep Dana.  Dana is an interesting white polish that is black light reflective.  It has a blue shimmer which I assume is the part that helps the polish glow under the black light.  Then using a cheap Target triangle makeup sponge I added Julep Ledi to my tips.  Ledi is a black pearl shimmer polish.  When sponged over Dana it takes on a blue gradient effect; which I think of as a funky french mani.  Then for some added glam I used my Northern Lights silver hologram top coat.  WoW these are stunning.  Sadly I didn’t not have a black light to try out Dana and my clubbing days are long over.  I think I will try this color again around Halloween to see if I can find a black light somewhere.

Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend.

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Julep Ledi sponged over Dana

Julep Ledi sponged over Dana