Nail Diary #372

January 31, 2016

Hey polish lovers!

I have another Vday mani to share with you this time.  When you see it you will say Ooh Lala :)

First I started with Zoya Brittany on all my nails.  Brittany is a rose mauve creame color which if you apply no top coat it dries in a Satin finish.  The satin finish is a semi matte look, which is very pretty but you won’t see that satin look in my final pics because I added a top coat after I did my stamping.  I picked Brittany because I wanted a softer pink nude base so my lip smacking stamping would really pop.

For my stamping I used Bundle Monster plate 303 and XL 153.  My stamping polish is China Glaze Dune Our Thing which is a bright berry pink.  It stamped really well.  Also used my go to Konad black.

On my littlest nail and ring finger I just did one lip smack.  On the other three nails I did the multi lip smack.  And for fun on the middle and thumbs I added Ooh Lala image in black.

I really <3 love <3 how this mani turned out.  Super cute for a Valentine themed look.


Happy polishing!  Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Zoya Brittany with Bundle Monster stampingZoya Brittany with Bundle Monster stamping

Nail Diary #371

January  25, 2016

Hey polish lovers!  I am BACK!!  I have been training for a new job and it has been exhausting; I just couldn’t bring myself to get back on the computer to blog after a long day at work.  It kinda just sucked the creative flow right out of me.  But I am finally starting to feel like myself again and getting the creative juices going.  As far as the job goes; ehhhhh we will see.

Can you believe it is almost Feburary again, yowza?  That was a fast month!  Tonight I have a Pre Vday GLAM mani to show you all.   I did these last night and feel like I finally have cute enough nails to share with the world.

This is a 3:2 mani.  I usually do 3:2 mani when I can’t decide on just one look.

On my thumb, middle and pinky I did Zoya Trixie.  Trixie is a ultra metallic foil silver.

On my ring and index fingers I used Zoya Mae.  Mae is a magenta pink which is almost shimmery.

Then over all my nails I added Square Hue Night Fever.  Night Fever is a super holo glitter top coat.  Love this glitter.

Now for the stamping, ready to feel the love?  Over my Mae nails I did roses from Pueen roses from plate 80 using Konad black stamping polish.  Over my Trixie nails I stamped on hearts using Pueen plate 55 using Konad black stamping polish.

I really love this look.  The glitter under the stamping really takes this look from cute to glamourous.

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Zoya Trixie; Mae and Puben Nail StampingZoya Trixie; Mae and Pueen Nail Stamping



Nail Diary #370

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve friends!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am for this weekend.  It has been a great day so far; snuggles on the couch with my cute little family.  Now I am just getting settled in my mani cave to watch the movie The Holiday and stamp over my matte green nails.

But first I wanted to share my Christmas nails from last week.  I loved this look so much that I wore it all week.  That has to be some sort of holiday nail record for me.

Colors used for my look are:

Square Hue hot stuff red called Bird Fling on my thumb, index and middle fingers.  This might be my new favorite red creme.  It goes on like a dream and is oh so high gloss, love it!   My Ringer finger base is Zoya Genesis as state on Zoya Website Genesis by Zoya can be best described as a crystalline white with a micronized metallic pearl finish – designed to look like micro-fine diamond dust! Such a perfect base for Christmas nail stamping (ignore my shrinkage–I have a love hate relationship with seche vite fast dry top coat).  My littlest fingers are China Glaze This is Tree-Mendous, a lovely green/gold micro glitter that dries a lot like a pixie dust would.

About the nail stamping:

On my thumb I stamped on an ugly Christmas sweater image from Bundle Monster plate BM-S215 using Konad white.

On my index finger I did Candy cane stripes from BM-022. <3

On my middle finger we have Rudy; used BM-Ho1 with Zoya Desiree and of course I dotted on a red nose using the red previously mentioned above and some black eyes.

And there you have it.  Random skittle Christmas nails.  I got lots of compliments on my nails at my new job; they are starting to figure out that I love nail art :)

You guys have a joyous holiday.

Christmas nails

Christmas nails

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

PS I can’t wait to get our new puppy tomorrow!!

Here is a sneak peek picture of her… if you follow my instagram account I am sure you have already seen her :)

Cali 7 weeks old

Cali 7 weeks old

Nail Diary #369

December 14, 2015


Hello Happy Monday!  Hope your week is staring off right.  My nails are cute so all is good in my world.

This is an indecisive mani; for some reason the other night I could not pick between matte and shine so I did both.

