Nail Diary #368

December 1, 2015

Test test testing….does this thing still work?  Man lets state the obvious I have MIA for a long time.  Good grief I was wondering if I would ever get back on here to share my nails again.  Long story short…I started a new job and it required a lot of my time at first.  Today I finally have the time and energy to blog.  Now don’t get it twisted I was not running around town with naked nails, gasp.  But I won’t lie they where very bland and lack-luster.  But now I am back on here at least for tonight; baby steps.

I have some very cute but random snow flakes on my nails.  My mani tonight reflects on the season, plus did you notice it is snowing on my blog page.

I started with Zoya Loredana a gun metal matte grey polish on all my nails.  I added some bling to my ring finger using Zoya Pixie Dust London a grey glitter sparkle. I also stamped on some random flakes using my NEW Bundle Monster nail stamping plates BM-S213 and BM-S216 (which I love btw) using Square Hue white iPolish and applied a matte top coat.  On my random sparkle nail I did some white and blue flakes to add interest and to frankly be different and I kept this nail shiny to pop out.  Sometimes it feels really good to be random.

Hope you like this look.  And thanks for stopping by after all this time.

Zoya matte; Bundle Monster snow flakes Zoya matte; Bundle Monster snow flakes

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.


2 thoughts on “Nail Diary #368

  1. Hi Amie! Lovely design as always.

    Have you heard about or had the chance to try spray on nail polish? I read an article about it being available online from a company overseas. Just curious if you plan to try it.


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