Nail Diary #324

February 19, 2015

YAY!! TGIAF, whew what a long week!!  I will be once again hibernating this weekend, temps in the single digits tend to keep me inside painting my nails and streaming movies.  First I must apologize, twice.  1) I feel bad for anyone I left hanging after reading my last diary entry; or maybe no one noticed because they just come for the pictures 🙂   Anyway I made a huge PS telling you about Julep Hartleigh and I got too busy to share her with you before the big V day.  I was going to just skip sharing her because I missed that wagon but how could I when I made such a fuss.  2) So that brings us to my second apology: sorry to anyone that is sick of looking at Valentine manicures because I am going to do it, I am going to show you my Julep Hartleigh mani.  Plus it really turned out pretty so I have to share.

This is a 3:2 manicure.

On my thumb, index and pinky I used a SquareHue “I feel pretty in pink polish” called Kewpies.  This girlie pastel pink is from the Feb 2015 1910 Decades Collection.

For my two the middle and ring fingers I used SquareHue holo silver called Times Square.  Times Square is one of my all time favorite Hue polishes from the 12.13 New York Passport Collection.

I must say I love the pink and silver combo.

For the grand finale I added Julep Hartleigh.  Hartleigh is a bit of a high maintenance B.  She required a lot of my time and patience which is running thin thanks to a certain 4 month old puppy terrorist.  Hartleigh is packed full of red heart glitter multi size white hex glitters and some holo glitter business.  The holo glitter totally made the tedious heart placement worth my time but sigh…it took a lot of time to try and dab those hearts in the perfect spot.  And my nails are super curved so some of the hearts didn’t lay flat, causing a weird not smooth finish on the nail.  But even then I still thought Hartleigh was really lovely and thanks to Julep for giving her to me free.  If it wasn’t for that free polish I would have skipped Feb Maven box, so brilliant of Julep, keep throwing me that worm.

Well there you have it my final Valentine themed mani for Feb 2015, promise.

Happy polishing!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Square Hue; Kewpies; Times Square; Julep; Hartleigh

Square Hue; Kewpies; Times Square; Julep; Hartleigh


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