Nail Diary #289

August 19, 2014

Hey guys.  I am just now getting to sharing last Friday’s manicure with you.  It was a super crazy weekend; full of Iowa fair fun, a concert with my sweets and lots of family time.

When I did these I had my concert in mind.  Me and my Mr went to see Chevelle and Halestorm friday night.  What a great show, love love love!!

Anyways so since it was a rock show I wanted an edgy look but not too dark, I wanted to sparkle because it was an outdoors show.  And by the way right when I handed the girl my concert ticket I got the “Ohhhh I love your nails” compliment.  Oh yea I love when I get ooooohhhhhs and ahhhhs over my nails.  Makes my day even better.

This is a 3:2 mani.  Meaning three nails are one color and two nails are another.

For my three (thumb,index and pinkies) I used Zoya Pixie Dust Chyna.  Oh Chyna how I love thee.  I mean whats not to love; Chyna is a beautiful blood red color full of red pixie dust glitter goodness.  No top coat was used on the three nails.  For my two (middle and ring fingers) I did a gradient using Chyna and a gold Pixie Dust on the tips called Solange.  What can I say Solange is gold and gorgeous a true beauty!!  Combine them together and your nails look like red hot fire.  Also on my two nails I did a heart stamp image using Konad black from Pueen plate 35.  This heart image reminds me of a tattoo for some reason.  I guess you could say my nails look like hearts a fire!!  I did use a clear top coat over the two fiery nails.

I do love how these turned out.  By the way it has been four days wearing Pixie Dust with no top coat and no chips!!  I am amazed.  Way to go Zoya!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.

Zoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Solange; PueenZoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Solange; PueenPueen Plate 35Zoya Pixie Dust; Chyna; Solange; Pueen

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