Nail Diary #256

March 30, 2014
Hi there! Hooray I hit the red tag jackpot at Target, I found the L’oreal Gold Dust Collection polishes on sale for under $2 each. Since these are normally go for $5.99 a bottle I found myself snatching these up. I got seven total; I know I am weak. But in all fairness I got three the first time I saw them, and then three a few weeks later on another target trip and then went and got one more this morning after I did this manicure since I realized they are liquid gems in a bottle.
The polishes in this collection are matte textured glitter. Very similar to pixie dust which I am obsessed with; so it’s no wonder why I just could not resist getting seven of these babies. I have no regrets at all. That’s how I know I am true nail polish addict, aHhhhh sigh.
On to the nails.
Before I do sponge gradient manicure I always start with a neutral base color. This time I used Sally Hansen insta-dry Sand Storm as my base.
Then using my cosmetic wedge I sponged on
Rough around the edges closest to cuticle. It’s black with silver glitters
I like it chunky in the middle a copper color with gold and orange/red glitter
The statement piece gold gold and more gold.
This look was super easy to sponge on…the cleanup was a pain. But in my opinion totally worth the trouble.
I love how this turned out. I wore it for a day with no top coat. But decided to add a top coat this afternoon. I liked it both ways but I think I love it more with the top coat. In the sun these nails are really amazing, pictures do not do them justice.
I can’t wait to play with the other four colors I scored on sale from this awesome collection.

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No Top Coat


With Top Coat


Nail Diary #255

March 26, 2014
Let’s think spring!! It’s got to arrive someday soon!!
I have some spring inspired colors on my tips to share with you this time.
I absolutely love a multi colored gradient manicure. It’s a fairly simple look to achieve; the hardest part is the clean up.
To archive a sponge gradient manicure I start with a neutral base coat. My go to is Sally Hansen Insta-dry Petal Pusher. I like this because it’s neutral with one coat coverage and it dries very fast.
You will need a cosmetic wedge.
Then choose three colors to sponge onto your nails.
The spring colors I picked are China Glaze:
Surreal Appeal a bright coral pink, placed closet to the cuticle.
In the middle Fancy Pants a periwinkle purple with a pink shimmery finish.
On the tips I like to use a subtle glitter for that extra bling effect All Wrapped Up a purple glitter goes great with Fancy Pants.
I love how this color combo came together. They look so bright and cheery and with just the right amount of glitz on the tips.

Has spring made it to your town/state/country yet?? I’m looking forward to 50-60 degree days this weekend!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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Nail Diary #254

March 22, 2014
Happy sophisticated Saturday!!!
I have a lovely mani to show you tonight. This is the kind of mani that makes you just want to stop and stare.
Started with Wet n Wild Sophisticated Lady a frosty soft rose pink from the spring14 limited edition megalast line.
I’m not much for frosty polishes, but I saw the potential in this color immediately; I thought this would look amazing with the Loreal matte top coat.
Then to add even more sophistication I picked out my Pueen plate 28 and added a glamorous stamping image using Konad black. I really love this partial image, it looks so classy. And then matte on top of both, ohhhhhh lala love!!!!!
Love this mani. I mean I just can’t stop staring at my nails.
And that in my opinion is the best kind of manicure.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Nail Diary #253

March 20, 2014
Happy first day of spring!!! I don’t know about you but I’m ready, bring it on!
It’s been cold and dreary here in Iowa. I have been longing for sun, fresh air and warmth. This longing was the inspiration for my next manicure.
Think beachy; warm sand and the lulling sound of ocean waves.
Oh I wish I was on one right now. But alas I’m stuck here in the Midwest with brown grass and 40 degree days and snow in the forecast for Monday.
So I brought the beach to my nails.
This is a 3:2 mani.
On my thumbs, index and little fingers I put on SquareHue Chatham. Chatham is from the 11.13 Coastal Collection. It’s a sandy brown Creme polish. Loves it. I can’t believe it took me so long to try this color, it might be one of my new favs.
On my ring and middle fingers I first started with SquareHue Nantucket. Nantucket is from that same collection it’s a gorgeous dark teal Creme polish. Then to add some fun texture I put on Sally Hansen’s sugar shimmer Work of Tart. This is an ocean blue textured polish with a gold shimmer. It’s really pretty. In fact it sent me packing to Walgreens to buy a few more colors from the sugar shimmer collection. That’s how you know you are a true addict; hey at least I’m not in denial.
I love this color combo. I really does make me think a beach in some exotic location with a frilly drink in hand, soaking up the sun rays.
A girl can dream right 🙂

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Nail Diary #252

March 17, 2014
Happy St Patricks Day!!!
I only celebrate this holiday by wearing a lil bit of green and having festive nails. No dyed green food or beer for me, ewwww. I am not much of a parade girl so that is out as well.
But I did do some tacky green St Paddy nails.
Five different greens for each finger, since I couldn’t choose just one.
Thumb: Sinful Colors Happy Ending
Index finger: China Glaze Def Defying
Middle finger: Julep Lucky
Ring finger: China Glaze Running in Circles
Little finger: Sinful Colors hD Nails
Stamping plates I used for various St Paddy images are BM-H04 and H05.
This is not my favorite manicure but it’s very fitting for the day.
Also I will say this Sinful Colors Happy Ending is so beautiful all on its own; I typically don’t love green nail polish but this color is really really lovely. I will defiantly use this color for a non holiday manicure.
Hope everyone has(d) a safe and happy St Patricks day!!

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Nail Diary #251

March 12, 2014
WoW!! It’s nearly spring break already!
2014 seems to be going by very fast; but I can tell you what Spring can’t come soon enough.
I have some fun St Patty green nails to share with you tonight. Mr Am1e asked if I was using green polish this time in hopes of making the grass turn green again, oh I wish.
First I started with Sinful Colors Pistache a pretty pistachio spring green. This color was great for about a day.
Of course I had to take them to the next level. A perfect way to do that is adding an easy sponge gradient.
Using a simple triangle makeup sponge I sponged on my base color Pistache nearest to cuticle, China Glaze Starboard for the middle and China Glaze This is Tree-Mendous a green and gold glitter for the tips. You may be wondering why I sponged on Pistache when it was already my base, well this helps with blending the middle color. That way there is a smooth transition between the greens.
I think these nails look very festive indeed.
I was going to add some fun St Patty stamping images but decided I would wait for another manicure closer to the actual holiday.
I can’t rave enough about the sponge gradient technique. I absolutely love how they turn out and with minimal effort, the hardest part is the clean up.

Do you do your nails festive for every holiday?

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