Nail Diary #359

September 13, 2015

Hello polish lovers!  I hope you are all having a fabulous pre fall weekend.  It is absolutely beautiful in Iowa this weekend.  Yesterday we got out to ride the four wheeler all day; so much fun.

Between parenting, working, exercise, and atv riding I am so behind on blogging my nails.  Oh my I think I am like five to six manicures behind.  I am lucky to get my nails painted let alone sharing them with you guys.  A few Sundays ago I had some time on my hands so I decided to try my hand at water marbling.  I must say water Marbling is 100% easier with the amazing latex barrier; it really makes clean up time a lot shorter.  With that being said water marbling is still by far the most challenging polish technique for me.  This time it wasn’t perfect but then again it wasn’t horrible either.  Once the weather stays cooler I will try practicing this technique a little more.


Marble Mess

Marble Mess

How I got this look:

Base color on all nails Maybelline Color Show Lavender Lustre.  This is a holo purple silver polish.

I used cheap polishes polish this time for my marble; Wet n Wild Toxic Apple a dark metallic blur-purple and Pure Ice sheer shimmer finishes Bedtime(magenta) and Busted(lilac/pink).  I just alternated the colors in my room temp cup of water swirl and dip.

I can’t wait to have the time to try more water marbles.  I think it will be fun to do some Halloween or fall color combos.

Have a great week!!

Water Marble

Water Marble



Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #329

March 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!  OK I am not superstitious, are you?  I mean I have a black cat so this day doesn’t put me at ill ease {knock on wood, lol}.  But just in case I will opt out of walking in the woods alone tonight, jk.

I am really getting geared up for spring to come to Iowa.  All this week we have had beautiful sunny days, even the pup is in heaven.  Walks every night, sitting out on the deck sigh…now if the grass would go back to green life would be grand.

For me spring weather equals spring manicures.  I got the Zoya Spring 2015 Delight collection a few weeks back (as a birthday present to myself, lol).  I just haven’t been in the mood to have cheerful spring nails yet.  Well that all changed this week.  I decided to go with the most unconventional color in the set for me personally.  Because I don’t typically wear yellow nails.  IMO yellow looks better on darker skin tones, typically yellow makes me look even pinker than I am.  But Zoya Daisy had me intrigued and I just had play.  Daisy is a lemon yellow polish with a teal shimmer in just the right light, what a beauty.  In my mind I wanted yellow nails and colorful butterflies.  So Daisy was my canvas for my butterflies.  Using my Bundle Monster plate BM-718 and my Bundle Monster creative art special stamping polishes Optical Illusion purple and no name pink.  I did some duo color stamping.  Basically instead of adding one color on the image plate I added the two and poof you have pretty pink and purple butterflies on your nails.  I also used my Maybelline teal Day Glow teal to add a few teal butterflies just to try to pull out that teal flash in Daisy.

I think these turned out pretty cute.  Really helped to put an extra spring in my step this week 🙂  I hope you have a grand weekend.  oh and today is the first day of spring break for my daughter, lucky girl.  I was so jealous I decided I must take a few days off next week to have some much needed family time.

Happy polishing!

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Zoya Daisy; Bundle Monster BM-718

Zoya Daisy; Bundle Monster BM-718


Nail Diary #311

November 27, 2014

Good Morning!  If you live in the US Happy Thanksgiving; if you don’t live in the US happy almost Friday.  I am looking forward to some much needed time off from work and family time.  This however will be my first meat free holiday.  If I were going to miss one meat it would be Thanksgiving turkey.  However this just means I get to eat more pie, right LOL.

So of course I had to do some festive nails.

As a base I used a couple colors from my October SquareHue polish box.  The 10.14 Passport Collection takes me to Milan.  On my pinky nail I used Via Della Spiga this is a high gloss red color.  For the rest of my nails I used Via Sant’ Andrea this is a high gloss brown color.  See the collection look book here.  I love these two colors together.  The red is extra amazing.

Then I added some festive stamping.  Bundle Monster plates used BM-H11, H12 and H13.  I did do some layering.  Colors used to stamp Revlon Gold Coin, Maybelline Bold Gold and Konad black.  After I added all my stamping which includes apples, pies, pilgrim hat, indian feathers, leaves and pumpkins (note no turkey) I applied my Zoya Matte Velvet top coat.  Yes, I am obsessed with matte and I now must try matting all the polish.  I think they are all cute but can I just say that red with that matte top coat is so out of this world amazing.

