Nail Diary #291

August 28, 2014

TGIAF!!!  And if you are lucky like me it is going to be a three day weekend.  YAY!!

Oh man I had a little nail block the other day.  When you have over 900 colors it gets hard to choose just one color; I know silly nail polish addict probs!!  I asked Mr Am1e for a little help.  He immediately picked silver and black not a single hesitation.  I will show you his inspiration…


This is “The Beast” our can-am silver and black four wheeler.  This thing is his baby; if I didn’t know better I might be a little jealous 🙂

For my silver I picked Sinful Colors Silver Solution.  Silver Solution is actually a silk color that has a matte finish from the Silk and Satin Collection.  You can read more about this collection from my previous entry Nail Diary #287.  I typically a LOVE matte finish but this time I meant to add a black stamp so my silk became a shiny satin finish.  This polish really comes alive with a top coat, so shimmery.

Like I said the second color he picked was black, I used my Konad black stamping polish to add few lovely images from my  new Pueen Encore plate SE03B.  The images I used came from the top left corner and middle area.  I made the images very random, not one nail looks the same.  I have to say silver and black is kind of a simple color combination but once the stamping is added it becomes seriously unique and cool.  I think it looks kinda cosmic.

Have a great FRIDAY!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Pueen Encore SE03B Pueen Encore SE03B; Sinful Colors Silver Solution; Konad Black

Pueen Encore SE03B; Sinful Colors Silver Solution; Konad Black

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