Nail Diary #85

Sunday July 29 2012 (slash Monday, lol)
I tried a new polish last night, but I couldn’t blog it because I needed the sun to photograph this beauty. It’s a Claire’s starstruck polish called cosmic. My first time trying this brand. This polish is gorg in the sunlight. It’s a metallic like purple with shimmers of blue and magenta micro glitters. I must say this polish needs extra care during application. It could get really globby if not applied quickly, on the bright side it dried really fast.
This is a fun summer color…I think it would be really fun on the toes at the pool. ☀💅
This is it in the sun today:


This is it in natural light last night:



Ps tonight is my first night of this crazy 60 day fitness program called insanity
It looks very intimidating so I hope I survive the first week and still have time to paint n blog about my nails. Wish me luck!!🍀🍀💪💪

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

5 thoughts on “Nail Diary #85

  1. Ooo super pretty! There’s a Claires around here somewhere, I might have to swing by there & check out their selection 🙂


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