Nail Diary #291

August 28, 2014

TGIAF!!!  And if you are lucky like me it is going to be a three day weekend.  YAY!!

Oh man I had a little nail block the other day.  When you have over 900 colors it gets hard to choose just one color; I know silly nail polish addict probs!!  I asked Mr Am1e for a little help.  He immediately picked silver and black not a single hesitation.  I will show you his inspiration…


This is “The Beast” our can-am silver and black four wheeler.  This thing is his baby; if I didn’t know better I might be a little jealous 🙂

For my silver I picked Sinful Colors Silver Solution.  Silver Solution is actually a silk color that has a matte finish from the Silk and Satin Collection.  You can read more about this collection from my previous entry Nail Diary #287.  I typically a LOVE matte finish but this time I meant to add a black stamp so my silk became a shiny satin finish.  This polish really comes alive with a top coat, so shimmery.

Like I said the second color he picked was black, I used my Konad black stamping polish to add few lovely images from my  new Pueen Encore plate SE03B.  The images I used came from the top left corner and middle area.  I made the images very random, not one nail looks the same.  I have to say silver and black is kind of a simple color combination but once the stamping is added it becomes seriously unique and cool.  I think it looks kinda cosmic.

Have a great FRIDAY!!!

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Pueen Encore SE03B Pueen Encore SE03B; Sinful Colors Silver Solution; Konad Black

Pueen Encore SE03B; Sinful Colors Silver Solution; Konad Black

Nail Diary #290

August 24, 2014

Ohhhhh yeah I finally got the new Pueen Encore stamping plates.  They are ahhhhhmazing.  Of course I had to try them out right away.  Here is what I used for this subtle stamping look.

First I started with Sinful Colors Lively Lilac.  Lively Lilac is a deep purple glitter jelly polish.  Most jellies are fairly sheer and need underwear.  But this jelly had great coverage, three coats gave complete coverage.  It is such a lovely purple glitter, I am obsessed with the copper glitter specs, a perfect fall glitter.  Because of the copper glitter I decided to use a copper polish for my stamping.  So using Finger Paints Copper Elements I stamped on an image from the top left corner of my new Pueen plate SE04B.

I love this color combo.  I cannot wait to try out more images from this double sided four plate collection.  The options of design combinations are endless.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Sinful Colors Lively Lilac; Finger Paints Copper elements, Pueen Encore SE04BSinful Colors Lively Lilac; Finger Paints Copper elementsPueen Encore SE04BSinful Colors Lively Lilac; Finger Paints Copper elements, Pueen Encore SE04B

Nail Diary #289

August 19, 2014

Hey guys.  I am just now getting to sharing last Friday’s manicure with you.  It was a super crazy weekend; full of Iowa fair fun, a concert with my sweets and lots of family time.

When I did these I had my concert in mind.  Me and my Mr went to see Chevelle and Halestorm friday night.  What a great show, love love love!!

Anyways so since it was a rock show I wanted an edgy look but not too dark, I wanted to sparkle because it was an outdoors show.  And by the way right when I handed the girl my concert ticket I got the “Ohhhh I love your nails” compliment.  Oh yea I love when I get ooooohhhhhs and ahhhhs over my nails.  Makes my day even better.

This is a 3:2 mani.  Meaning three nails are one color and two nails are another.

For my three (thumb,index and pinkies) I used Zoya Pixie Dust Chyna.  Oh Chyna how I love thee.  I mean whats not to love; Chyna is a beautiful blood red color full of red pixie dust glitter goodness.  No top coat was used on the three nails.  For my two (middle and ring fingers) I did a gradient using Chyna and a gold Pixie Dust on the tips called Solange.  What can I say Solange is gold and gorgeous a true beauty!!  Combine them together and your nails look like red hot fire.  Also on my two nails I did a heart stamp image using Konad black from Pueen plate 35.  This heart image reminds me of a tattoo for some reason.  I guess you could say my nails look like hearts a fire!!  I did use a clear top coat over the two fiery nails.

I do love how these turned out.  By the way it has been four days wearing Pixie Dust with no top coat and no chips!!  I am amazed.  Way to go Zoya!!

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Zoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Solange; PueenZoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Solange; PueenPueen Plate 35Zoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Solange; Pueen

Nail Diary #288

August 11, 2014

Oh hello Monday, you came back so soon.  I have a happy flowery skittle mani to share with you today.  But first, I have a confession.  Took my daughter school shopping Friday but we just had to stop at two Sally Beauty Supply stores to check out their half off red tag sale.  I got 13 new hues.  Mostly China Glaze; 11 out of the 13 were half off red tag, so under $2.00 a bottle.  How could I pass up that deal??  A lot of these are from the China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection, so dreamy!!


