Nail Diary #396

August 16, 2016

Oh my goodness it is mid August already, I can’t believe it…where has this summer gone?Well I have been so busy enjoying the end of the summer that I haven’t had a chance to share my manicures in a while…15 days exactly.  So I suppose I better get busy; I have quite the overflow on my table.  Somedays I don’t know why I still feel compelled to blog my nails every time but for some reason I keep doing it ❤

This summer I have picked up a ton of Sinful Colors.  Love the Kylie line and absolutely love the price!  This look is Sinful Colors Holly-Wood (Trend Matters satin).  Love this red; it is amazing on every skin tone, a must have for sure.  In this picture I did add a matte top coat on the thumb and index.  On my middle and ring finger I added a Sinful Colors polish called Devil’s Stare.  It is like it was made to go over Holly-Wood.  This jelly glitter is too die for perfection.  And just for fun on my pinky I did a Zoya Pixie Dust called Levi.  If you haven’t noticed I have been all about mixing finishes and colors.  I love the variety on my nails; mostly because I have so many colors I cannot just pick one, lol.

What do you think of this combo…hot hot hot right.  Perfect for a summer time mani.  Again that glitter jelly is perfection!!


Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤
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Nail Diary #267

May 8, 2014
TGIAF!! I am looking forward to a nice relaxing Mother’s Day weekend. I think I may pamper myself and do my nails…oh wait I always do that on Sundays 🙂
I hope all you moms out there have a fun and fabulous day.
Treat yourself to some nail polish, I know I will.
Last nights ‘nailspiration’ was my lilac bushes. They are just magnificent this year. Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower. We have at least ten different varieties in our yard. They smell so heavenly.
So I picked a Zoya polish called Odette. Odette is from the Zoya Naturel Collection. Odette is a plum purple mauve color. It is just stunning. This color really reminds me of the darker lilac flowers on my bushes.
For some added glam I put on coat of FingerPaints Colorful Dream. Colorful Dream is a rainbow colored flakie top coat. It has shards of rainbow flakes that really make your polish glisten. This top coat compliments both Zoya Odette and my lilac flowers.
What do you think of my manicure, do you lilac… I mean like it?

I hope you have a grand weekend and fabulous holiday.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Zoya-Odette-Fingerpaints-Colorful DreamZoya-Odette-Fingerpaints-Colorful DreamZoya-Odette-Fingerpaints-Colorful Dream

Nail Diary #264

April 27, 2014
Oh hello! Happy Sunday. I love Sundays but Mondays not so much, lol.
Last night was FUN I took a trip to my local Sally’s beauty supply store. They had a great sale going on…buy two polishes get one free plus half off red tagged nail polishes. Oh my… I got twelve bottles and saved me $30, jackpot. That is a true polish addicts idea of a fun Saturday night.
I picked out a couple colors from last nights haul to paint my nails today.
These are from the Finger Paints 2014 Pastel Rain Collection.
I first did two coats of Dream I can fly a pretty Tiffany blue cream polish. The first coat was very streaky but the second coat evened out just right. It’s really pretty, perfect for a spring time manicure.
Then I added Crystal Springs to the top half of my nails. I used a simple small paint brush to be more detailed and precise. I love how this glitter looks like a glitter waterfall tumbling down from my cuticles. Crystal Springs is a pretty blue/light green glitter with shards of holo flakes. Really a unique glitter. I can’t wait to see them in the sunlight!!!
I am really loving this look, teal is my all time favorite color.
Did you make to Sally’s for their sale this weekend? Hopefully you found some fun polishes and got some great deals.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Outside, no sun



Nail Diary #208

Tuesday September 17, 2013
Hey guys!! Hope your week is going fab. Sunday night’s nails lasted less then 24hours. Not that I didn’t like them; I had to plan my polish around my work attire.
For my day job I have a work seminar Tuesday and Wednesday so I decided to tone it down. Not because my nails were too flashy…I mean is there such a thing, lol jk. Just mainly I wanted my nails to match my outfits. I don’t dress up too often so I wanted to really go all out and accessorize my nails to my clothes. Do you ever do that, I find myself doing it a lot. And like Mr Am1e said last night “it’s not like you don’t have to polish to do it” haha funny guy.
I am going to be wearing grey and black ensembles so I choose a Sinful Colors matte grey polish called My Turn. First off I love matte polish, I think I have mentioned that a time or two. And I love grey polish, especially when paired with an accent color or funky top coat.
So to jazz up My Turn I added my new Orly matte flakie FX topcoat on my ring and index fingers. I got this from Sallys a week or so ago. It is the green flakie, no name topcoat. I love this flakie matte look over My Turn. It really adds a little something something.
Do you love the matte polish look as much as I do?
Have a great rest of the week. I am sure you will hear from me again in the next few days :). I can’t help it I am addicted to polish 💋

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Ps I got these done Monday night so for the first shot I had to photograph in my homemade light box. The second and third shot was outside today after work.
I better get used to my light box again short days and long nights are coming.