Nail Diary #269

May 14, 2014
Happy middle of the week, we are over halfway to the weekend. Hooray!
Tonight’s nails are dark, matte and dangerous 😉
Played with three different polishes and a matte top coat.
I used my Wet n Wild fast dry black Ebony Hates Chris on my pinky, middle and index fingers. On my ring and thumb I used Zoya’s gold polish Brooklyn from the spring 2014 collection. I need to take moment to gush about Brooklyn. Typically I don’t love gold polish, especially frosty gold polish. But Brooklyn is beautiful. I can’t wait to play with this pretty another time.
I found a fun Orly glitter at a red tag Sally Beauty Supply sale called Star Trooper. Star Trooper is a multi size/color glitter; it is part of the 2014 Orly Galaxy FX collection. It’s a black jelly polish packed full of silver, gold and white multi size glitters. I put Star Trooper over my black middle finger and my gold ring finger and thumb. Then I added it to the cuticle side of my black pinky and index fingers.
Slapped on some Wet n Wild matte top coat and called it golden.
The contrast of the black and gold undies is fun, plus I absolutely love the matte top coat.
This Wet n Wild matte top coat is even better because it is cheap and I’m all about cheap.

What do you think of my dark understated glitter manicure, I kind of love it.

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper
Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper
Zoya-Brooklyn-Orly-Star Trooper

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