So the colors used for my flowery skittle creation are mostly from that last Sally haul:

Pepto Pink is Feel the Breeze

Peachy Orange is If in doubt, Surf it out

Lemon yellow is Sun upon my Skin

Pistachio green is Be more Pacific

Tiffany blue is one I already had in my collection For Audrey

Once I got each color on my digits like skittles (I did three coats of each color) and they were completely dry I added some fun bundle monster stamping images with my Konad black stamping polish.

The bundle monster plates I used are as follows:

The two daisy like flowers on thumb,middle and ring finger are from BM-016

Hibiscus type flower on my pinky is from BM-225

Butterflies on index finger are from BM-205

I think these turned out pretty darn cute.  I did add a matte top coat over my stamping.  I thought it made the colors pop more.

I just love how the pastel colors are semi neon.

I am pretty happy with my recent binge polish buy you just gotta love that kind of a deal 🙂

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2014 China Glaze Off Shore Collection; Bundle Monster China Glaze

2014 China Glaze Off Shore Collection; Bundle Monster

Nail Diary #287

August 6, 2014

Yay halfway to the weekend!!

So I am madly in love with my nails right now.  They are covered with my all time favorite color, teal.  A few weeks ago during some nail polish shopping therapy at Walgreens I found Sinful Colors had a Silk and Satin nail polish collection.  I think I bought nearly all of them, I know I am obsessed.  So these colors go on matte and then they sold a clear top coat that you could use to make them satin.

I just had to play with the Real Teal first.  Real Teal is just like the name says.  The formula was very interesting, it is a jelly silk (matte) polish.  Jelly meaning thin and see through, but it builds well.  It did take four coats to get rid of VNL; VNL= visible nail line.  After the third coat I added Seche Vite fast dry top coat to get it to dry faster in between coats and my jaw dropped.  Real Teal is absolutely gorg as a satin.  It glistens and in the sunlight it is divine.  So I knew after my fourth coat this baby was going to be a satin instead of a silk.

Before I decided to make the Real Teal a satin I added a glitter ring finger accent nail using Finger Paints Art you Wondering?  Art you Wondering? is teal and green glitter in clear jelly base so this one definitely needs underwear.  It went over Real Teal perfectly.  After I made Real Teal a satin it really doesn’t stick out as an accent nail so much, oh well.  It still adds interest.

I love this combo a lot, teal makes me smile.

Have a great rest of the week!!  Hope the sun is shining for you 🙂

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Sinful Colors Real Teal; Finger Paints Art You Wondering?

IMG_3744Sinful Colors Real Teal; Finger Paints Art You Wondering?

PS I am out of room on my nail polish shelves so these are a work in progress … stayed tuned to see my polish wall grow.  Overkill I think so 🙂


Nail Diary #286

August 2nd, 2014

Happy Saturday and hello August.  Where has this summer gone?  We have been having absolutely gorgegous weather here in Iowa.  We have had the air off and the windows open all week.  I could really get used to a humid free summer, knock on wood.

The manicure I am going to share with you today I did early last week; in fact I just took it off yesterday.  At first I wasn’t going to share it on this blog because I didn’t love my results.  I didn’t love the polish, the stamping or the pictures I took.  I realize now that it may have been my current mood.  I have gotten a lot of feedback from friends and family that it will just take some time for me to get back into the groove of normal.  I realize am still real early in the grieving process.  My mind literally races trying to process the flood of all these emotions.

But in the past in this nail diary I share both the good and the bad.

When picking on my color I wanted cheerful and happy.  My nails usually depict my mood or a time in my life.  But this time I wanted use a color on my nails to life my spirits.

Zoya Binx from the summer 2014 Bubbly collection is a perfect color for happy, even the name sounds happy.  Binx is an orchid purple with a gold shimmery finish packed full of holo glitter bits.  It is a jelly polish so you will definitely need two or three coats for full coverage.  I wore Binx on its own for a day; it is a really lovely color.  The next day I added some stamping.  I layered a heart image from Pueen buffet plate 55.  The colors I used to layer were Sinful Colors dark purple Let’s Talk and China Glaze neon teal Turned up Turquiose.  I thought the layering of the stamp would make my nails look abstract and unique.  I did like how Binx peeked out in-between the abstract hearts.  In the end I did add a matte top coat, I thought this would help me to love my creation but not so much, although it did help the image stand out a little more. 

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Zoya Binx, stamped with Pueen 55

IMG_7419Zoya Binx, stamped with Pueen 55