Nail Diary #341

May 19, 2015

Two weeks since my last post, wow must be a record.  But don’t worry I have been painting my nails, a girl can’t run around with naked nails.  I just took a mini blogging break.  Every now and then I wonder to myself why I blog all my manicures, but my passion for nail polish rears it head and I have the need to share my outrageous passion for nail polish.  Not too mention it is fun for me to look back on all my past nail creations.

This one I did a few weeks ago, the week before mother’s day.  When I got my May 1940 Square Hue nail polish I knew I had to play with Sorcerer’s Hat right away.    Sorcerer’s Hat is a colbalt blue metallic shimmer.  It is so pretty.  I ended up with a 3:2 manicure meaning on three nails I had one design and the other two another.  I wanted so sparkle so I used Zoya Nori on my two middle nails.  Nori is not new to this blog I have played with this color before; this magical blue holo pixie dust is amazing and it looks great with  Sorcerer’s Hat.  For my three I matted Sorcerer’s Hat and added Nori to the tips.

Love these blues.  Hopefully I get my blogging mojo back soon. 🙂

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Square Hue; Sorcerer's Hat; Zoya; Nori; Pixie Dust

Square Hue; Sorcerer's Hat; Zoya; Nori; Pixie Dust

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