Nail Diary #229

Thursday December 12, 2013
It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas…everywhere you go.
It’s snowing on my wordpress page and I have candy cane nails. How much more Christmas can you get 😉
These candy cane nails were a bit of a challenge at first. I got a new stamper from amazon…you know the XL squishy stamp. Boy do you really have to practice practice practice to get no where near perfect. But I can see the potential with this stamper so I will not give up.
To achieve this look I first started with white underwear; Salon Perfect’s Sugar Cube.
Once that dried I added my new SquareHue pearl white called broadway. This is a sheer pearl white, just perfect for that candy look.
After my whites completely dried I found my candy cane stripes. BM-423 from the bundle monster holiday plate collection.
I have never stamped on my candy cane stripes I have always used the tape method, so this was all new to me. Less prep time that is for sure.
For my stamps I used my other new SquareHue polish fifth avenue a lovely high gloss creme RED. I love this red, can’t wait to play with this more, in fact I also put it on my toes.
The December SquareHue box is amazing. I can’t praise this company enough I love every single box I have bought. This is my 12th month and I don’t intend on stopping my subscription any time soon. I just love the element of surprise every month.

And finally to add some sparkle on the candy cane nails I applied my out the door hologram silver top coat. This just sets off the whole look. I am really liking this candy mani.
What do you think…stamps or tape. I will post a link of my past taped candy canes:
2012 Candy Cane Nails
2011 Candy Cane Nails
Boy have I come a long way…guess clean up was optional in 2011, lol!!!

I vote stamps with a little stamping practice my candy canes should be closer to perfect next year!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict




14 thoughts on “Nail Diary #229

  1. Your nails look awesome! Fifth Avenue is great for stamping and Broadway is perfect for that pearly finish you see on candy canes.

    I got my first Square Hue box this month and I loved it too! All the polishes were amazing. Definitely keeping this subscription and I’m super psyched to see what they deliver in next month’s box.


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