Nail Diary #292

September 2, 2014

Oh wow it feels like Monday.  I did have a great long weekend.  My weekend consisted of clothes shopping, a wedding, four wheeling and picking up our new baby bunny named Coconut.

First I must tell you about my nails.  I did these on Saturday to match my top that I was wearing to my husband’s co-workers wedding.  I even added some hearts and a love stamp especially for the occasion; no one noticed but I did and that is what makes me happy, lol.

On my thumb and pinky fingers I did matte black.  I used Nina Ultra pro polish called Black Vinyl , this did dry semi matte but I added a matte top coat for extra protection.  On my index and middle fingers I used Zoya Petra,  this purple -grey creme polish matched my tank top perfectly.  Over those two nails I used my Konad black stamping polish to add some LOVE letters and uber cute hearts, I used images from my Pueen Encore plate SE02A.  Once that dried I put a matte top coat over the Petra nails as well.  On my ring finger I added some bling to match the bling along the top edge of my tank top.  I used my Zoya MAGICAL Pixie Dust Cosmo for some fantastic in your face bling, love it!!  If you love glitter and don’t mind a textured nail Cosmo is a must have polish for your collection.

Over all I was really happy with my end result.  My nails matched my outfit, my favorite part was the bling.  The lights were low in the venue which made all my bling twinkle, ahhhhh.

Zoya Petra; Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Cosmo; Nina Ultra Black VinylIMG_7489Zoya Petra; Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Cosmo; Nina Ultra Black Vinyl

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

PS here is a picture of our new baby bunny… you may have already seen her picture on my instagram 🙂

Her name is Coconut and she is a four month old lionhead lop bunny.  She is fluffy, super sweet and we love her already ❤

Meet Coconut

Meet Coconut

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