Nail Diary #344

June 9, 2015

Hello polish lovers.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I just can’t decide on one color to paint my nails let alone two.  For this particular mani I couldn’t decide on any one color so I used five different shades; this is what they call a skittle manicure.  For these nails I knew I was going to the Breaking Benjamin concert so I wanted something edgy, dark, mysterious but with some bling.  So I used mostly dark colors and textures with a pop of color and glitter.  I really love how these turned out.

Here we go:

On my thumb I used OPI black satin 4 in the Morning.  Love this satin black, it is so sexy.  Leave it to Gwen’s polish line to be dark and sexy.

On my index finger I used OPI black liquid sand Emotions.  No words for this textured polish it is one of my all time favs.

My middle finger is base of SquareHue Times Square a silver holo polish with OPI In True Stefani Fashion on top a divine holo chunky glitter.  It shines so bright.  If this polish don’t attract attention I don’t know what will.

My ring finger is a matte finish Zoya Loredana a gunmetal grey.

Last but not least my NEW favorite red is on my little nail, Zoya Sooki.  This is a True Blood red polish.  I love Sooki to death!!!

I really love this rocking manicure.  It was the perfect combo for a rock show.

Happy polishing!

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OPI; Zoya;Matte;glitter

OPI; Zoya;Matte;glitter

OPI; Zoya;Matte;glitter

On the GO

Nail Diary #280

June 27, 2014

Woa It’s been a busy week.  So busy I am seeing STARS!!  But seriously TGIF!!!!  Oh Friday’s how I love thee.

Today’s look is very patriotic.  I just love patriotic nails; they are so fun to create.  Not to mention the 4th of July is my wedding anniversary so that day is extra, extra special to me.

This is 3:2 mani.  Meaning three nails are one look and two are a different look.  By the way I totally made that term it up so it’s not a technical or anything, lol!

On my pinky, index and thumbs I used Sinful Colors Embers Only.  At first I wasn’t sure about Embers Only but once I added my top coat I came to love it.  Embers Only is a red jelly full of  hex glitter with a semi pink finish.  The pink is so slight so I would lean to calling this mostly a true red.  It reminds me of a glitter jelly sandwich without all the work.

On my middle and ring fingers I used this fantastical OPI glitter called In True Stafani Fashion.  I played with In True Stafani Fashion a few weeks ago on my tips but I just had to play with it some more.  This glitter polish is so amazing.  Maybe my all time favorite “in your face” glitter.  I love the sparkle and I love the formula.  It is just perfect!

Ok now for some 4th of July patriotic dazzle.  On all my fingers I stamped on a multi size star image using Pueen plate 44.  On the glitter nails I stamped them in Bundle Monster Blue, I love the blue over the silver holo glitter.  On the red nails I used a silver Julep holo polish called Rebel.  Rebel is an amazing for stamping.  Just to be different on my red thumbs I used the furthest left star image.

I am pleased with how this turned out, in the sunlight it really dazzles.  I can’t wait to do a couple more RWB manis in the next week.  I have some ideas so hopefully they translate well on to my tiny little canvases.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Sinful Colors- Embers Only- OPI- In true Stefani fashion

Sinful Colors- Embers Only- OPI- In true Stefani fashion



Nail Diary #275

June 7, 2014

Hey polish lovers!  Hope you are having a happy weekend!  If you love glitz n glam you are going to want to scroll down.

Tonight’s mani is oh so fabulous!  Gah!  These nails they are just so ahhhhhh well shiny.

First off I started with a Zoya black holo polish called Storm.  Storm reminds me of a dark moonless starry night.  It is just so holo glamorous.  In the sunlight it is truly amazing, a definate must have for your collection.

To add more glam I had to play with my new OPI polish from Gwen Stefani’s line.  In true Stafani fashion is to die!  I mean I can’t even.  This glitter is like a disco ball in a bottle, put it on your nails and you have a party.   In the sunlight it is blinding, show stopping.  My favorite part is the square holo glitter bits; ahhhhhh true glitter love.  If you are a glitter lover you are gonna need this polish.

What is your favorite glitter?  I have to say In true Stafani fashion might be my new fav!Zoya - Storm - OPI - In True Stefani fashion - holo - glitter.

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Zoya - Storm - OPI - In True Stefani fashion - holo - glitterZoya - Storm - OPI - In True Stefani fashion - holo - glitter


Nail Diary #271

May 23, 2014

TGIF!!  And hooray for a three day weekend!!  So excited I get the option to sleep in on Monday. 🙂  This makes me extremely happy.

We don’t have much planned but tomorrow night I am headed to an outdoor rock concert with my bestie and our hubby’s.  I can’t wait, it’s going to be so fun.  It has been a long time since I have been to an outdoor rock show.

I definitely needed some rocking talons for my event on Saturday.

The polishes I used to achieve my rocking look are from the Gwen Stefani Collection, seemed fitting.  I picked these gems on sale at Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day.  I must say I wasn’t drawn to these two colors when they first came out; I have several gold and black polishes so I didn’t think I had to have them.  But once I got them on my tips I fell in love.

4 in the Morning is a Satin black polish.  I put it on all my tips but on; on my ring finger I used the satin gold polish called Love Angel Music Baby.  You guys know I love matte polish right well these babies do not disappoint.  Love Angel Music Baby is my favorite out of the two.  They both look lovely matte but they also look divine with a shiny top coat.

On to the rocking part.  I added some Seche Vite fast dry to help speed along the drying process.  Once I was confident they were completely dry I added some lightning bolts tapes.  These lightning bolts are from  I have been seeing these nail vinyl tags and pics all over the social media sites and blogs and I knew I had to try them for myself.

On my gold finger I put 4 in the Morning over my bolt.  On my middle finger I put Love Angel Music Baby over my bolt.   I was really impressed with how the gold went over the black, just one coat.  Remember I added my top coat so my bolts are shiny.  On my other nails I just put my Wet n Wild matte top coat over my bolts.

I just love how these turned out.  AND I love the nail vinyls they are super easy to use, not bad for my first time trying them, right 🙂

I think even Gwen Stefani would approve of my rocking talons.

You guys have a super rocking weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Gwen Stefani for OPI - Love Angel Music Baby - 4 in the Morning - Nail VinylsGwen Stefani for OPI - Love Angel Music Baby - 4 in the Morning - Nail Vinyls

Gwen Stefani for OPI - Love Angel Music Baby - 4 in the Morning - Nail Vinyls

Look how it sparkles in the sunlight