Nail Diary #124

Sunday December 9, 2012
Sigh my Candy Cane nails!!
I spent way too much time on today’s mani!
Plus I am not super happy with the results…I stink at tape manis. I struggle using the tape. It’s like and elephant trying to juggle.
But since I spent my whole afternoon on these candy cane nails I am posting them, darn it.
I guess you have to take the bad and the good…and these IMO are not so great.

So first I painted all my nails with Sinful Colors Snow me White for a good solid white base.
Then I did 2 coats of Salon Perfect Snow Flurry. This gave me a shimmery snow white finish. I love this white, it’s so pretty. Reminds me of that glittery first snow of the season ❤.
I let these dry really good before I applied my tape for the candy cane stripes.
Once I was completely dry… I used regular scotch tape and really skinny nail art tape for my stripes then applied Color Club Berry and Bright. I ❤ this red, it has a metallic foil finish …I think it is even scented.
Note…try removing the tape while the polish is still wet. UGhhhhh it is such a challenge to do this on your own. I def. need to practice using tape.

BTW I must say this was my first time using Color Club polish… I am impressed with it! Can’t wait to try this polish again under not so stressful conditions, lol!! Coverage and finish is fab and it dries very fast! I hope Color Club starts showing up regularly at my local Sally’s.

Ps please excuse my cuticles…clean up was also a challenge 😉

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.





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