Nail Diary #354

August 12, 2015

Hello polish lovers!  Happy hump day; YAY half way to the weekend!

Tonight I have some fun girlie nails to share with you.  They involve some stamping, stardust polish and a lil bling.

My base color is a Julep Mara.  Mara is a textured orchid pink/purple polish with an ultra subtle glitter shimmer which Julep calls a stardust finish.  Mara is very pretty all on its own but I just had to add a little something to her.

Playing with my newest Pueen plate no 110 I added a couple different images.  This plate is what you might call a buffet plate.  It has multiple flowers and butterflies in all shapes and sizes.  A perfect way to add some “summer” to your favorite base color.

I did a 3:2 look:  On my thumb, index and pinky I added some cute butterflies with Konad black stamping polish.  Then for something different on my middle and ring fingers I added some cute flowers.  I actually layered stamps on these fingers, first using a purple Bundle Monster stamping polish called Optical Illusion and then applying the same image using black Konad again in a slightly different position.  For a lil bling I added a couple rhinestones that I got in a Julep box a few months ago.

I think these turned out pretty cute.  I especially love the butterflies!!  I do wish the rhinestone was a little more blingy and was kind of hoping the stardust finish would sparkle more like pixie dust but that’s ok it is still cute.

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

StarDust Finish Julep Mara; Pueen stamping

StarDust Finish Julep Mara; Pueen stamping

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