Nail Diary #91

Sunday August 19, 2012
Hey guys!!
So my last mani from Monday lasted until last night…can you believe that?? Not one chip til yesterday when I was cleaning.
So last night I was busy watching the Hunger Games so I only had time to take off my polish (chipped nail polish drives me crazy)… I actually went to bed with naked nails, jeez that hasn’t happened in awhile, lol.
Here is a pic of them in all their nakedness…. They are a bit yellow…

So since I watched the Hunger Games last night I just had to paint my nails with polish from the HG line. China Glaze smoke and ashes. Picked this pretty up at Ulta on sale Friday night.
This is a beautiful black polish with shimmers green almost teal.
Originally I was just going to put my Essie matte over it but I thought it looked too dark so I glammed it up instead.
On the tips I added a new Piggy Polish I also got from Ulta Friday night called Teal it like it is this is a gorg teal glitter, loving it. Then I added some glitter polish on about half of the nail that picked up at Sally’s for cheap Ultra Pro Silver Slipper.
I am pretty happy with the results … I think the sparkles look really pretty with the Smoke and Ashes. Almost galaxy like.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.