Nail Diary #260

April 14, 2014
April showers bring May flowers. Or should I say snow showers in Iowa. Lucky for us it didn’t stick. All these snow showers can really bring a girl down but good thing I have a touch of spring on my fingertips today!!
Saturday I was cruising around You Tube and came across an intriguing tutorial made by Messy Mansion called the leadlight technique, I knew right away I just had to try it. I had no idea what leadlight was until I saw this video, your nails literally look like stain glass.
First start with light undies. I picked Sally Hansen insta-dri Petal Pusher. This is a perfect neutral base color that dries quickly.
Then using my Konad black polish I stamped on the bottom middle image from Pueen plate 49.
Once that dried I added a clear topcoat. Then I started adding my jellies.
Jelly polish is the key to this style. I picked the following four pretty spring jelly polishes.
Light pink with light sparkle Nicole You’re an angel
Julep dark pink magenta also with glitter Monica
Claire’s (ColorClub) Starstruck shimmery orange Little Dipper
And last but not least a shimmery summer yellow Loreal tweet me
I just took my smallest detail paint brush and filled in the stamp with the colors.
This is not a true flower image stamp but once I added the jellies it looks very flowery.
I think for my first try this turned out pretty cute. I can’t wait to try it with another stamp image in the future.

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Oh and here is a link to Messy Mansion’s LeadLight Technique tutorial.

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Nail Diary #259

April 10, 2014
TGIAF!!! The sun is shining and the temps are higher than freezing, thank goodness. This allows me to get outside and take advantage of the natural light for my polish pictures, yay!!! I have often wondered what the neighbors think of me outside taking pictures of my hands!!! They must think I am crazy, and maybe I am just a bit.
Tonight I have a simple manicure to show you.
This color is from the April 2014 SquareHue passport collection, Amsterdam. This whole collection is amazing. The color I picked to play with first is a duochrome called P.C. Hooftstraat. Oh how I love a good duochrome polish. This is a pretty purple color with electric blue shimmers, it is absolutely gorgeous. The duochrome is hard to capture with a picture, it really freaked out my camera.
This polish is so pretty that there is no need for glitter accent nails, funky top coats or even stamping.
I think this color would be a fun color for your vehicle. Someday I want a car the same color as my favorite fingernail polish color….a girl can dream right.
I can’t wait to try the other two colors out in this collection. What pretty colors for spring!
P.S. Have you tried SquareHue? If you haven’t you should; and no they don’t pay me to say that, I buy all my own polish.

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Nail Diary #258

April 7, 2014
I had polish block last night, does that ever happen to you?
I think I have too many colors to choose from and it overwhelms me sometimes; polish addict problems ;).
But I finally settled on a cute spring/Easter manicure.
To get this spring look I did a 3:2 manicure using six different polish colors total.
My ring, middle and thumbs are Orly Dayglow white. This made a good base for some stamping and random nail art, including a chick stamp using BM-H09 on my middle and ring fingers. For the stamp I used SquareHue Kalver Straat from the 04.14 Amsterdam passport collection. What a fun bright pink/coral. For the grass I used a SquareHue neon lime green called Beethoven Straat from that same 04.14 collection and also China Glaze Starboard a little darker green. The little chick looks so cute sitting in the grass. On my thumbs I did a little Easter egg art by hand.
On my pinky and index fingers I used my new spring Zoya pale pink Dot. How fitting that I added dots over Dot. For my dots I used the white and coral from above plus Zoya Hudson a pretty spring shimmery purple frost also from the 2014 spring collection.
I think this mani turned out cute, it’s not my favorite but I thought I would still share it with you guys.

PS….Has anyone used the bunny ears from BM-h09. I’d love to see your creation if you have!!

hope you all have a great week.

