Nail Diary #304

October 20, 2014

Here we are 11 days until Halloween and I am still having a blast making Halloween manicures.  Oh and by the way I have also been watching a scary movie every night this month, I literally have not missed a day.  I have to say I am getting a bit jumpy at night, hahaha.

This was a complicated skittle manicure,meaning every nail is different plus it was made using a few different techniques.  I am pretty sure I worked too many hours on it, but sigh it turned out really creepy so all is good.  I had it in my mind if I can do dry marble decals then darn it I can try stamping decals.  I sure had fun making them, applying them was a bit cumbersome but it was my first try; nothing is easy at first.


A glimpse into my “mad” nail polish laboratory

I made my decals for my ring and middle fingers from Bundle Monster plate BM-413.  I basically did the stamping like normal but instead of quickly putting the image onto my nail I let it dry, applied a clear top coat over the image on the stamper and then filled my negative space in with white polish.  I let those dry really good before adding them onto my nails with my base color.  I put a different skull image on each nail over a SquareHue polish base color called Passeig de gracia.  Passeig de gracia is a dark vampy purple almost ends up black on the nail after a few coats.  As if that wasn’t enough work, I went ahead and created some dry marble decals for my other three nails.  On those nails I did random combos of four colors:  Pure Ice purple shimmer Bedtime, Pure Ice white Superstar, Pure Ice Black outSinful Colors slime green Irish green,  and last but def not least Revlon Elusive which is a black base full of multi size green/blue glitter.  These colors combined to together made for a creepy witches brew effect on my nails.  They turned out pretty good, well worth the extra effort.

What is you favorite scary movie?  I have yet to run out of them to watch.  So far my favorite this year would have to be Annabelle.  Creepy dolls and demons get me every time, yikes!  But I can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on DVD!

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DIY Halloween NailsDIY Halloween Nails

Nail Diary #303

October 14, 2014

These next nails are in honor of the new season of The Walking Dead starting a few days ago, I love that show.  I have been watching since the first season.  I can’t wait to see where this next season takes Rick and the gang.  Unfortunately I have not had a chance to watch Sunday’s episode yet, thanks to a DVR mishap but I am hoping to catch it on Friday.

So for these Zombified nails I used six Bundle Monster plates.


First I started with nude undies.  I used a Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nude called Sand Storm.  Sand Storm made for a good base color.  Bear with me all my nails have a different design, so I will just list them by finger below.

Thumbs:  Are a bloody crime scene.  Used two different reds China Glaze Naughty and Nice (a darker shade to look like dried blood) and Orly Grave Mistake (fresh blood color).  Plates used BM-416 for the splatters and caution tape stamped with Konad black from BM-412.


Index and middle fingers were both done using three colors and a makeup sponge.  I wanted a multi color grungy base.  Colors used closet to cuticle Square Hue Rodeo Drive, middle color Zoya dark grey Claudine and on tips China Glaze Agro an army green.  Stamping on my index fingers are a spooky web from BM-013 using Konad White layered with creepy zombie hands in black from BM-H08 on top of web.  Stamping on my middle finger is a red blood drip from BM-405 using Orly Grave Mistake and layered on top was a RIP grave stone with a couple zombie hands also from plate BM-H08.

Ring finger is solid China Glaze Agro then stamped with more zombie hands from BM-H08.


Pinky finger is the nude Sand Storm base with a blood splat image from BM-H06 using Orly Grave Mistake.

Once I got these all stamped, I topped them off with my matte top coat for more of a creep factor.

I am pretty happy with how these turned out.  I love how each nail is different.

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The Walking Dead nailsZombie Nails #HalloweenMani

Nail Diary #302

October 13, 2014

Hi all!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  I cannot believe how fast time we flies, here we are 19 more days until Halloween.  My next manicure was a labor or of love.  It took forever and once I was finished I did not love the results.  In fact I wasn’t going to even share them on here, but my motto is to share the fails and fabs.  This spooky nail design was inspired by a fellow IG polish extraordinare @mymaynails 

This manicure was done doing DIY polish decals.  I have done this technique a few times now, but mostly just swirling the colors together.  This time I will actually attempt to make a ghost image.


I know I made a ton that day.  I was experimenting with colors and trying to get my ghosts just right.


Look at that swirl, ahhhhhmazing


The colors I ended up using for my ghosts and marble are Julep Melissa and Nina Ultra Pro Black.  I seriously love this color combo.  Melissa is a super sheer pearl white, but mixed with the black it is a show stopper.  All you see is the teal in Melissa, wow!  

First I started with a black base color on all my nails.  The layout I did was: on my pinky and thumbs I placed my marble decals and on my ring and middle fingers I used my ghost decals.  On my index finger I used a decal where I mixed the black with Color Club Snowflakes.  I had to do a nail using those two colors because it was such neat combo.  Once the decals were placed and clean up complete I added a matte top coat to up the spook factor.

So some of the reasons I did not love the results.  First off my nail beds are small and my ghosts might have been just a bit too big.  Something I did not noticed until right as I was placing them.  Second the black to clean up around the cuticles was a nightmare.  You will see it looks a bit messy in the pics, and that was after working on them for a long time.

But what I do love about this manicure… the color combos!!  For some reason I think of glam ectoplasm LOL!!

I think I just need to practice making more ghosts and smaller and be more patient while cleaning up.

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Ghosts; DIY nail decals; Julep Melissa with black Ghosts; DIY nail decals; Julep Melissa with black

Nail Diary #301

October 8, 2014

That is it I have finally gone batty!  Or rather maybe I have always been batty.  I have a fun creepy Halloween mani to share with you tonight.  This was a two day manicure.  First I started with the marble decals, similar to what I did in my #297 entry.

