Nail Diary #344

June 9, 2015

Hello polish lovers.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I just can’t decide on one color to paint my nails let alone two.  For this particular mani I couldn’t decide on any one color so I used five different shades; this is what they call a skittle manicure.  For these nails I knew I was going to the Breaking Benjamin concert so I wanted something edgy, dark, mysterious but with some bling.  So I used mostly dark colors and textures with a pop of color and glitter.  I really love how these turned out.

Here we go:

On my thumb I used OPI black satin 4 in the Morning.  Love this satin black, it is so sexy.  Leave it to Gwen’s polish line to be dark and sexy.

On my index finger I used OPI black liquid sand Emotions.  No words for this textured polish it is one of my all time favs.

My middle finger is base of SquareHue Times Square a silver holo polish with OPI In True Stefani Fashion on top a divine holo chunky glitter.  It shines so bright.  If this polish don’t attract attention I don’t know what will.

My ring finger is a matte finish Zoya Loredana a gunmetal grey.

Last but not least my NEW favorite red is on my little nail, Zoya Sooki.  This is a True Blood red polish.  I love Sooki to death!!!

I really love this rocking manicure.  It was the perfect combo for a rock show.

Happy polishing!

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OPI; Zoya;Matte;glitter

OPI; Zoya;Matte;glitter

OPI; Zoya;Matte;glitter

On the GO

Nail Diary #239

Monday January 27, 2014
Happy Monday. Hope this day finds you warm. It’s a freezing winter tundra here in Iowa. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to come out of hibernation this spring. Bring on the end of winter, pretty please!! Unfortunately it won’t come soon enough.
I have some lovely nails to show you tonight ❤️❤️
Started with China Glaze Fifth Avenue a pretty mauve color on all my nails but my index finger. Then over Fifth Avenue I added a Maybelline Color Show street art glitter called Pink Splatter. Pink Splatter is multi size/shape light pink and black glitter, love this fun glitter. I hope to run across some more street art glitters in the near future; my Walmart only had two left.
For some more pink fun I added OPI Nicole You’re an Angel over Pink Splatter. You’re an Angel is a sheer pink/gold shimmer. Works great for jelly sandwiches or as a shimmer topper.

On my index finger I used China Glaze texture black polish Bump in the night as jet black textured base. To spice up Bump in the night I added an OPI liquid sand polish called Stay the night. The Stay the night is a matte black liquid sand with bright pink glitter this really glamifies Bump in the Night .
I really do love how these colors all came together. I never just do my index finger as an accent nail, but I kinda like it.
I just had to add to add a stamp to it. Using my Bundle Monster 426 plate, I stamped on L O V E. On my thumbs I stamped on random lovey sayings from BM 425. To stamp on my images I used Square Hue cream white Westminster.

Ohhh and note to self when stamping on letters be careful when doing your opposite hand. When stamping my right hand I did the letters in the same order…therefore when I look at the it reads E V O L instead of L O V E … Oh my, live and learn and laugh.
Otherwise I think these turned out super fun. I sure had fun creating them and really that is all that matters, oh and plus I got try try out a lot of untried polishes!

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Nail Diary #234

Sunday January 5, 2014
Oh boo winter break is officially over, back to school for my daughter and back to work for me. Why do vacation days go by so quickly?!?! I will miss my leisurely days of watching tv and sleeping in. Back into the real world we go.
This leads me tonights manicure. 2 out of 3 of these polishes I got over the holiday.
On my pinky, index and thumb I used my new OPI liquid sand polish that I got for a Christmas gift. It is from the Mariah Carey Holiday line. I have very few liquid sand polishes but I was drawn to this color so it went onto my wish list, it’s is called Emotions. Emotions is a semi matte liquid sand polish with fab glitters, very dark and very eye catching. This is not your typical black it is so so so much more. No top coat needed. A must have for sure. So pleased I received it!!
On my ring and middle I added some glam. I used China Glaze Angel Wings gold glitter as a base for China Glaze Boo-gie Down. Boo-gie Down I picked up on sale at Sally’s this is from the 2013 Halloween line, it is a complex glitter polish full of all sorts of glitter shapes and sizes and colors in a clear jelly base. Boo-gie Down definitely requires a base color to pop.
I am loving this dark glam manicure. I hope you got some fun polish gifts this year!!
Have a great first week of 2014. Hope it is not too cold in your neighborhood, I think the high here is Iowa tomorrow is supposed to be negative 4, the high…oh my!!!!
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