SquareHue 10.14; Bundle MonsterSquareHue 10.14; Bundle Monster

In conclusion in true nail polish addict style I am thankful for my Zoya matte velvet top coat.

Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #299

October 1, 2014

Yay it’s October.  I love this month and you will definitely see that reflected on my nails.  But before I start my month of Halloween manicures I wanted to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have a feeling almost everyone has been touched by the dreaded “C” disease in some way.  I personally have had a few family members with breast cancer so this cause is very personal for me.  I hope we continue to fight and find a cure.  Save the tatas!!!!

Here is how I got this look.  First I started with an all PINK sponge gradient manicure.

Colors used:

Closest to cuticle: China Glaze Float on

Middle: China Glaze Feel the Breeze

On the tip: Zoya Dot

Loving this very subtle pink look.

Second on my ring and middle fingers I added a ribbon stamp from bundle monster plate BM-321.

Finally on the rest of my pink nails I added Maybelline Polka Dots black and white glitter called Clearly Spotted.

I really love this look.  Be sure you try and slap some pink polish on those tips sometime this month to show your support for this amazing cause.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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#thinkpink; China Glaze; Zoya; Maybelline;  Bundle MonsterIMG_7579IMG_7580#thinkpink; China Glaze; Zoya; Maybelline;  Bundle Monster

Nail Diary #273

May 30, 2014

TGIF finally friday; why is it the shorter weeks take the longest?  I love Fridays because I love the weekends with my cute little family.  This weekend we are taking a mini road trip to the Omaha Zoo.  My daughter is extremely excited.  It will be nice to get away even it is only for one day.

So my next manicure inspiration was my upcoming mini road trip.  You would think I would have thought to do animal print nails; but my mind went straight to glitter.  If I am going to be out in the sun all day I need BLING and not just a little I need a lot of BLING!!

First I painted my nails with my new Maybelline Bleached Neon blue called Day Glow Teal.  The Bleached Neon line is a limited edition for Summer 2014.  I have only picked up two colors so far from this collection.  But I have to say this Bleached Neon polish is very pretty, it is a subtle neon look.  But I do have it on my toes as well and I really like this shade of teal.

Once Day Glow Teal dried I added my BLING, Zoya Vega and ahhhhhh I die.  If you don’t have Vega you really should consider buying it, especially if you love Pixie Dust.  Vega is a magical Pixie Dust that came out earlier this year.  It is a light blue with holo glitter particles.  This Pixie Dust is very textured, but so gorgeous.  In the sun it shines.

On my ring finger I used my nail vinyls for a fun chevron look.  I like how the Day Glow Teal peaks out from under Vega.  I did end up adding a clear coat over Vega to add more vivid sparkle.

Have you jumped on the textured polish wagon yet?  I have to say textured polish is really growing on me, especially when it sparkles this much.

Have a great weekend!

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Maybelline- Day Glow Teal- Bleached Neon- Zoya- Vega- Magical Pixie DustMaybelline- Day Glow Teal- Bleached Neon- Zoya- Vega- Magical Pixie DustMaybelline- Day Glow Teal- Bleached Neon- Zoya- Vega- Magical Pixie Dust

Nail Diary #257

April 3, 2014
Happy almost Friday, yay!!!!
I have a fun look to show you tonight.
Check out my movie mani!!!
Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs 2? What a darling movie. I didn’t really get into the first Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs movie but number 2 was super cute!!
I think I mostly fell in love with Barb. No she is not a monkey lol but she sure has fabulous nails!!!
So I sat down to watch the movie last night with my family and I noticed holy cow my nails look like Barb’s nails!!
What a fantastic coincidence, it was totally not planned. So I had to google her right away for a image for my blog post.
To achieve my Barb nails I used a Maybelline Color Show vintage leather polish called Lasting Lilac. It’s a dark lilac purple color. Think magenta purple that dries matte, it really does have a leather finish. But really I picked this color to use for a base for my Maybelline polka dots jelly glitter Pretty in Pink nail polish.
Pretty in pink is a pink jelly packed full of multi size black and white glitters.
I think these colors compliment each other fabulously.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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