Nail Diary #167

Monday May 6, 2013
Monday stamping Funday.
I have been on a stamping kick. Stamping reminds me of gambling. Once you get a winning mani you get the bug and want keep trying it.
Tonight’s peachy orange nails looked much cooler in my head.
I have been dying to try my Hard Candy Peach pop. Peach pop is a peach color cream packed with multi color glitters: silver, hot pink, orange. So I used peach pop on my ring finger for an accent color.
On all my other nails I had to try my brand new SquareHue polish that I got in the mail today. I love getting nail polish in the mail, makes my day! May’s hue box contains the Madonna collection, they are all pink. I choose the darkest hue called Day Glow. A bright hot pink cream.
On to my stamp. It was a toss up… Oranges (citrus slices) or flip flops. I went with oranges (citrus slices) from BM- 308. I used two shades of peachy orange polish to do my stamp. I thought these colors would pop a lot more over the Day Glow…big sigh it does not. Instead results are super subtle, which is not always a bad thing just not what I pictured in my mind. So over Day Glow I used Julep Lynn and Georgia. Lynn is the lighter of the two.
I then decided to stamp over my accent nail. I wanted to use Day Glow but it’s not a great stamping polish. Instead I used China Glaze Snap my Dragon.
I really love how the stamp shows up over the peach…wish I would have did all my nails that way. But there was no way I was starting over, next time perhaps.
I find stamping is a lot of experimenting….playing with colors and patterns. Some are winners and some are well ….this 😉
Have a great week filled with happy polishing!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict




2 thoughts on “Nail Diary #167

  1. I love your accent nail. That really pops and just looks gorgeous!!!
    And I love the base colour you used!!! Stunning!
    Also feel like stamping is like gambling! When you get it right, you’re a WINNER and then you keep trying and you’re not so much a winner all the time LOL.


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