Nail Diary #276

June 10, 2014

The other night I was gazing in my Great Wall o Polish looking for some inspiration.  My polishes are all organized by brand and then by color kind of like a rainbow.   I know it’s a bit OCD but it keeps me organized.  Well, I had this row of lovely shades of coral that just called OMBRE to me.

Sinful Corals

Mani  Coral Inspiration

This is my Sinful Ombre with a touch of Julep:

Lightest shade on my thumbs:  Orange Cream

Index:  Island Coral

Middle:  Eva So Bright

Ring:  Timbleberry

Darkest shade on my pinky: Julep Sarah a coral glitter jelly over Timbleberry

I must say I love these coral hues.  They look so pretty against my pale tanless skin.

I was a bit disappointed that  Eva So Bright and Timbleberry are so similar.  But oh well I still love this look.

What your favorite coral polish color?

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Sinful Ombre with a touch of JulepSinful Ombre with a touch of Julep

Sinful Ombre with a touch of Julep

Nail Diary #236

Monday January 13, 2014
Hey Polish lovers!!
I have more blue ombre nails to share with you tonight; a different kind of ombre then my last diary post. A teal blue sponge gradient ombre. I love this type of sponging technique. The worst part of this technique is the clean up, otherwise easy breezy.

So I just started with some underwear. A base of the lightest color helps if you miss a spot when sponging on all of your colors. I picked SquareHue Times Square a silver creme holographic polish from the 12.13 New York Hue Collection.
Once my underwear dried, time to sponge on my gradient colors.
Colors used:
Darkest Teal China Glaze Exotic Encounters
Medium Teal Shade Square Hue Nantucket a HiGloss creme from the 11.13 Coastal Collection
Lighter Teal China Glaze For Audrey
Lightest color is the same as my base color SquareHue Times Square
On my pinky, ring and thumb I sponged darkest to lightest towards the tip. On my ring and middle fingers I did the opposite with the darkest color on the tips.
Once I achieved the desired coverage and that dried. I just had to add some extra sparkle…you know JUST IN CASE the sun comes out 🙂
So I slapped on some of my Out the Door Northern Lights silver hologram glitter top coat, ahhhhhhmazing!!!
I think this is a fun look. What do you think of flipping around the gradient on just a few nails? Keeps things interesting right?

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Nail Diary #235

Saturday January 11, 2014
This look started on Thursday night. Here in Iowa it was a foggy sunless winter day. This dreary weather translated into my polish color choice.
I wanted to achieve a blue ombre manicure. Ombre manicures are a great way for polish addicts to use multiple polishes 🙂
To achieve this look I initially started with SIX blue polishes.
Thumb: Finger Paints Sparkle in the Sky a highly textured midnight blue glitter
Index: Sinful Colors Rain Storm a creme dark blue
Middle: Finger Paints You yacht to know better a blue medium blue with tiny flecks of glitter
Ring: Square Hue Portsmouth from 11.13 Coastal Collection a high gloss creme
Pinky: China Glaze Sea Spray a light blue/grey base with Hard Candy top coat Sweet Tooth a milky light blue packed with light pink,blue and silver glitter.
This ombre was cool but kinda seemed incomplete or maybe I was just bored last night and wanted to play with my stamps.
I used three Pueen stamping plates to added some wintery images to my blues. On all but my pinky I used China Glaze holographic polish to stamp Cosmic Dust a light grey/silver holo stamps on really good. On my pinky I used Sinful Colors Rain Storm over the lightest blue nail.
This is not my favorite mani but I thought I would still share it with you guys. I think I liked it better before the stamps!!

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Nail Diary #139

Friday February 01, 2013
❤Ahhhh February the month of love❤
This is my pink ombré mani.
Used 8 polishes to achieve this look. Picking the shades was half the battle but I sure had fun looking through all my pink polishes.
Thumbs~ used Ulta Snow white as a base topped with China Glaze Rainbow. Rainbow is a white jelly with pearl pink finish ❤.
Index~ applied my base China Glaze Diva Bride a soft pink. Topped with Ulta pink glitter Diva loving that pink glitter a lot!!
Middles~ just Ulta Encore pink
Ring fingers~ Finger Paints Drizzle of Pink
Pinkies~ last but not least Finger Paints Pretty as a picture topped with Hue left a message?. Another fabulous pink glitter…the darkest of all eight colors.
So I am LoVinG this look. I might get crazy and add some lovely stamps!!
❤❤❤❤I just love theme manis ❤❤❤❤
Enjoy your weekend lovelies!!
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