Nail Diary #363

October 12, 2015

Hello polish lovers!  I hope you are having a fun October.  My next mani should really get you in the spirit for some bloody horror.  These are my fear nails; I am scared of blood, ticks, spiders, and death oh my.

I started with Square Hue Desert Storm as my base color. Desert Storm is a high gloss beige nude cream color.  It goes on amazing.  It is perfect if you love beige nude nails.  I cannot wait to try this one again for a non horror look.

Square Hue; Desert Storm

The Decades Collection 1990’s

Then using an Orly blood red called Grave Mistake I stamped on blood splatters using bundle Monster plate BM 416.

a bloody mess BM416

Then using Konad special black stamping polish I stamped various fearful images onto each nail over the blood splatter using Bundle monster plate BM 421 and Messy Mansion plate MM11.


I have some creature words on my middle, ticks on my index, caution tape on thumb and coffins on my ring finger.  On my pinky I decided to add another blood splatter using a darker red called Naughty and Nice by China Glaze.  This gives it a crusty dried blood look. To finish this fearful bloody look I used a matte top coat.

 I think these look bloody perfect for October!  

Really gets me in the Halloween spirit.  
Happy polishing!

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Nail Diary #303

October 14, 2014

These next nails are in honor of the new season of The Walking Dead starting a few days ago, I love that show.  I have been watching since the first season.  I can’t wait to see where this next season takes Rick and the gang.  Unfortunately I have not had a chance to watch Sunday’s episode yet, thanks to a DVR mishap but I am hoping to catch it on Friday.

So for these Zombified nails I used six Bundle Monster plates.


First I started with nude undies.  I used a Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nude called Sand Storm.  Sand Storm made for a good base color.  Bear with me all my nails have a different design, so I will just list them by finger below.

Thumbs:  Are a bloody crime scene.  Used two different reds China Glaze Naughty and Nice (a darker shade to look like dried blood) and Orly Grave Mistake (fresh blood color).  Plates used BM-416 for the splatters and caution tape stamped with Konad black from BM-412.


Index and middle fingers were both done using three colors and a makeup sponge.  I wanted a multi color grungy base.  Colors used closet to cuticle Square Hue Rodeo Drive, middle color Zoya dark grey Claudine and on tips China Glaze Agro an army green.  Stamping on my index fingers are a spooky web from BM-013 using Konad White layered with creepy zombie hands in black from BM-H08 on top of web.  Stamping on my middle finger is a red blood drip from BM-405 using Orly Grave Mistake and layered on top was a RIP grave stone with a couple zombie hands also from plate BM-H08.

Ring finger is solid China Glaze Agro then stamped with more zombie hands from BM-H08.


Pinky finger is the nude Sand Storm base with a blood splat image from BM-H06 using Orly Grave Mistake.

Once I got these all stamped, I topped them off with my matte top coat for more of a creep factor.

I am pretty happy with how these turned out.  I love how each nail is different.

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The Walking Dead nailsZombie Nails #HalloweenMani

Nail Diary #284

July 14th, 2014

Hey guys.  I have to quick type this up so we can have a fun family bike ride.  It is just gorgeous here in Iowa today.  I even have the air off and windows open.  Yay for non humid fresh air, sometimes it is just the little things 🙂

I can’t wait, I have some fun nails to share with you guys.

First I started with a white base.  To save time yesterday I used my Revlon top speed white Spirit.  Once Spirit dried I got out my good o’ triangle makeup sponge to help me achieve a gradient look using white polish with neon tips.  The white I used on my sponge is Orly Dayglow.  Dayglow is a white creme polish with a hint of a blue shimmer finish.  It was a perfect polish for the sponge, as the formula is a bit thick.  My neon ‘in yo face’ pink is Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink.  Nina is not a typical brand I buy but Sally’s had this particular brand of neons on sale on Friday, so I just had to grab a few.  I mean one can never have too much neon polish, right?!?!

Once my gradient dried I knew I just had to add a stamp.  Even Mr Amie agreed it needed a stamp.  He helped me pick out Pueen buffet plate 51.  I am so addicted to these Pueen buffet plates, you can use them over and over and get a slightly different look each time.  Please make more Pueen 🙂  So using my Konad black polish I stamped on some semi lotus flower looking designs.  I couldn’t be happier with the finish result.  Just perfect for a mid summer mani.

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Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51Orly Dayglow - Nina Neon Punki Pink- Pueen Buffet Plate 51

Nail Diary #269

May 14, 2014
Happy middle of the week, we are over halfway to the weekend. Hooray!
Tonight’s nails are dark, matte and dangerous 😉
Played with three different polishes and a matte top coat.
I used my Wet n Wild fast dry black Ebony Hates Chris on my pinky, middle and index fingers. On my ring and thumb I used Zoya’s gold polish Brooklyn from the spring 2014 collection. I need to take moment to gush about Brooklyn. Typically I don’t love gold polish, especially frosty gold polish. But Brooklyn is beautiful. I can’t wait to play with this pretty another time.
I found a fun Orly glitter at a red tag Sally Beauty Supply sale called Star Trooper. Star Trooper is a multi size/color glitter; it is part of the 2014 Orly Galaxy FX collection. It’s a black jelly polish packed full of silver, gold and white multi size glitters. I put Star Trooper over my black middle finger and my gold ring finger and thumb. Then I added it to the cuticle side of my black pinky and index fingers.
Slapped on some Wet n Wild matte top coat and called it golden.
The contrast of the black and gold undies is fun, plus I absolutely love the matte top coat.
This Wet n Wild matte top coat is even better because it is cheap and I’m all about cheap.

What do you think of my dark understated glitter manicure, I kind of love it.

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Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper
Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper
Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper

Nail Diary #258

April 7, 2014
I had polish block last night, does that ever happen to you?
I think I have too many colors to choose from and it overwhelms me sometimes; polish addict problems ;).
But I finally settled on a cute spring/Easter manicure.
To get this spring look I did a 3:2 manicure using six different polish colors total.
My ring, middle and thumbs are Orly Dayglow white. This made a good base for some stamping and random nail art, including a chick stamp using BM-H09 on my middle and ring fingers. For the stamp I used SquareHue Kalver Straat from the 04.14 Amsterdam passport collection. What a fun bright pink/coral. For the grass I used a SquareHue neon lime green called Beethoven Straat from that same 04.14 collection and also China Glaze Starboard a little darker green. The little chick looks so cute sitting in the grass. On my thumbs I did a little Easter egg art by hand.
On my pinky and index fingers I used my new spring Zoya pale pink Dot. How fitting that I added dots over Dot. For my dots I used the white and coral from above plus Zoya Hudson a pretty spring shimmery purple frost also from the 2014 spring collection.
I think this mani turned out cute, it’s not my favorite but I thought I would still share it with you guys.

PS….Has anyone used the bunny ears from BM-h09. I’d love to see your creation if you have!!

hope you all have a great week.

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Just for fun “Mani Cave” pictures

Hey polish lovers.
Today while I was hibernating at home watching Real Housewives in my mani cave mindlessly playing candy crush the sun came out, oh the glorious sun!!! It inspired me to take some pics of my cave in other words “my happy place”.
I thought hmmm why not share the pictures with you guys?!? Just a glimpse into my work space. I mean only people who read and or follow nail blogs would really get my “mani cave” or possibly understand my obsession with nail polish.
Maybe you will appreciate the fact that I have the little bottles of fun displayed like art on my walls; truthfully having them displayed out in the open really leads to manicure inspirations.

So grab a coffee or a cocktail and sit back and enjoy some photos of my “happy place”, the place where the manis are created.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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