I started with Zoya Iris which is from the Winter/Holiday Matte Velvet 2015 Collection (which btw I had to have the whole collection right when it came out).  I must say this matte purple amethyst is so pretty.  It kind of reminds me of a grapey wine color.  And because I can’t have just one color on my nails I added Zoya Thea on to my ring and little fingernails with a clear top coat for a gorge shine.  Thea is a deep amethyst Magical PixieDust packed full of holo hex glitter; who doesn’t love a holo glitter pixie dust. Thea complimented Iris so well that I decided to add some to all my tips and then seal with my Zoya matte top coat.

I am really pretty happy with how these turned out.  Plus I didn’t have to choose between matte and shine; which is good because sometimes I get tired of making decisions.

I hope you all have a great week full of super cute manicures!!

Zoya Iris and Pixie Dust Thea

Zoya Iris and Pixie Dust Thea

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.


Nail Diary #368

December 1, 2015

Test test testing….does this thing still work?  Man lets state the obvious I have MIA for a long time.  Good grief I was wondering if I would ever get back on here to share my nails again.  Long story short…I started a new job and it required a lot of my time at first.  Today I finally have the time and energy to blog.  Now don’t get it twisted I was not running around town with naked nails, gasp.  But I won’t lie they where very bland and lack-luster.  But now I am back on here at least for tonight; baby steps.

I have some very cute but random snow flakes on my nails.  My mani tonight reflects on the season, plus did you notice it is snowing on my blog page.

I started with Zoya Loredana a gun metal matte grey polish on all my nails.  I added some bling to my ring finger using Zoya Pixie Dust London a grey glitter sparkle. I also stamped on some random flakes using my NEW Bundle Monster nail stamping plates BM-S213 and BM-S216 (which I love btw) using Square Hue white iPolish and applied a matte top coat.  On my random sparkle nail I did some white and blue flakes to add interest and to frankly be different and I kept this nail shiny to pop out.  Sometimes it feels really good to be random.

Hope you like this look.  And thanks for stopping by after all this time.

Zoya matte; Bundle Monster snow flakes Zoya matte; Bundle Monster snow flakes

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.


Nail Diary #367

November 3, 2015

Hello November goodbye October.  I totally missed the end of October mani’s.  I missed about three Halloween festive nail looks.  I think in the next week or so I will do a throw back to October entry, lol.

Tonight I have a beautiful fall like water marble to share with you.  I really love this color combo.

My underwear color is China Glaze Innocence a pale nude pink perfect for a blank canvas.

Colors in my marble are:

OPI NYPD Beat a deep beat red and Burning Love a shimmering gold orange.

OPI Nicole colors Here we Kome A-Karoling a deep plum purple, Keeping up with Santa a foil like red and Deck the Dolls a metallic teal.

The effect is oh la la love this!!  My favorite colors are Burning Love and Deck the Dolls!!

an OPI water marble an OPI water marble

Enjoy.  And if you haven’t tried water marbling I suggest you do try it, it is so fun to create new looks with different random colors.  It takes some practice and patience but once you master it you will be so happy!

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Nail Diary #366

October 28, 2015

Happy Hump day!  Yay, half way to the weekend and not too mention just a couple days away from Halloween.  I am just a little behind sharing my Halloween nails with you all.  So I think I am going to have to share a mani every day until Halloween.  So, sorry in advance for Halloween nail overload; this what happens when you procrastinate and then all the sudden October is almost over.

This one is super fun.  I have been having fun trying to perfect my water marbling skills.  This is a glow in the dark spooky marble.

Colors used are:  My base is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri white OMGhost.  Which I am totally freaked out because this is my favorite underwear for nail art and the bottle is almost empty, ECK!!!!  Why is it so hard to find quick dry whites?  #NAILPOLISHPROBS!  Anyhow OMGhost was the base for Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark, and yep that is the name how original huh lol.

My marble colors are:  Wet n Wild green Stand the test of lime, Wet n Wild orange The Clock strikes Orange and Sinful Colors dark purple Let’s Talk.  Turned out pretty cool; super stoked that I am getting better with each marble!

Glow in the Dark water marble

Of course I had to stamp it:

GITD Halloween nails

I added a Trick or Treat image from Messy Mansion plate MM22 and some CREEPY eyes from bundle monster plate BM-H08.

I love how these turned out.

Funny story I did them just in time for the haunted house we went to a few weeks ago.  As I was walking through the black light room I could not stop staring at my glowing talons!!  HAHA


Mani under black light at Sleepy Hallow Scream Park

BOO! Haunted house selfie. Me n my sweets.

BOO! Haunted house selfie. Me n my sweets.

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.