Colors used for my marble swirl:

Finger Paints orange Kitchy Tangerine

Sinful Colors white Snow me White and Black on Black

First I used my orange as my decal base color and then I added drops of all three and swirled around to make a unique marble look.  I must say I was a bit disappointed that the white turned yellow because of the orange base, but duh I should have known that would have happened.  But by the time I realized it I was too committed so I made due.  I let those decals dry for a few hours and then I applied them to each nail using a semi dry coat of clear polish.  Cut off the excess and then cleaned up the edges with my acetone soaked makeup brush.

Waterless Marble Decals

Waterless Marble Decals

Halloween Nail Art

I wore this as is for one day.  But I knew I had to play around with stamping on these; so using my Konad black I added some bats from my BM-H08 plate.  After using my seche vite fast dry top coat to seal the stamping I did add a matte top coat to amplify the creep factor.

WoW!!  I love the stamp over this creepy decal.  It looks like they are flying in an almost dark, moon filled night.  I picture them just coming out of the cave looking for dinner or to cause a fright.

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Gone Batty!!  BM-H08Gone Batty!!  BM-H08

Nail Diary #300

October 6, 2014

Happy Monday all!  I am in awe, I can’t believe this is my 300th nail entry.  I started my blog back in Nov of 2011.  That is a whole lot of nail pictures almost three years worth.  I remember when I started I was so astonished when I got just one follower or like.  I am amazed that I continue to document all my manicures, but I am driven by a passion and love for nail polish.  I don’t get paid or get free polish from this blog; I do it for fun and to share my love for nail polish.  It is funny I was looking back to my first few diary entries and was shocked on how much my posts have changed since then.  In the beginning I never used a clean up brush, I took my pics with my iPod mostly with a flash in hallways or even my bathroom with terrible lighting.  In my #3 post on 11/9/11 I talked about having 180 bottles of nail polish, wow that was a lot to me back then.  Now I am pushing 1000!!  I plan to continue to put my nails out there until it no longer is fun to do so.

On to the nails:

Last Friday and Saturday was epic.  I got three boxes delivered to me all containing nail polish.  YAY happy dance!!!   I got my Zoya order, my SquareHue subscription box and my Julep box.  Needless to say I was in nail polish heaven.

For this dark vampy manicure I used my new SquareHue flat black Via Montenapoleone.  Via Montenapoleone is from the 10.14 Milan passport collection.  I put this black on all my nails but my ring finger.  I only did two coats for full flawless coverage and no top coat bc I wanted the black to remain flat.  I am in love with this flat black polish, bravo SquareHue.  For my ring accent nail I used my brand new Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust Arianna.  Arianna is a red wine ultra textured matte glitter polish packed with mega hex particles.  Ohhhhhh I die.  It is so unique and beautiful.  I loved it so much on my ring finger so I added it to all my tips with a sponge eye makeup applicator.  The result is amazing.  Super dark and vampy just perfect for this time of year.

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SquareHue; Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust; AriannaIMG_5431SquareHue; Zoya Ultra Pixie Dust; Arianna

Nail Diary #299

October 1, 2014

Yay it’s October.  I love this month and you will definitely see that reflected on my nails.  But before I start my month of Halloween manicures I wanted to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have a feeling almost everyone has been touched by the dreaded “C” disease in some way.  I personally have had a few family members with breast cancer so this cause is very personal for me.  I hope we continue to fight and find a cure.  Save the tatas!!!!

Here is how I got this look.  First I started with an all PINK sponge gradient manicure.

Colors used:

Closest to cuticle: China Glaze Float on

Middle: China Glaze Feel the Breeze

On the tip: Zoya Dot

Loving this very subtle pink look.

Second on my ring and middle fingers I added a ribbon stamp from bundle monster plate BM-321.

Finally on the rest of my pink nails I added Maybelline Polka Dots black and white glitter called Clearly Spotted.

I really love this look.  Be sure you try and slap some pink polish on those tips sometime this month to show your support for this amazing cause.

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#thinkpink; China Glaze; Zoya; Maybelline;  Bundle MonsterIMG_7579IMG_7580#thinkpink; China Glaze; Zoya; Maybelline;  Bundle Monster

Nail Diary #298

September 29, 2014

Hi all!  I hope you are having a fantastic fall weekend.  It has been beautiful here in Iowa this weekend; we definitely can’t complain.  Ok well maybe one tiny complaint… the freaking blood sucking mosquitos I wish they would all die (end of rant ;))

I have a simple Sunday mani to share with you tonight.  Had some major fun playing with Zoya Pixie Dusts this time.  If you follow me you know I am love with the simplicity of Zoya Pixie Dust polish.  The matte textured glitter polish goes on quick and easy and no top coat is needed.  You can’t have it much easier than that :)

I knew I wanted a fall color this time so I picked a blood red Zoya called Chyna.  This is not the first time I have played with Chyna nor will it be the last.  I had only Chyna on for a few hours and loved it; but I had some time to kill so I wanted to spice things up.

Using a cheap eye makeup sponge and Zoya Dahlia I sponged on some dark tips.  I absolutley love how these turned out and really it was very simple, literally only took me a few minutes.

Note to self:  I also think it would be fun to do this in reverse…blood tips for October.

I am telling you if you don’t have Pixie Dust polish you really need some :)

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

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Zoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Dahlia


Zoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Dahlia