Nail Diary #217

Wednesday October 23, 2013
I want candy!!!!! I want candy so bad. I have been on this lean protein diet and candy is so not on the list. I would love to have a piece but I really need to be good.
I think I will have a piece or two on actual Halloween. I can’t wait.
So my cravings come through on my nails this time.
I did a 3:2 mani.
On my thumb, index and little finger I used an orange neon, China glaze Orange Knockout, neon. Over that I added a black and white multi glitter, Hard Candy Black tie Optional. This multi shape glitter tones down the neon just enough. So pleased with how this combo turned out. I was so worried the neon would be overkill, but I’d say it totally isn’t, right?
On my middle and ring I did a sponge gradient in purples. Colors used:
Wet n Wild Who is Ultra Violet
Square Hue Groovy Love
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Once my purples dried I added a candy stamp from BM-306 using my Orange Knockout, neon and then Sinful Colors Black on Black . Love the double stamp effect. Love the color combo and love the glitter.
But what do you think is it too much…I mean can a Halloween mani even be too much?!?!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.




18 thoughts on “Nail Diary #217

  1. I saw the thumbnail in my reader and LITERALLY went ‘oh, candy, pretty candy’ in my head. : D
    I ADORE the matte effect and double stamping makes it look like a bag of candy – you reach in and pull some out : )
    GORGEOUS colour combo ❤


  2. Plus, isn’t Halloween like the WORST time to be on a protein diet? (Hmmm… Just like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter…. Forget I said anything)
    Are you trying to tone up ? (I’m a nutrition freak, I love researching it ; ))


    • Any time is the worst time, lol!!!
      I am actually doing the 17 day diet thing by Dr Mike Moreno. I need to drop that last stubborn 8-10 pounds.
      It ends up being more a of lifestyle change.
      Less bad carbs and sugar. I know someone that did it and she has lost and kept it off for a few years now. Dont get me wrong i still have cheat days 😉


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