About Am1e

HI my name is Amie and I am a nail polish addict.

I love love nail polish. Painting my nails is fun and relaxing. I like sharing pics of the my nail polish choice because the names of the colors make me smile. Plus I want to inspire others to play with colors have fun doing their nails.

This is my first blog ever….so forgive me for any mistakes ahead of time. 🙂

I have loved doing my nails since HS. My nails are all natural. I have never had fake tips because I have been lucky enough not to need them.

Enjoy my diary of a nail polish addict :). Thanks 4 reading.



19 thoughts on “About Am1e

  1. I love your blog! Recently I’ve gotten into nail art, its so interesting lol, but I could never do it myself 😦 Do you have any tips for keeping your nails strong and healthy?


  2. Hello,

    Just a small note to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am new at blogging but I love your blog and I hope you get the chance to read my post http://irenavanillia.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/and-the-nominees-are/ . The post is at the same time a tag post but if you dont feel like it you do not have to do the Q&A part as I guess this has not been your first tag or nomination!!!

    Happy blogging !!




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