Nail Diary #378

April 20, 2016

I am a little behind on sharing but here is my 2016 St Pat mani.

I got this idea from You Tuber Simplynailogical, I really loved how it turned out.

Used Square Hue MEGA holo glitter Night Fever as my sparkle base.  Then using liquid highlighters I made rainbow nails ❤  I recommend this technique super quick and easy!!

Liquid Highlighter manicure
Happy polishing!
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P.S.  here they are while mudding… ha!



Nail Diary #376

March 15, 2016

Spring Fling manicure!

Zoya Tiana an oh so fresh mint creme green stamped with bundle monster creative nail polish a mixture of two colors hot pink and blue using image from Pueen stamping plate 112.  Loving this fresh spring look ❤

Spring fling
Happy polishing!
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Nail Diary #252

March 17, 2014
Happy St Patricks Day!!!
I only celebrate this holiday by wearing a lil bit of green and having festive nails. No dyed green food or beer for me, ewwww. I am not much of a parade girl so that is out as well.
But I did do some tacky green St Paddy nails.
Five different greens for each finger, since I couldn’t choose just one.
Thumb: Sinful Colors Happy Ending
Index finger: China Glaze Def Defying
Middle finger: Julep Lucky
Ring finger: China Glaze Running in Circles
Little finger: Sinful Colors hD Nails
Stamping plates I used for various St Paddy images are BM-H04 and H05.
This is not my favorite manicure but it’s very fitting for the day.
Also I will say this Sinful Colors Happy Ending is so beautiful all on its own; I typically don’t love green nail polish but this color is really really lovely. I will defiantly use this color for a non holiday manicure.
Hope everyone has(d) a safe and happy St Patricks day!!

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Nail Diary #251

March 12, 2014
WoW!! It’s nearly spring break already!
2014 seems to be going by very fast; but I can tell you what Spring can’t come soon enough.
I have some fun St Patty green nails to share with you tonight. Mr Am1e asked if I was using green polish this time in hopes of making the grass turn green again, oh I wish.
First I started with Sinful Colors Pistache a pretty pistachio spring green. This color was great for about a day.
Of course I had to take them to the next level. A perfect way to do that is adding an easy sponge gradient.
Using a simple triangle makeup sponge I sponged on my base color Pistache nearest to cuticle, China Glaze Starboard for the middle and China Glaze This is Tree-Mendous a green and gold glitter for the tips. You may be wondering why I sponged on Pistache when it was already my base, well this helps with blending the middle color. That way there is a smooth transition between the greens.
I think these nails look very festive indeed.
I was going to add some fun St Patty stamping images but decided I would wait for another manicure closer to the actual holiday.
I can’t rave enough about the sponge gradient technique. I absolutely love how they turn out and with minimal effort, the hardest part is the clean up.

Do you do your nails festive for every holiday?

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Nail Diary #152

Saturday March 16, 2013
Warning this mani is OvEr ThE ToP!! It looked so cool in my head.
I wasn’t going to post it BuT…it’s 🍀🍀 St Patty’s weekend and this holiday is all about OvEr ThE ToP!!
So here are my Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a pot of GOLD nails. 😉
Thumb, ring and middle fingers are my rainbow.
I used makeup applicators and a dotting tool to apply my polish.
Colors used:
Red- Sally Hansen Red Carpet
Orange- Claire’s Little Dipper
Yellow- Sally Hansen Sunny Side
Green- China Glaze Running in Circles
Blue- Sinful Colors Ciao Bella
No room for purple…
On my ring finger I just had to try Julep’s Lucky.
My pinky is my gold, Julep’s Vivien. My daughter convinced me I needed a pot so I added a black tip to my pinky.
I know it’s too much but hey it is kinda fun.

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Nail Diary #151

Wednesday March 13, 2013
Hello all, hope this week is treating you all well.
Today I’ll show you my sinfully green nails.
They are almost too green, looks like I have slime on my nails 🙂 But hey it’s all in the name of festive nails.
So I started with my Sinful Colors Irish Green polish. This is a bright neon green semi jelly polish. I do suggest you have underwear with this polish or you may end up with several coats for good coverage. I used Julep’s Rebel for my underwear.
Once my Irish Green was dry, I added another Sinful Colors polish Green Ocean, 2 coats. This is a green jelly polish with teal/green Mylar flecks. Green Ocean is pretty rad looking in the sunlight. I am so happy to see sunlight today. Super excited that spring is right around the corner. I cannot wait for winter to be gone!!
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Nail Diary #149

Wednesday March 6, 2013
Oh how I ❤love❤ the beginning of each month. The time of the month I stalk my mail box. Getting nail polish in the mail brings me such joy. I have been a julep maven for sometime now and I still love my Julep “It Girl” box. But in Jan. I started a new monthly nail polish subscription called SquareHue, a company based in Florida. This monthly nail polish subscription is unique because each month the colors are a surprise. The colors are not only a surprise but also a theme. I am a theme kind of girl. I just love all things themed and holiday. My march SqHue box is super fun and a St Patrick’s Day theme…it’s called the O’Hue Collection.
This collection includes a lovely metallic bronze color called Amber Lager , a neutral beige/sand color with a silver shimmer called Blond Ale.
Last but not least a gorge deep dark green called Patty’s Pint. This is the color I will be showcasing in this diary post.
Click here to see complete O’Hue Collection.
It was hard to pick which color to use first…but Patty’s Pint didn’t disappoint. I love this deep dark green. It’s a deep dark creme with a shimmery subtle finish. It looks beautiful against my pale Iowa skin.
I cannot wait to see Square Hue’s April’s Bloom collection!!!
Have you tried SquareHue polish? I highly recommend.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.