Nail Diary #297

September 22, 2014

Hello to another Mani Monday.  Whew boy was it hard to get going this morning, nothing a little coffee couldn’t cure though.

Have you ever seen a water marble manicure?  Water marble nails look so cool!  Have you ever tried to do a water marble manicure?  I have, it is hard to do and messy.  I have yet to master that technique!!

I am an avid instagram stalker of the nail polish divas out there ( follow me if you want @am1e).  Last week @ermahgerdperlish had this amazing water marble mani.  I was like omg I just died and went to nail polish heaven.  But then I realized she didn’t actually do the water marble technique.  That’s when I knew then I just had to try this marble decal technique.

I had no idea if this would work for me but I just went for it and I could not be more happy with the technique or the results.  WIN!

Here is what I did:

Wet N Wild Marble decal manicure

How to DIY marble decal manicure:

1) Start with a plastic bag or parchment/wax paper.  I used parchment paper for mine.  Colors I used to marble are Wet n Wild:  Vampy red metallic Under your spell, True red metallic Rudy-dolph, and gold metallic Deadly Dose.  This combo is just perfect for a fall manicure.  So first I put down a fair amount of the gold polish in the size I wanted for my decal.  Then I did drops of all the colors and swirled them together as evenly as I could with a toothpick…repeat ten times.  Then wait, and wait and wait.

2) Once the polish has dried it should lift right up from the parchment paper, see above.  If it doesn’t lift off smoothly it is not dry, wait some more.

3) All my nails had on my standard nail envy base coat.  Right before I applied my decals I put on a clear coat to act as my glue.  I gently put on the marble decal one nail at a time.  Carefully push decal on evenly; I made sure to get on all the sides and I even tried wrapping my tips a bit.  Then carefully cut off access with tiny scissors or use a cuticle stick.  I used my detail brush dipped in polish remover to take off any access polish around the nail and on the cuticle.  Topped off with my seche vite fast dry top coat.

4) Is the final look.  I did add a matte top coat for this picture because the marble effect really stood out as a matte.  I found this way to be a lot easier than a water marble.  Don’t get me wrong this was still time consuming but totally doable; patience is definitely needed.

I cannot wait to try this technique with all kinds of color combos.  I am so glad I saw this technique on IG last week.

Wet N Wild Marble decal manicure


Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Wet N Wild Marble decal manicure

7 thoughts on “Nail Diary #297

  1. I saw her picture and was truly intrigued. I was unsure how she did it, so I am thankful that you tried it and it worked. I saw another tutorial where you can just water marble in a cup. You then leave the polish in there for 15-20 minutes (until dry) and then take it out and cut it to match your nails shape. Truly amazing what you can do with polish. Thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait to try it.


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