Nail Diary #114

Sunday November 11, 2012
But actually done Thurs night…So better late than never right?!?
Did these then I got busy with a sick kid so I didn’t get a chance to photograph them until Friday…blah blah blah.
Picked up this pretty from Target a month or so ago.
It’s magnetic polish. It was cheap for a magnetic polish, 4.99 I think. First time I have tried this brand in a magnetic.
Sinful Colors…Sinfully Magnetic Polar Opposites. A grey polish with a blue micro glitter shimmer.
As far as magnetic polishes go I thought it was super easy to achieve the magnetic star effect. I thought it was going to need several coats but really just 2.
This mani was easy breezy I think it took me under a half hour to do them all.
I love the blue shimmer effect.
And it’s wearing well…no chips!!
Have u been Sinfully Magnetic…if u haven’t you should. 😉

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Nail Diary #92

Sunday August 19, 2012
Hello Happy hump Day!!
This is my Try it Tuesday mani.
I had to wait to blog it today so I could photograph it in the sun.
I was feeling very magnetic last night!!
This one I got at Sally’s a month or so ago on sale, orange tag… I love when I see orange tags at my Sally’s….yeah yeah it’s the little things that make me happy.
Finger Paints Cop an Attitude.
This is a beautiful copper polish all on its own … it becomes a star when you apply the magnetic effect to it. The magnet on the top of the bottle creates a fun wave, love ❤love ❤love❤!!
It is kind of fall like.
I almost like the finger paint magnetic polish over china glaze…
Have you tried magentic polish…if u haven’t you should.


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Ps check out miss Jasmine peaking out of her cat house…you may have seen a version of this pic on my IG…for my photoaday pic “home”. I ❤ her.


Nail Diary #82

Wednesday July 18, 2012
Missed try it Tuesday again, sigh. So I am trying it tonight 🙂
Picked this one up at Sally’s awhile back. I mainly bought it bc I loved the blue.
I have been hesitant to try it because it is a magnetic nail color…by Finger Paints
Called Electro-Midnight
First off I was not thrilled with China Glaze magnetics way back when they first came out…mainly bc I kept touching my nail with the magnet. It was so frustrating!! Then the polish was drying before I could get it to move. I did not have the most important tip when working with magnetic polish, while using the magnet the polish has to be wet. You can use a clear coat to achieve the movement…this makes it a lot easier for me. I also love that the magnet is part of the bottle on the finger paints. This time I only touched one nail. I did 2 coats of color, then clear coated and put magnet to each nail…

So happy with this mani right now… It reminds me of ocean waves in the dark. I wish I was on the beach instead of stuck in Iowa with hundred degree temps during a drought 🙂



Thanks for reading.
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April 2012 Sally Beauty Supply nail polish haul

Saturday April 14, 2012
Yay loving Sally buy 2 get one polish free this month.
I got 6 colors and 3 Seche Vite fast dry cuz those were on sale for 5.99 plus she gave me one free!!! Can never have too much fast dry top coat!
Here is my polish haul. I am now up to 286 colors of polish ❤❤.

Colors I got: China Glaze Prismatic line Optical Illusion and Ray-Diant… That was all they had of that line, boo. These are gorg can’t wait to try.
Saw the finger paints magnetic colors so I just had to get Electric-midnight. Saw a blogger swatch this one and fell in ❤.

Also got one more China Glaze Up all night…I have been wanting this one for awhile now. I now have 110 China Glaze polishes so it’s getting hard to find one I don’t have. Good thing I have a list of them on my iPhone so I don’t buy dupes.
Also got a couple of Orly polishes…I don’t usually buy Orly I actually only had one in my collection but the one I have I love so I decided to try:
Orly Faint of heart a pretty taupe color and Prelude to a kiss a peachy pink. Can’t wait to give them a try.

Oh and one more thing I got a free choice of bag with my over $45 purchase…super cute bag, ❤it!!
Are you going to shop Sally’s this month for this awesome polish deal?? I might be stalking them to see if they get more prismatic polishes…if u have tried them let me know what u think…is it worth stalking??

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Nail diary #40

Tuesday March 13th, 2012
~Magnetic take 2~
My tips were wearing already and I had a few chips…
No time for complete redo!! I decided to just touch up Cling on with a different magnetic design…
Looks pretty cool. Again not perfect but i like it…works to get me by until i have time for complete redo. It was easier to do tonight for some reason 🙂
Sorry but this is short n sweet.

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Nail diary #39

Sunday March 11th, 2012
I did it…. I went to the magnetic side last night!!!
It’s all because of that awesome sale at Sally’s this month…but 2 china glaze magnetic polishes get magnet free. I would have never paid that much for that magnet. Welllll never say never but I didn’t have to so yeah Sally’s!!!
So I choose Cling on….to keep the green theme for the week.

I had to do 2 coats. I thought using the magnet was a little tricky…
Took a few redos to get them to star and they are far from perfect. It will def take some practice.
But I think it looks so cool; especially in the sun!!!
Can’t wait to try the other color I got Drawn to you 🙂

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