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Nail Diary #257

April 3, 2014
Happy almost Friday, yay!!!!
I have a fun look to show you tonight.
Check out my movie mani!!!
Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs 2? What a darling movie. I didn’t really get into the first Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs movie but number 2 was super cute!!
I think I mostly fell in love with Barb. No she is not a monkey lol but she sure has fabulous nails!!!
So I sat down to watch the movie last night with my family and I noticed holy cow my nails look like Barb’s nails!!
What a fantastic coincidence, it was totally not planned. So I had to google her right away for a image for my blog post.
To achieve my Barb nails I used a Maybelline Color Show vintage leather polish called Lasting Lilac. It’s a dark lilac purple color. Think magenta purple that dries matte, it really does have a leather finish. But really I picked this color to use for a base for my Maybelline polka dots jelly glitter Pretty in Pink nail polish.
Pretty in pink is a pink jelly packed full of multi size black and white glitters.
I think these colors compliment each other fabulously.

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Nail Diary #256

March 30, 2014
Hi there! Hooray I hit the red tag jackpot at Target, I found the L’oreal Gold Dust Collection polishes on sale for under $2 each. Since these are normally go for $5.99 a bottle I found myself snatching these up. I got seven total; I know I am weak. But in all fairness I got three the first time I saw them, and then three a few weeks later on another target trip and then went and got one more this morning after I did this manicure since I realized they are liquid gems in a bottle.
The polishes in this collection are matte textured glitter. Very similar to pixie dust which I am obsessed with; so it’s no wonder why I just could not resist getting seven of these babies. I have no regrets at all. That’s how I know I am true nail polish addict, aHhhhh sigh.
On to the nails.
Before I do sponge gradient manicure I always start with a neutral base color. This time I used Sally Hansen insta-dry Sand Storm as my base.
Then using my cosmetic wedge I sponged on
Rough around the edges closest to cuticle. It’s black with silver glitters
I like it chunky in the middle a copper color with gold and orange/red glitter
The statement piece gold gold and more gold.
This look was super easy to sponge on…the cleanup was a pain. But in my opinion totally worth the trouble.
I love how this turned out. I wore it for a day with no top coat. But decided to add a top coat this afternoon. I liked it both ways but I think I love it more with the top coat. In the sun these nails are really amazing, pictures do not do them justice.
I can’t wait to play with the other four colors I scored on sale from this awesome collection.

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No Top Coat


With Top Coat


Nail Diary #255

March 26, 2014
Let’s think spring!! It’s got to arrive someday soon!!
I have some spring inspired colors on my tips to share with you this time.
I absolutely love a multi colored gradient manicure. It’s a fairly simple look to achieve; the hardest part is the clean up.
To archive a sponge gradient manicure I start with a neutral base coat. My go to is Sally Hansen Insta-dry Petal Pusher. I like this because it’s neutral with one coat coverage and it dries very fast.
You will need a cosmetic wedge.
Then choose three colors to sponge onto your nails.
The spring colors I picked are China Glaze:
Surreal Appeal a bright coral pink, placed closet to the cuticle.
In the middle Fancy Pants a periwinkle purple with a pink shimmery finish.
On the tips I like to use a subtle glitter for that extra bling effect All Wrapped Up a purple glitter goes great with Fancy Pants.
I love how this color combo came together. They look so bright and cheery and with just the right amount of glitz on the tips.

Has spring made it to your town/state/country yet?? I’m looking forward to 50-60 degree days this weekend!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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Nail Diary #254

March 22, 2014
Happy sophisticated Saturday!!!
I have a lovely mani to show you tonight. This is the kind of mani that makes you just want to stop and stare.
Started with Wet n Wild Sophisticated Lady a frosty soft rose pink from the spring14 limited edition megalast line.
I’m not much for frosty polishes, but I saw the potential in this color immediately; I thought this would look amazing with the Loreal matte top coat.
Then to add even more sophistication I picked out my Pueen plate 28 and added a glamorous stamping image using Konad black. I really love this partial image, it looks so classy. And then matte on top of both, ohhhhhh lala love!!!!!
Love this mani. I mean I just can’t stop staring at my nails.
And that in my opinion is the best kind of manicure.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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