Nail Diary #80

Thursday July 12, 2012
Whewwwww what a long week!! I miss vacation days!!
So tonight’s mani looked so much better in my head, lol! Don’t you hate when that happens.
Started with a nude color nail… Used China Glaze heaven. Love this one!!
Then I wanted to use one of my new Fergie nail colors on just 3/4 of the nail….
Made by Wet n Wild glamorous is a clear jelly with big round and micro gold glitters. Not so easy to apply. I had to glob it on….yeah glob is a technical term, lol jk!!
I had higher hopes for glamorous.
I dunno what do you think, do you like this look?!?!
I really wanted to have glitzy nails this weekend…but is it too much?? I think it will grow on me :).
I am excited to see it sparkle in the sun tomorrow.


Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict


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