Nail Diary #268

May 12, 2014
Hello! Hope you are well today. It’s a rainy day here in Iowa; gloomy wet and humid. Makes me want to nap and watch movies in bed all night but I am trying hard to resist that urge, at least for now.
Tonight I am going to show you My Mystery Manicure.
Yesterday I had polish block; for some reason I couldn’t make a decision on anything I guess both my mind and body where on break for Mother’s day ;). Mr Am1e was kind enough to pick out my base color. He picked a No Name bottle of Julep nail polish. I almost didn’t use it because it didn’t have a name; I mean how very odd to have a bottle of unnamed nail polish these days. But then I remembered it was part of a mystery color box I got last year.
I can’t discriminate just because it doesn’t have a name. That then got me wondering how did they come up with the mystery colors?
Did they just combine left over colors from named polishes and then I thought am I the only person in the world to have this color or did they mass produce it… welcome to the mind of a nail polish addict. Talk about over analyzing a bottle of nail polish, HA!
So first I started with my No Name blue Julep polish. It is a metallic ocean teal blue color. It is a really beautiful shade of teal blue; I was expecting it to have a streaky frosty finish but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t.
On my tips I of course had to add something glittery.
Loreal Pop the bubbles was a perfect shade of teal and silver glitter to sponge on to my tips. This color is part of the Loreal Gold Dust textured glitter collection. Unfortunately I did add a clear coat so I lost that texture look; I sorta wish I hadn’t because then I might have a more unique sparkle look. Oh well lesson learned for next time.
I do think Pop the bubbles is a perfect companion for my Julep No Name blue.

What do you think of the textured glitter polishes? Seems like most brands are doing it.
I really love the look of them but I definitely have to get used to having scratchy nails.

Hope you have a good start to your week 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤❤

Stay tuned for the next installment of the diary of a nail polish addict.
Julep Mystery blue-Loreal Pop the bubblesJulep Mystery blue-Loreal Pop the bubblesJulep Mystery blue-Loreal Pop the bubbles

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